1. justballtennis

    New Yonex VCore 98 Shapovalov Racket

    Hi Everybody, I am in neeed of some help! I have been using Wilson rackets for some years now and have got used to the balance (points system) that as far as I can see, only Wilson adopt. As far as I know, the higher the point, the lighter the head. Anyway, I am thinking of changing to the...
  2. D

    10oz racket for 13yo recomendation

    Hi, Can anybody recommend friendly racket for 13yo, she is 5'5 and looking for full size 27. She doesn't like rackets I offered her and wanted something lighter them most friendly sticks are. Ideally Wilson. And head light 4+ Tx Mario
  3. E

    [Query]Hunt for a tweener

    Hi All, I am an intermediate (4.0ish) self-taught player (baseliner with a 2-handed backhand) looking for a new racquet that offers the same serve potential as Pure Aero in a more arm-friendly package. Have nothing against the Pure Aero except that the off-center hits feel like I am hitting...
  4. joeyz101

    Racket Review Site - Feedback Needed

    Hi Everyone - I am taking a graduate class in entrepreneurship and would appreciate your help ! I am currently working on a project where we must 1st come up with a business idea and then gather feedback from the customer segment we think the business would serve. Based on the feedback we...
  5. T

    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what racket and string Sebastian Korda uses. He recently made it to the French Open Semi-Finals (juniors) and recently won the junior australian open. I knew he played with head for a while but it looks like he switched to the wilson blade. Does anyone...
  6. Yoneyama

    Angelique Kerber's Yonex

    Hi all, Does anyone know why Kerber's Yonex is mostly blacked out, and has been all year? Closer inspection of some recent Getty images make it look like the racquet is painted in the dark matte navy blue of the Vcore Pro line, without any of the other graphics. Any have some more info on...
  7. R

    Where to get red prostaff RF97 Autograph

    Fairly basic purpose for wanting one. Want same static weight as 90, but the plow of the RF and the sweetspot of a 97. Also don't want to drop more than $200, $250 for the black stick is way too much. Don't care if the racket is used or not, just no cracks, serious damage, etc. Also is full...
  8. B

    Racket improvement-need tips for a new one

    Hello. I have been using the same racket for years - Wilson K six.two, and I used to play with 26kg tension, then switched to 25, because it felt like the racket absorved my swing speed/power somehow. I know it is still high, and I still feel like I can not generate speed as much as I want to. I...
  9. A

    Headsize - 100 vs 98 sq. in.

    Hey everybody, I'm looking to move from my 2015 Pure Drive (100 sq. in. headsize) to the Graphene XT Radical MP A (98 sq. in. headsize), and I'm wondering if there are any things I should know before doing so. Should I be concerned about the smaller headsize adjustment?
  10. rjms

    The Racket Man : Tribute to Federer

    And I think it's gonna be a long long time {before he retires}
  11. Y

    Burn 95 CV vs Blade 98 (18x20) CV?

    Hey guys, I'm a pretty high level college D1 player. I have been using the RF97 for the past two years getting decent results but I have recently realized that the weight is too much for me, causing me to have problems with maneuverability. I have now decided to switch to a slightly lighter...
  12. 2

    Next Racket

    Hi all, I'm a 3.5 player and I like playing from the baseline and I have pretty good groundstrokes off both wings. I rarely go to the net but I try to if I can. I would say I have a decent serve. Usually topspin first serve and second serve with more spin. Sometimes I hit flat and slice first...
  13. Yoneyama

    How are racquets painted? Specifically Logos/ Graphics

    Hi all, Does anyone know how graphics, logos, wording, etc etc are applied to racquets? I plan on delving into custom painting racquets, but I want to be a step above the usual DIY racquet painter. What methods are there of applying graphics, words, logos and all that? Surely from the...
  14. A

    ANGELL - Which TC? What string pattern?

    Hey guys, so this is what I'm looking for in a racquet: - Plush, buttery feel - Stable (while being under 12 oz would be ideal!) - Tons of control - Free power (this is just an added bonus, and does't have as much priority as the previously mentioned - if I'm not asking for too much) Based on...
  15. A

    Racket suggestions! :) Thank you!

    Hi! I'm 23 years old, and I play with a semi western forehand and a single handed backhand. I play an aggressive baseline game, and love to go to the net when the opportunity presents himself. I hit more flat shots than I do topspin. Ideally my racquet should be comfortable (plush, buttery feel...
  16. D

    Beginner - Intermediate Tennis Racquet

    I'm a beginner and my current racquet is the Head Ti. Radical Elite. It isn't really that great cause it only cost me like 30 bucks. I also plan on stepping up my game and would like to start playing tournaments and for my high school team in a couple months, so what affordable racquets would...
  17. pdizzy

    Luxilon Savage 127 16G cheaper alternative?

    I currently am using Luxilon Savage 16G and was curious if anyone had any recommendations for a cheaper alternative that matches the same specs of this string? I get my rackets restrung about once a month depending on tournament schedule and would like to save money if able. Thanks!
  18. T

    Wilson PS 2017/18 update?

    Considering the latest PS range was released roughly this time last year (I think -- given that this was when the rackets were sent out by TW to members for reviewing), any news of a similar update this year? Or is there not going to be one? I'm planning on getting the PS97, but don't know if I...
  19. H

    Best racket company build quality?

    In people's opinion, which company builds the best quality racket? In terms of the grommets, materials in the frame, butt cap, plastic protection on the head etc etc. Asking after picking up a Wilson and finding it was quite poorly made for its price plus I've seen lots of people complain over...
  20. N

    yonex tour f 93 vs yonex dr 98

    Hey guys! I am debating on switching to the yonex DR 98, but am pretty unsure if I really should. While I was using my rf97, I was testing out some potential rackets. I really liked the wilson 6.1 95, but chose the yonex tour f 93 last year because I wanted a smaller frame. I am a 4.5+...
  21. -NN-

    If Roger Federer hadn't changed rackets, how well would he have done?

    If he had stuck with his PS90, how do you imagine his career would have continued up to this point? Would have he faded into relative obscurity, or still found a way to have substantial late career success? Might he have done even better? Just wonderin'.
  22. lulo

    Blackout Paintjob for Pros

    I was wondering how do pros get their racket blacked out? Doesn't matter sponsor change or new racket with same sponsor. I mean do they just tell P1 or someone? Or do they just do it themselves?