1. E

    How do the Extreme Tour 2020 and Ultra Pro 16x19 Compare?

    I currently love the feel of the Ultra Pro 16x19, but haven't been able to get my hands on the extreme tour 2020. How do they compare?
  2. ekucheraw

    The Frame Game

    Played a match the other night against a friend a bit lower rated than I and we came up with a fun twist on the Gun Game from First Person Shooter games. I'm sure we're not the first to do this but it certainly is a blast! You start with your primary racquet but each game you win you must...
  3. E

    How do the Blade 16x19 and TF40 305 16x19 compare to one another?

    How do these racquets compare to the TF40?
  4. S

    Vcore 100 vs Vcore 98

    I'm considering switching to one of the vcore models, I've demoed both but the strings were both really bad and it wasn't the best experience For people who've played with them, how do the following compare? Spin Ease of power Sweet spot Stability for context I'm a 2.5 utr player
  5. P

    Help me choose! Percept 97H or Vcore 100

    Hey guys! UTR 8 player here, competing in 5.0 USTA tournaments. Currently have been playing with head speed MP since 2016. Specs are 340g strung and 323sw. Unfortunately the new speeds just aren’t for me. Constant cracking of frames during play. I’m looking for a racquet that has similar level...
  6. A

    Why is Sinner still playing with Speed 2022 paintjob…

    …after becoming the posterboy for Speed 2024, which was launched on 18th January? Indian Wells is now the third tournament after AO and Rotterdam where we see Sinner still using racquets with the old paintjob, doesn’t make any sense from marketing perspective.
  7. S

    NTRP 4.5: Tweener Racquet vs. Adjusting to Player's Racquet

    Hi all, seeking racquet advice-- For my first four years of playing, I've used a Pure Drive. As a former collegiate soccer player who employs a counter-punching style, I've weaseled my way up to a 4.5 ladder. Eastern, flat-ish forehand; top spinny defensive 2HBH; lots of drop shots/variety in...
  8. MSUspartans777

    Head Speed Legend - Djokovic Signature

    I was recently speaking with the pro at my tennis shop and I was shown a press release for the Head Speed Legend that is set for release in April 2024. From what I was reading it's a new version of the Speed but all blacked out and endorsed by Novak. I haven't seen anything about it online...
  9. E

    Hanfmann racquet setup?

    Does anyone know Yannick Hanfmann's racquet setup? String? From what I can see it looks like some sort of Prestige and silver string, maybe Alu. He's currently hitting some solid shots versus Sinner
  10. bobeeto

    New Stiga Racquet

    yeah you read that right. Seen on some instafluencer. anyone got info?
  11. ClownCar96

    Best Junior Racquet?

    Looking for a new racquet for my 10 year old. He hits really well and has a lot of potential. He currently has a pure drive 26 he inherited from his brother but the grip size is too big, he needs a 0, and it’s pretty beat up. Should I stick with Babolat or are there better ones out there? I...
  12. J

    Help me replace my Wilson BLX Juice Pro 96 after 10 years

    I need a new racquet because it is almost impossible to find these anymore. I have always used Wilson, but open to trying other things. If anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them. According to tennis warehouse, the specs of my racquets are 324g unstrung, 336 SW, 7 HL, 66 RA, 27.25 inches...
  13. E

    Need help finding a racquet to switch to from my vcore pro 97 310 2021

    I'm looking to switch from my vcore pro 97 310 2021. I originally used the 2021 radical pro and switched to a few different racquets. Lately, I've been using the Vcore pro. I've found that it takes a lot of the spin that I produce on my forehands away and it's been killing my game. I like...
  14. O

    Pure storm tour replacement round 2

    Second attempt at replacing these gems the pure storm tour and pure storm tour gt. I’ve used these pst racquets since 08/09. Ive reached my patience with auction sites and hunting for new ones. I’ve had a UP 16 in my bag and I like it, but it’s never been enough to replace the PST. I’ve tried...
  15. UnderArmServeOP

    Rafa New Racquet Cosmetic

    Babolat and Rafa just posted a reel on Instagram with his new racquet cosmetic. I freaking love it. Curious to see what people think of it though...
  16. A

    What is the original replacement grip on Yonex racquet?

