1. G

    Will this be it for the Pro Staff RF97?

    Apart from the Roger Federer autograph, will this be it for the 340 gm prostaff? I really like this spec.
  2. T

    Racket to transition to modern game

    After endless lurking around these pages, I want to seek your help in choosing rackets to test and to transition to a more modern style of play. Some basic facts about me and my style of playing: By comparing our national ranking system to the NTRP system, I guess my level would be somewhere...
  3. T

    Looking for a Pro Staff Six.One 95 V13 Grip Size 3

    I am trying to purchase this racquet but unfortunately, I am located in Canada and Wilson does not ship there. If anyone has this racquet please reach out to me as I am interested in purchasing it!
  4. NawImNate

    80’s Thin Beam, Heavy Racquets

    Just bought a “poor mans” 85PS: the Wilson Graphite Matrix (from the mid 80’s) ~12.5oz strung 85sq” Red/Blk For $5.36! strung it with a hybrid setup myself this evening, hit great. I love it, I used to be a highschool [K]Factor 90 player. Wondering if some of you players can propose some...
  5. G

    Lighter Prostaff.

    I am currently using the PSRF97 v13. I have come across some players opt for the PS light v13. If you use lighter prostaff, what do you see are the benefits? Thanks in advance.
  6. time410s

    Asking For Honest feedback on a video I might do

    I'm working on a video where I thoroughly breakdown my first impressions on a TenX racket. They're an up and coming racket company from Australia with some international presence. Maybe you've heard of them. Anyway, I do somewhat of a teardown and I talk in detail about my observations and...
  7. grucatennis

    2020 Prostaff update

    Just wondering if anybody has any news, info or secrets about updates to the Prostaff line next year. Really intrigued if the “FeelFlex” will get implemented, sounds really good. A 60-62 RA Prostaff would truly be awesome! Anything???
  8. S

    Wilson Tuxedo vs Black Edition Prostaffs

    I was looking to buy a new Wilson Prostaff and I currently own 2 Black CV ones. I was thinking about buying the new tuxedo one but my friend was saying that the black and white one feels completely different when compared to the black edition one. Did anyone else have the same experience? Are...
  9. R

    New Setup RF97A

    I wanted to switch from my 90 BLX to a larger head size and I was wondering if this setup would be good: Racket: Wilson Prostaff 97 Autograph String: Full Bed KLIP Legend 16 Tension: 60lbs Overgrip: Yonex Super Grap I actually want to try the high power that comes from a full gut, if it's too...
  10. J

    Pro Staff 97 countervail or Babolat Pure Drive Tour 2018

    hi, whats are your toughs about this 2 rackets. They have similar static weight, balance and swing weight. Will they feel or play similar?
  11. D

    Prostaff six on 90 grommet

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to replace the grommets on my 2012 ProStaff six one 90, but can’t find any store that still has one. Can anyone tell me where I can find one or if there is another prostaff racquet that uses grommets compatible with the 2012 model?
  12. R

    Where to get red prostaff RF97 Autograph

    Fairly basic purpose for wanting one. Want same static weight as 90, but the plow of the RF and the sweetspot of a 97. Also don't want to drop more than $200, $250 for the black stick is way too much. Don't care if the racket is used or not, just no cracks, serious damage, etc. Also is full...
  13. R

    Favorite Prostaff Line

    Sort of a prostaff appreciation thread, just wanted to see opinions of the community. All rackets in here are post wood era. If I'm missing any please comment. Personally, I'd have to say that the k-factor is my favorite, because Federer has played his best tennis with it, I love the paint job...
  14. 1010

    ID these four racquets from 2008 circa

    and help me study the Chinese manifacturing 1. Wilson ncode n3 113 2. Babolat pure Storm team Zylon 103 3. Prince w pink O ports ?? 4. Wilson ? Thanks in advance!!!
  15. H

    Which Wilson Racquet?

    So I have just finished playing with a Pure Strike 16x19 and really didn't like it, destroyed my arm and had that horrible trampoline twang when hitting, plus I also found it to be a strange shape (anyone else find this?). Also it wasn't 98 square inches as stated as in comparison to other 98s...
  16. T

    ProStaff 97 or PS 6.1 Classic

    I have two PS 6.1 Classics in pristine condition. I have had them since about 2000 when a friend sent them to get me back playing again. Well, I started back in 2014 but with a different racquet (TF 335). The TFs are about done now- one cracked, the other a little worn. I had planned to buy the...