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    Head Radical Tour 690/Oversize - best version?

    I've been playing with a few version of the Radical 690/Oversize, and now I find myself in the situation that I should get two "new" frames, as my old ones are getting close very scruffy. So I wanted to ask you tennis nerds what is your favorite version of the Radical Tour OS frame? And why...
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    Head Radical Heritage

    In celebration of the Radical 25th Anniversary, could the Radical experts out there please list all the versions of the Radical line along with the year released and the the specs of each? Thanks in advance!
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    Radical OS comparison?

    Does anyone have experience with the Microgel, Flexpoint and Liquid Metal Radical OS frames? I've played extensively with the LM and Microgel frames and find the LM to feel stiffer than the Flexpoint. I'm wondering if the Microgel plays closer to one of those or differently altogether. For...