    I use Yonex 98 racquet and wanted to replace the original grip. What replacement grip does Yonex use on their ezone racquet? What thickness grip should I use to get the same feel as the original replacement grip? If I use some thing that is thicker like syntec or hydrosorb will it affect my play?
  17. D

    Next full size racquet for 13yo 4'10" boy

    Hi Who can recommend full size racquet for my boy 13 yo, slim frame, 4'10" tall, very athletic, perfect pitcher, now in tennis business.. He likes internally Nadal line, but I think it could be too stiff for him. We're looking for max 300g weight and 4+ HL . Thanks Mario
  18. D

    Next racquet after Babolat EVOKE 102

    Hi, I got that Evoke 102 from friend and training now regularly with Pro for 2nd year, and she suggested me to progress to another level racquet, my current Evoke's strings move a lot now and probably could be restrung. I still like Babolat, while my coach recommends others like Yonex eZone...
  19. AceyMan

    Inquiries on moving from 26" to a full size frame for a junior

    That's it. That's the thread. Angles could be: When are they ready to move on from a Jr frame? What are good frames for the move up? (at the time of your response) How to judge/fit weight & balance, grip size, what-not, for a growing junior. Etc., /Acey
  20. C

    Prestige Pro, now Tour, lineage..?

    Got curious from where the Prestige Pro, now called Tour, traces its lineage? This is the 95sq-in, 16x19, 22mm beam, higher stiffness racquet I am thinking of trying this racquet as I am about to demo the Prince Tour 95 and it just got me wondering about the Head's lineage. The Prestige MP now...
  21. L

    HEAD Polaris 600 similar racquet to

    Someone please can help me find a new racquet that play similar as the Head Polaris 600 I just love to play with it, good spin, pace and really powerful but it's getting too heavy for me mine it's about 345g = 12,2oz, and I'm starting to hurt my wrist and shoulder. here's the specs: size...
  22. G

    Good racquet to buy?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the world of tennis and I was looking for some help. I started to play rarely with my friends with an old racket of my father, I know, it should not be done. Now that I am getting really into it, I would like to make a first personal purchase, among these here , which...
  23. C

    Is 1/8 racket size a big difference?

    I recently ordered a racket in the wrong size, my size is a 1/4 and I ordered a 1/8, which is only a 1/8 difference, is this a big enough deal to send it back and order another and wait a few more weeks, or can I just put 2 over grips on it and be fine?
  24. pecosROB

    Multiples of One or Variety is the Spice of Life?

    How many of y'all play with only one racquet model and own multiples of it versus you just use whatever you like and don't care about having multiples of the same model? I would assume the more serious players have multiples and use one model vs the filthy casual like myself that will use...
  25. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Tecnifibre TF40 305 16x19

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: What a great month for a playtest! We have a limited number of Tecnfibre TF40 305 16x19s available to playtest. We also have two grip sizes available- 2 and 3. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to...
  26. C

    Yonex VCore 95 2021 or Ezone 98 2022

    Hi all! New user here and really needing some help and advice on a new racquet. I know there's a lot of talk about these two racquets on other threads given Shapo's move into the new Ezone but thought it might be good so concentrate it on the one for anyone looking. I'm getting back into...
  27. M

    Head prestige vs. Yonex vcore

    Which of these rackets do you guys prefer? Head graphene 360+ prestige MP or Yonex vcore 97 HD. I'm on the fence which one to buy.
  28. M

    Head graphene prestige 360+ MP (2020) vs. Yonex score pro 97 HD (2019)

    Hey fellow Tennis enthusiasts! I have done lots of research to find a good stick for myself. Unfortunately, I can't demo rackets at all, because of the place I'm from. Both these rackets are not available for demo where I'm at. Otherwise I could have tested myself which one I would buy. I'm now...
  29. B

    Nice Racquet Stand

    I've been trying to find a stand for my racquets for ages but couldn't find a nice one. As an experiment, I purchased this Ukulele stand (https://www.muziker.co.uk/bespeco-uke05n) and it turns out it does a great job! Thought this might be useful for some others out there. Here's an image so...
  30. H

    Racquet Collection - Thomas Muster - 1st Racquet as Pro on ATP Tour?

    Hello and first of all many thanks to the admins to approved my Account. Shortly Overview of mine, I am a big Thomas Muster Fan from Austria and this is why I open this Thread, in hope anybody can answer my Question or help me in this case. I collect, next to the different Lotto Apparel Thomas...