1. S

    Shoulder Issue

    My buddy is having shoulder issues. Mid 70s, played at Duke, now a 4 and on a good day 4.5. Uses Wilson Clash stung with synthetic. Previously used Volkl VFeel V1 OS. Any recommendations for shoulder friendly racquets?
  2. Troy_Chen

    Vcore Pro 97 H vs Yonex Ezone 98 Tour

    Which type of player is each racquet best for? Background info on myself: a lanky two handed backhand player that is trying to play all a court tennis game. Competes in USTA 4.5 level men’s league.
  3. S

    Thank you Tennis Warehouse!

    Thank you to Tennis Warehouse for bringing back the Pro Staff 6.0 85! Definitely one of the greatest racquets ever made!
  4. ChanTen

    Head Extreme Tour, Yonex Vcore 98/100, Head Radicals

    Hello fellow tennis players, Been using Radical S so far, and would like to go two ways to upgrade my racquets. Current like: Serve Power, Precision Current dislike: Stability, Sometime too powerful Option 1: Add lead tape to increase stability, less power, more control. Currently Radical...
  5. NawImNate

    Prince Rackets - CTS & Graphite Pro 90’s

    Anyone can compare the two? I’m waiting on them in the mail, wondering if they are close to the same feel or not. 1988 Prince CTS Precision 90 (purple sparkle paint) & 1986 Prince Graphite Pro (series) 90 (black paint w gold & white pinstripe, also called the “tournament” in different...
  6. NawImNate

    80’s Thin Beam, Heavy Racquets

    Just bought a “poor mans” 85PS: the Wilson Graphite Matrix (from the mid 80’s) ~12.5oz strung 85sq” Red/Blk For $5.36! strung it with a hybrid setup myself this evening, hit great. I love it, I used to be a highschool [K]Factor 90 player. Wondering if some of you players can propose some...
  7. David Le

    What’s your racquet(s) set up/specs?

    I’m not too sure if there’s a thread on this, but oh well. What’s your set up/specs for your racquet(s)? Here’s mine: 2018 Yonex Vcore 98 GB 305g (1 out of the 6) Weight: 350g strung 16L @45lbs with 16g total of lead @12 and blu-tac under buttcap, OG, and dampener SW: ? RA: 64 Balance: ?
  8. M

    Looking for racquet recommendations - currently 360+ Speed MP

    Hello everyone, First something about myself. I'm currently 20 and I've picked up on playing tennis again about a year ago. I didn't play for multiple years before that. Played 8 years in total. I'd say my style of play is somewhat of an defensive all court player. I prefer playing with topspin...
  9. Dreamliner

    Name the top attribute of every brands line of racquets in one word

    For me it's: Babolat-spin Head-feel (traditionally) Wilson-plow/stability Prince-comfort Dunlop-control Yonex-forgiveness Feel free to add other brands to the list. You could also just list the adjective that first comes to mind when hearing a specific brand. I feel like this thread could...
  10. Pitti

    Which are the best racquets of each brand?

    Hi. I have very limited experience with racquets. In fact, I've owned just three: a wilson six one team 95, a Babolat Drive Z lite and a Wilson ultra tour. Maybe because I learned to play with the first one, I'm kind of an all around player that hits flatter shots. Maybe one day I'll try the...
  11. daggerman

    Biggest racquet differences between ATP and WTA

    I'm curious about some of the ways in which racquets (tend to) differ between tours. I'd imagine ATP players generally use heavier racquets w/ higher swingweights, but are there other key differences? Is my assumption about weight even correct? Would love specific player examples, too
  12. daggerman

    Lead Tape @ 3, 9 AND 12

    Does it make sense to add lead tape to 3, 9, and 12 positions? What would the advantages be, if any?
  13. Prince Tennis Official

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Hey there Talk Tennis fans! It's been quite a while since Prince has been present here on the message boards and we're excited to finally be back. Now we know there's probably going to be a lot of questions about the brand....and rightfully so....it's been a bit of a rollercoaster the past...
  14. J

    Can you adjust to a 6 pt higher swing weight?

