1. B

    Is My Head Speed MP 2024 Real or Fake? Help Me Find Out

    My suspicion is only with these 2 writings, these writings are not straight. I'll include the picture as well.
  2. R

    Racket Help needed

    I'm a 20-year-old 4.0 (aggressive baseliner with one-hand backhand) and have been playing since I was around 8, including random hiatus where I would take a year off and then pick it back up before dropping it again a few months later. My first adult racket was the Wilson 6.0 85 and I played...
  3. A

    Racket/Identity crisis- need help and recommendations

    Hey guys, thanks for reading, and and for context- I'm a 33 year old 4.5 who's been playing since I was ~5 (including a 15 year hiatus). During the plandemic I started taking tennis more seriously, entered some rec leagues and started playing quite often. Until recently I was using my high...
  4. M

    Does that grommet need replacing and is a damaged/bent grommet dangerous for the racket frame in any way?

    Hello, I just bought an expensive second hand “new” racket, but I feel like this grommet was damaged because of a previous knot there, is it a problem like that and can a broken grommet damage the racket?
  5. S

    Head Gravity 98 16x19 (Coming in 2025!)

    Hello guys, we have learned that next year we'll have gravity 98 16x19 from tw's last video. This means Head's 98 silo will be more crowded than ever. Radical mp, radical pro, prestige pro, prestige pro 16x19, extreme tour, boom pro and as a last gravity 98. Having lots of options always good...
  6. M

    [HELP] Racket recommendations high intermediate all court gravel player

    Hey fellow tennis tennisnerds, I’m looking for a new stick and I’m sure that you tennis enthusiasts could help me with your thoughts and recomendations. I’m sharing my racket journey to help you understand my situation: -I played with a pure aero child model in well, my childhood. I liked...
  7. A

    Why is Sinner still playing with Speed 2022 paintjob…

    …after becoming the posterboy for Speed 2024, which was launched on 18th January? Indian Wells is now the third tournament after AO and Rotterdam where we see Sinner still using racquets with the old paintjob, doesn’t make any sense from marketing perspective.
  8. D

    Prestige MP or MP-L 2023

    To the people who own one or the other, how does it play? whats the main difference? I want to buy one, but i am stuck between the two. I wish I could demo it, but no one near me has them to demo. 17 y/o, aggressive baseliner, likes to finish at the net, 2HBH
  9. T

    How to pick a new racket

    I'm a HS tennis player that is trying to figure out what new racket to get before season comes. I've been using a BABOLAT PURE STORM TENNIS for a little over a year now and overall it has been a positive experience although I haven't used too many rackets throughout my time playing tennis so I...
  10. S

    IG Radical Pro - Replacement

    I'm an intermediate player and have been using the Head IG Youtek Radical Pro (2012) for as long as I remember. My existing sticks need replacing and I wouldn't mind a little extra control, but I'm keen to find a similar blend of racket-head mass, mortal-friendly static weight, and most of all...
  11. R

    Replicate multifilament string with polyester string

    Hello, I have noticed in my tennis game that I have an extremely short swing motion ([semi]-western grip, small grip size and a lot of wrist action) and therefore produce a lot of spin but little power. As this is my natural swing and all attempts to change it with the trainer failed, I thought...
  12. J

    Racket Recommendations

    Hi all, I am currently a UTR 10.5 junior, and have struggled with wrist issues (TFCC) for around a year in my freshman and sophomore year (currently a senior). This was mainly due to technique, hitting with better players a bit too fast, and using a 2019 Pure Aero with 55 pounds of poly. I now...
  13. K

    Rotator Cuff Injury, lower SW or lower Stiffness or lower Weight?

    Hello, i am recovering from a Rotator Cuff Injury. The doctor cannot say if it s because of tennis in generale, or because of the heavy racket. Im using a ezone 98 2022 with pt rev. To recover i am doind exercise and PT Should i start thinking about changing racket? If yes what should i...
  14. H

    Yonex & Head racket help!

    Looking for some racket help as demoing in the UK has become very difficult! I’m an aggressive baseliner with a single handed backhand, typically hitting a flatter ball rather than heavy top spin. Have played for 15+ years, and am currently at a 5.0. I’m coming from a Wilson Blade 98 but find...

    Special edition US Open 2023 Wilson Rackets

    https://www.thetennisinsider.com/post/wilson-blade-v8-16x19-2023-us-open-racket-release-early-access-best-price Only the Blade 16x19 and Clash 100. Both have the US Open logo on them, pretty cool. I guess the Noir ones aren't happening anymore?
  16. M

    Next racket?

