radical pro

  1. S

    Radical or Gravity 360+?

    Basically, an online store has a sale on the old radicals and gravity's and I'm looking to grab one to try it out, and I'm undecided between the Pro variants. Background: Using a Pure Strike Tour w/ Hyper-G @ 52lbs and I like it overall, however the feel is too muted, lacks a bit of control...
  2. J

    G360+ prestige mid vs g360+ radical pro

    Hello all, Can anyone who has played both of these rackets give me an idea of how they differ? I’m currently playing the mid, but looking for something with a similar feel at contact, similar launch angle etc but a bit more forgiveness in the sweetspot especially on my backhand side where my...
  3. I

    Head Radical Grommets

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if there are grommets available for the Head Radical 360+ MP/PRO which are not orange? For example the ones from the prototype rackets (grey)? thanks!
  4. StilltheGOAT

    Need help to select Head Racquet.

    I'm an Intermediate-advanced player, looking for a heavier racquet for control. Don't play a very attacking game like Rog, but not exactly a grinder. I'm humbly trying to model my game on Djokovic's stlye, attack from the baseline. Which Head Racquet is better for me- 1) G 360 Radical Pro (2019)...
  5. Vincent Wang-Bouchard

    NEW 2019 Radical (May 16th) Release Date and (Some) Changes

    So, I can now confirm that the New 2019 Head Radicals are going to be released on May 16th. Changes: Handle shape will change from the more traditional Head rectangular shape to the new "Modern" square shape seen on the Speed line. The racket will be introduced to the new Graphene 360...
  6. Lionel C

    HEAD Radical line

    Hi guys, I’d like to know if a new line of HEAD Radical racquets will be released soon? Gonna buy a pair of them but I’ll wait if new models are coming. Thanks!
  7. C

    Head speed pro from dunlop bio 200 - dramatic improvement

    So this is my first post sorry re length.. I played college tennis to about 5.5 level 15 years ago probably 5.0 now - I'm now 36 and getting more serrious again playing lots of tournaments. Had been using dunlop bio 200 since it came out 6/7 years ago. I've just tried the speed 360 pro and WOW...
  8. F

    Looking for Grommets for Radical Graphene Pro

    I want to buy a clear grommet for the radical graphene pro, however tennis warehouse only sells the orange cap one. Does anyone know where I can get a clear grommet for the graphene pro? or a grommet that is similar to the clear one?