    I have had some shoulder tendinitis but I’m a young 4.5 college player looking to make a racquet change. Is the 6pts higher swingweight something I can adjust to or is it too much. The frame is also 3 grams higher in static weight. Thanks for your help!
  15. J

    Bicep tendinitis from racquet with high static weight and more head balance

    I recently developed bicipital tendinitis from the new Vcore Pro 310g racquet. I’m guessing my pain/discomfort and soreness came from the higher static weight and a more headlight balance than I’m used to (coming from the pure strike 16x19 w/o any pain). I have demoed the Tecnifibre ATP xtc 305...
  16. D

    Wilson Blade 98 L (16x19)

    Hi everyone! Can you advise me which strings, and which string tension to use? 2 or 4 knots?
  17. S

    Volkl V-Feel V1 MP Review

    In January play-testing of the Volkl V-Feel V1 MP began and a number of the play-testers posted emails with their results. Most were very positive. However the review was never published. I’ve made several calls and the latest explanation I received was because of the many new rackets that came...
  18. haqq777

    Kyrgios Brings Grand Total of TWO Racquets to Match at Madrid

    Well, if you guys remember I posted a thread about Mannarino a couple of years ago bringing just two racquets to his match at IW. He had that whole Aeropro Drive drama going on at that time. (thread here...
  19. M

    Nassau Super Cannon Racquet

    Does anyone know what the specifications of the old Nassau Super Cannon tennis racquet were? This racquet was popular in the early 90s and I’m looking to upgrade from it to a more contemporary racquet but need to know the specs, such as head size, weight, string pattern, stiffness, etc, so I...
  20. WestboroChe

    Give me bad advice

    Ignore everything you think you know about racquets and recommend me a frame that is cool, unusual, or plays different than your typical racquet. Don't make recommendations for string, just tell me the model and why I should want it.
  21. P

    Identify these raquets

    I'm thinking of getting into tennis, so I got out my parent's old racquets. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about these specific ones. Value, opinions, etc. Also, can a beginner use these? https://ibb.co/hLzVCo
  22. Rvinum

    Fischer Smash Titanium Bumper/Grommets

    I have decided to start playing again after a 10 year hiatus . I would like to buy a Fischer Smash Titanium racquet. Always been a Fischer guy (back when I had game). Know they left the game. Now on to my question... Am wondering if the bumper guard/grommets are still available? Looked all...
  23. Znak

    Racquets/strings left in car

    Pretty quick one. I have been leaving my tennis racquet bag in the trunk of my car while I'm at work (parked at a train station) so I can zip to the courts right after. As the weather is starting to heat up, is there any adverse effects to doing this on my strings (and/or racquet)? Looking to...
  24. Tecnifibre Official

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Hello everyone! This is Eric/Nick here with Tecnifibre and we’re here to create a new thread to better engage with the community and answer all of your questions. Below is a brief introduction on the two of us, how we got into tennis, and what we do for Tecnifibre. We look forward to meeting...

    Pre-Stringing Steps

    One topic I have not been able to locate is a "Pre-Flight Checklist" so to speak. As I start to restring for others this is an item of concern for me and I will relate it with a story. About a year ago I received a racquet from a buddy after work to restring. I arrived home got my family...
  26. P

    What's The Difference: Babolat Pure Aero

    Hello all! I'm currently in the market for a new racquet, after many hours of research I feel fairly settled on the Babolat Pure Aero series, however, I'm here to ask about the difference between all the different Pure Aeros. I see there are five different Pure Aeros that all appear to be very...
  27. D

    Beginner - Intermediate Tennis Racquet

    I'm a beginner and my current racquet is the Head Ti. Radical Elite. It isn't really that great cause it only cost me like 30 bucks. I also plan on stepping up my game and would like to start playing tournaments and for my high school team in a couple months, so what affordable racquets would...
  28. H

    Pro Staff 97S v. Pro Staff 97

    I cracked both of my aeropro drives and recently demoed the Pro Staff 97S. I really liked it, and thought the spin, control, and power it afforded me were incredible, except some balls tend to fly and my flat serve feels weaker than with the aeropro. Does anyone have experience with both frames...
  29. Tangi

    Head Graphene Touch Prestige

    Hey Guys, hope you're all well. I haven't posted in a while so I thought about starting a new thread on possibly our favourite (or not anymore) topic for many of us! What do you think will happen for the next line of Prestiges which will surely come out early 2018? Considering the changes...
  30. N

    Babolat Pure Drive Woofer and Babolat Pure Control Woofer

    Hello all, I am looking to buy either the babolat pure drive woofer before the cortex was released or the babolat pure control woofer racquets. Please respond to this thread or inbox me if you have any and are willing to sell them.