    Hi guys I’m a strong club player that has been using a babolat pure control 95 + for the past 12 years and looking to possibly move on to a newer frame but haven’t played with anything else in that time (Used to play with a Pure drive but not enough control). Wondering if it’s worth moving on...
  17. B

    Which racket should I buy?

    I have only one racket that has named "Wilson Federer 100". I've been using this racket for 4 years and want to switch to a pro racket.(6 months ago i added lead to the grip-side , normally the racket is 290g but now it's 320g. The lead addition was necessary because my racket was HH because of...
  18. K

    Rackets that play similar to Wilson Clash 100

    For a long time I played with a Pure Aero and I love the spin but could never hit the ball freely because my balls would sail long too often. Then I tryed a Wilson Clash 100 and got hooked! With low powered strings it really fits my game, It is so easy to maneuver that I can really whip the...
  19. T

    Racket for female with golfers elbow

    Hi everyone, I know there are a few posts about tennis and golfers elbow, but mainly for men rather than women and I am struggling to find a racket I can play with for longer than an hour without pain - assuming it is possible..... I am 55 and started playing tennis regularly again after 35...
  20. A

    racket/string combination for longest possible play time

    are there racket/string combinations which maximize playability? if there are, which combinations would stay playable on court for the longest without sacrificing too much comfort or performance? I think the obvious answer would be a tighter stringbed (18x20) with maybe a kevlar gut hybrid...
  21. D

    What should i choose

    Dunlop 50% off all products so basically 3 rackets 1 8pk bag Pack of overgrips Reel of string Stencil $400 Tecnifibre 3 rackets 12 pk bag Dampners Grips Stencil 4 sets of string $649 Diadem 3 rackets 9 pk bag 9 sets string 12 grips T shirt Stencil 425 Prince 3 rackets 1 reel of string 12...
  22. N

    what racket weight for 13 year old boy

    hello everyone, I was wondering what sort of weight I would want in a racket. Ive been playing for 3 years and I am quite experienced and I hit lots of loopy topsin balls from the baseline. I'm currently using an exone 100l but I tried an old aero pro lite and it completely changed my...
  23. B


    Hello everyone. I have been playing tennis for 1.5 years and my level is 4.5-5.0 at age 39. I played with 300gr 100sq Head Instinct then I switched to Pro Staff 97L 290gr because of the weight. I felt 300gr and additional string made me exhausted. Now I’m using 290gr pro staff very control...
  24. H

    Babolat Pure Aero replacement

    I'm currently looking for a racket to replace my Pure Aero 2019. I like the spin/power I get from the racket but looking for a racket which still has good spin and decent pop but has better control and comfort than the PA. I don't want to go above 305g or 325SW and bare in mind I have 1HBH. I...
  25. C

    Preserving a signature on the side of a racket

    Hey all, I recently went to the Atlanta open and was able to get my racket signed by Alex de minaur, it is on the side of the frame. When using it the past few days it’s slowing starting to fade, what is the best way to keep it on there? I’ve heard spraying clear coat would be a good option but...
  26. CharlesMG

    Lead tape on racket throat vs head & handle

    Hi, I am new to customising my rackets. I was wondering what would be the difference between the following customisation options: Lead tape on the head at 9 and 3pm plus same amount of lead tape at the end of the handle Lead tape at the throat In theory, both would maintain the racket's...
  27. R

    Broken Rackets Wanted

    Tennis Rackets Wanted for a school play (San Diego) Would like to get a dozen or more prop tennis rackets for props for a school play. In the play there's one scene about stereotypes that takes place at a ritzy tennis club. The rackets faces will be painted to show the faces of different...
  28. forzmr_b

    I'm on a quest to either find a new ideal racket or conclude that the Blade 98 18x20 2013 (v4) is the ONE for me

    In brief: I'm on a quest to either find a new ideal racket or conclude that the Blade 98 18x20 2013 (v4) is the ONE. I have tried several rackets recently (details below), but have yet to find anything similar. Appreciate your thoughts, experiences, and recommendations for a racket with a...
  29. C

    Is 1/8 racket size a big difference?

    I recently ordered a racket in the wrong size, my size is a 1/4 and I ordered a 1/8, which is only a 1/8 difference, is this a big enough deal to send it back and order another and wait a few more weeks, or can I just put 2 over grips on it and be fine?
  30. I

    Head Radical Grommets

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if there are grommets available for the Head Radical 360+ MP/PRO which are not orange? For example the ones from the prototype rackets (grey)? thanks!