1. J

    Beginner Racket?

    Hello all, I am currently using a cheap racket I found at ross for $12.99 and was looking to upgrade to a more comfortable racket so that I can learn my fundamentals. So I am looking for advice and recommendations. Factors I have: 1.) I'm an 18 y/o male. Very athletic and agile (5'6, 130lb) 2.)...
  2. G

    Help identifying a Volkl racket

    I'm trying to identify a friend's Volkl racket. It reads Aggressor Tour on the side but cannot find this model in any database. Colors are similar to Quantum and some old 8 Tour models but not the same. 16x18 300g does not specify head size. It also reads 70cm which leads me to think it's...
  3. innoVAShaun

    ATP Specs at 2024 US Men's Clay Court Championships

    ATP setups and specifications at the 2024 U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships. Racquets, strings, and tensions listed:
  4. O

    Should i buy Wilson Blade V9 100 16x19 or Blade V9 98 16x19?

    Hey all, Can you provide your feedback regarding my question? I have been playing for over a year with Blade V7 98 16x19 and then i transitioned to using Speed MP 2022 with some lead tape on 3&9 for the last 6 months now. Please let me know about which one would be better based on my past...
  5. NawImNate

    80’s Thin Beam, Heavy Racquets

    Just bought a “poor mans” 85PS: the Wilson Graphite Matrix (from the mid 80’s) ~12.5oz strung 85sq” Red/Blk For $5.36! strung it with a hybrid setup myself this evening, hit great. I love it, I used to be a highschool [K]Factor 90 player. Wondering if some of you players can propose some...
  6. Yaam

    Any racket recommendations for similar feel to Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0?

    Hi, I loved the feel of the Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0 barring the 18x20 string pattern. That is what drives me crazy about the racket. Are there any rackets that are similar, old and new, with a 16x19 string pattern.
  7. Yaam

    RF97 10.0(2014) Customization Reccomendations

    Hi! So I have the RF97(the red and black one) that came out in 2014. I used to use the 11.0 RF with an overgrip, balanced at about 362g. with lead tape under the grip too. After trying something else, I'm looking for a similar playstyle with a lighter weight. I tried the Wilson Ultra 2.0 Tour...
  8. P

    Greatest Rackets of All time?

    It's not about personal preference. It's more about the impact that the racket had on the industry. I have to choose either the Bumblebee Head Radical or the Pure Drive.
  9. Rudi Bergner

    What’s wrong with the string job!!?

    Hi, I’ve been with arm problems due to a bad string job that I can’t figure why. My stringer strings like 200/300 Rackets a mounth, for national athletes mainly, but in the past few months I feel that it makes a lot of pressure in my arm, the strings feel dead and like a thick rock wall. ( some...
  10. B

    Good 11 oz. racket - Head 360 Speed MP, Wilson Ultra Tour, Wilson blade 98, Ezone 98?

    Trying to find a new racquet to replace existing Wilson Burn 100 CV (PTP 1.20 @ 50lbs). Short-listed a few which I would try (I know other brands are popular also, but I’m more used to Head/Wilson/Yonex). (300g-310g unstrung range or 11 oz.) Head 360 Speed MP, Wilson Ultra Tour (18x20)...
  11. L

    Looking for a similar string to Luxilon savage

    Hi how you guys doing?. So when I was younger like 2010 I used to use a Babolat pure drive Roddick strung with luxilon savage 16 (58lbs) settings to play. Recently I was blessed and got a head graphemes touch MP gifted to me and I was wondering if anyone knew what strings I should get for these...
  12. P

    Identify these raquets

    I'm thinking of getting into tennis, so I got out my parent's old racquets. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about these specific ones. Value, opinions, etc. Also, can a beginner use these? https://ibb.co/hLzVCo
  13. R

    Dunlop Idapt Force Failure

    During my serve last night, my Dunlop Idapt Force broke in half mid way where the handle connects to the frame yoke. The failure was the screw which attaches the assembly sheared. The racket head flew to the next court. Lucky no one was hurt. Can you imagine if this was doubles and my partner...