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  1. S

    Modern racket similar to a 2012 Head YouTek IG Extreme MP 2.0?

    Can anyone recommend a modern racket similar to a Head YouTek IG Extreme MP 2.0? I've been a user of control-oriented rackets for many years. Accidentally played a session with a 2012 Head Extreme MP and fell in love with it. Its blend of power, foregiveness and control made me think of...
  2. Jean-Thomas

    Which Babolat racket would be between a Pure Strike 98 and a Pure Drive, is it the Pure Strike 100 ?

    Hello everybody, I've been reading a lot of posts on this forum, but this is my first message I am 47 years old, started tennis more than 40 years ago, currently playing once a week. I would say I am a good intermediate / advanced player, I like to hit heavy groundstrokes with moderate spin. I...
  3. mg_teaneck

    Turning a Prestige into a Pure Drive

    Is it possible to replicate the power and spin of the Pure Drive in a Prestige with a string setup like gut/poly, multi/poly, thin poly, really low tension poly, etc.? Or does a thin-beamed, flexible, dense-patterned racquet just not have the potential to imitate a thick-beamed, stiff...
  4. pico

    Serving monster - Andy Roddick Babolat Pure Drive? others?

    I never got to try one of these but I keep reading abt how it is a serving monster (in the hands of the right user of course). Is it this model in particular or is it just the Pure Drive line in general? I am looking for more free power on serves and considering the Pure Drive as an option.
  5. A

    Which year of the Pure Drive Tour / Roddick is the best???

    I'm wondering, what year of the Pure Drive Tour / Roddick is the "best". Any opinions??? I have a couple of the Pure Drive Roddick GT (2009?) that haven't been out of my bag in a while, and I find myself really miss that feeling of just cracking the ball off both sides with it. The launch...
  6. A

    Comparing classic Babolat Pure Drive racquets

    How do these two Babolat Pure Drive racquets compare in terms of playability? Babolat Pure Drive Team (2003) Babolat Pure Drive Woofer (2006)
  7. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Drive 2021

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: We have a VERY Limited number of Babolat Pure Drive 2021 racquets for a playtest. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet strung. Each racquet will come with a set of Babolat...
  8. H

    Pure Drive replacement rackuet - softer / more comfort wanted

    Hi all, I've been playing with a Pure Drive since I can remember. Currently playing with a Pure Drive 2017 in 16x19 (300g). I have always played with Babolat Pro Hurricane strings, usually at 25kg. Recently (think past few months), I have started to feel pain in my left arm (am a lefty) very...
  9. J

    Should upgrade from Babolat Pure Drive 2006?

    Hi, I currently have the Babolat Pure Drive 2006, had it for just over 10 years now and it's currently using Luxilon Big Banger strings. I'm wondering if it's worth purchasing the newer Babolat Pure drives? Will there be any big difference in my game? I like to play at the baseline, with power...
  10. O

    Snauwaert Grinta 98 Tour: Pure Drive/Tecnfbr 305 Killer

    I have tried almost every racquet in the market. I know my local tennis shop owner well, so he does not even charge me anymore for demos. Took a flyer on a new Grinta 98 Tour on ****. Tried the Vitas 100 before but was too powerful. About me as a player. 47 year old, athletic (?) male hits...
  11. Rango

    Racquet recommendation? Babolat Pure Drive vs Babolat Boost Drive?

    Hi guys. So few yrs ago 7 or 8 i rented Babolat raquet and i played great with it. I love it. It was blue and white. Unfortunately i don't remember the model name of it but i'm assuming it was Babolat Pure Drive as it's i think only racquet that it's blue that Babolat sells. Forgive me for this...
  12. R

    Babolat makes the game easier?

    I read something similar to this, but don't know where, my experience is the same, I have a Wilson Pro Staff RF97, and I have been using it for a year, last week I tried the Babolat Pure Aero 2019, and everything was easier, the racquet has more maneuverability, power, spin, and because it is...
  13. M

    Racquet that plays like Pure Drive but lower RA?

    I am having issues with elbow. Currently playing with the 2018 Babolat Pure Drive love the power and spin but hate the high RA. Any suggestions on another racquet!? Thanks
  14. R

    My Pure Drive is killing my Arm!

    Im sure this is a common question! Ive used a pure drive for years, love it, but man it kills my arm. Ive tried every string known to man, doesnt help much. I need a racket that is similar but more arm friendly. I love the pop and bounce of the pure drive, use a western forehand, two handed...
  15. J

    Pure drive Roddick plus 2012 replacement

    Hi, I love how my old Roddick plus plays but they are old and In a really bad shape. I tried the Pure drive tour plus 2015 but didn't like it. It felt like a complete different racket, it felt heavy and slow in comparison. Has anyone tried both the new tour plus 2018 and Roddick? How it plays...
  16. Aloysius

    Prince Syn Gut w Duraflex in Pure Drive (17G vs 16G)

    Hi all, I am using a Pure Drive GT. Was wondering if anyone tried Prince Syn Gut with Duraflex in a Pure Drive (PD) before? I don't hit super hard and sometimes encounter wrist issues, so I would probably stick to my usual syn gut tension of 54 lbs. I am looking for opinions on 16G vs 17G syn...
  17. A

    Headsize - 100 vs 98 sq. in.

    Hey everybody, I'm looking to move from my 2015 Pure Drive (100 sq. in. headsize) to the Graphene XT Radical MP A (98 sq. in. headsize), and I'm wondering if there are any things I should know before doing so. Should I be concerned about the smaller headsize adjustment?
  18. Liam Grennon

    Babolat Pure Drive Review ( Video)

    Hey All! Our GoPro Died and we didn't see until the tiebreak so we only got a couple of game's unfortunately on video. So the review will be from both Ethan (Lighter Blue shirt not serving first) and me Liam (Dark Blue shirt serving first ) Let's do some background first SORRY FOR BAD VIDEO...
  19. wferdinand

    Know the details about racquet reviews

    I was returned to tennis last year. I interesting about things which I'm doing in depth. I can't understand a lot of thing about racquet reviews because english isn't my main language, but other things I can't define for myself. Power: I understand this. How I can to transfer my hitting energy...
  20. projectone7

    The Face of the Pure Drive

    Flipping through the latest edition of TENNIS Magazine, I saw an ad for the 2018 Pure Drive featuring Garbine Muguruza, Fabio Fognini, and... MIKAEL YMER? Looks like Babolat is buying into the #NextGenATP hype. I like Mikael, but I don't think he's at the point to sharing a stage with Fabio and...
  21. A

    Babolat Pure Drive 2018

    which PJ will new Pure Drive 2018 have ? 1. 2. first one is more common but here http://www.nyempiretennis.com Genie Bouchard <3 has the second one
  22. kingp1ng

    Looking for a heavier swingweight than Head Liquidmetal Rad MP

    As the title suggests, I currently have the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP (98") which I used throughout high school because it suited net playstyle in doubles matches. Now that I'm not playing many doubles matches anymore, I find that my Radical MP doesn't have enough plowthrough or ball weight at...
  23. N

    Babolat Pure Drive Woofer and Babolat Pure Control Woofer

    Hello all, I am looking to buy either the babolat pure drive woofer before the cortex was released or the babolat pure control woofer racquets. Please respond to this thread or inbox me if you have any and are willing to sell them.