1. A

    Replacement grommets, head guard, and buttcap for 2009 Head YouTek Radical MP

    Hello. I recently acquired a couple of Head YouTek Radical MP's. The 2009 version. TGK260.1 I do believe. Anybody have insight on where to source replacement grommets and head guards for this particular model? Will these parts from other Radical models work? Also, will the black Head buttcaps...
  2. David Le

    Remake-Head Radical Trisys Tour OS 2.0?

    I do know Head released a 25th anniversary back in 2018, but it was the wrong Head/Prostock Code by using the Ti.Radical OS mold but not sure about the layup itself. Anyway since the recent release of the Prestige Classic 2.0, would players/collectors want Head to release this frame with the...
  3. julianokay

    Radical Pro Auxetic VS Tfight ISO 315

    Hello everyone! Would love to hear if anybody has any experience putting these two head to head and how they compare. Best,
  4. P

    Head i.Radical MP to...?

    I've been playing on a set of iRadical MP frames for a while now, mostly strung with PSG 16 gauge at 54 lbs. I'm a low-4.0 player and considering how hard it is to get these rackets these days, I'm considering switching to something else. I'd also like to be able to get a little more spin from...
  5. ChanTen

    Head Extreme Tour, Yonex Vcore 98/100, Head Radicals

    Hello fellow tennis players, Been using Radical S so far, and would like to go two ways to upgrade my racquets. Current like: Serve Power, Precision Current dislike: Stability, Sometime too powerful Option 1: Add lead tape to increase stability, less power, more control. Currently Radical...
  6. A


    hi folks can someone tell the difference in radical series of liquid metal and micro gel .. i am curious to know why these two rackets are admired till date .. please help
  7. J


    Just to see what the general public thinks is a good racket for a average Joe to play.
  8. R

    Suggestions for UTR 7-8 Player

    Long-time lurker (ever since 8th grade when I began thinking about racquets and a coaching change) but first time poster. For reference, I am an All-State tennis player who is turning down DII/DIII/JUCO offers for academic reasons and will likely be playing DI Club Tennis next year. I want a new...
  9. Y

    Radical Microgel MP as a younger junior racket

    One of the underappreciated junior rackets I think. There are very few 18x20 98 softer rackets with low swingweights around, so for a junior player it's a good introduction to 'proper' rackets. Plus points for being cheap to boot. Bought one to try myself, to get a sample of what that fuss about...
  10. P

    Radical 2021?

    Just saw a tennis spin video revealing the new 2021 radical pro. Seems that the new face of the radical is Taylor Fritz. This is a move that I cannot understand, as there are much more successful players endorsing the radical line, such as Schwartzman and Garin. Any thoughts or explanations?
  11. P

    Head Radical Tour 690/Oversize - best version?

    I've been playing with a few version of the Radical 690/Oversize, and now I find myself in the situation that I should get two "new" frames, as my old ones are getting close very scruffy. So I wanted to ask you tennis nerds what is your favorite version of the Radical Tour OS frame? And why...
  12. Dreamliner

    Has the Speed series replaced the Radical in HEAD's contemporary line-up of racquets?

    I mean just look at how TW presents the racquets to the general public: "The Speed family of racquets sits between the classic control of the Prestige line and the modern power of the Extreme series. These racquets are perfect for all-court players looking for a good balance between power and...
  13. David Le

    Head Youtek Radical MP vs Youtek IG Radical Pro/MP Mold

    I have a question for the people who know more about the Radicals than me. Anyway, is the Youtek Radical MP mold the same as the Youtek IG Radical Pro/MP? Besides the different drill pattern of course.
  14. romainjub

    Suggestions for hybrid string

    Hello, sorry for the translation, I'm french;) Following a small injury (gardening + tennis), I want to play with my old racquets Head radical OS 690 (trisys 260), less rigid than the pure aero and no longer play with a full mono but with a hybrid mono / synthetic gut. BUT as this racket has a...
  15. Vincent Wang-Bouchard

    NEW 2019 Radical (May 16th) Release Date and (Some) Changes

    So, I can now confirm that the New 2019 Head Radicals are going to be released on May 16th. Changes: Handle shape will change from the more traditional Head rectangular shape to the new "Modern" square shape seen on the Speed line. The racket will be introduced to the new Graphene 360...
  16. Lionel C

    HEAD Radical line

    Hi guys, I’d like to know if a new line of HEAD Radical racquets will be released soon? Gonna buy a pair of them but I’ll wait if new models are coming. Thanks!
  17. Tour_G

    A couple of questions about my racquet's specs + other stuff

    Hello, I need some help here about my racquet. I'm using a customized TI Radical MP of which I'd like to know its specs, specially the swingweight. Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length: 27.00 inches / 68.58 cm Strung Weight: 10.75 oz / 305 g Balance: 3pts HL Swing Weight: 312 Beam Width...
  18. Y

    Head Radical Heritage

    In celebration of the Radical 25th Anniversary, could the Radical experts out there please list all the versions of the Radical line along with the year released and the the specs of each? Thanks in advance!
  19. P

    Racquets similar to Head i.Radical MP

    I'm running out of my beloved i.Radical MPs after having cracked one recently (I have one good one left). I'm struggling to find more in my grip size (3/8) so I'm considering switching to something else. My first thought would be another Radical of a different generation, but I'm not sure...
  20. F

    Looking for Grommets for Radical Graphene Pro

    I want to buy a clear grommet for the radical graphene pro, however tennis warehouse only sells the orange cap one. Does anyone know where I can get a clear grommet for the graphene pro? or a grommet that is similar to the clear one?
  21. F

    Need help for new racquets

    Hi people. Im looking for advice to changing racquets. I bought a pair of Head GSMP but never feel comfortable with their grip for forehands strokes...Before I played with a Blades BLX (Black and Gold) and I love it but I have to sell them because it had vibrations on tip so on serves destroyed...
  22. MarkNut

    Graphene Radical Touch MP Review

    I know that this racket has been out for awhile now, but I thought I would give this a full in depth review as I am in the market for a racket currently, and this being tennistalk, I'm sure many others have commitment issues with rackets as well as myself. Background: 25 years old, SW Forehand...
  23. S

    Prestige xt cap grommets on a Xt radical pro

    hi guys, I've been looking to cap my xt radical pro, but in my country, head doesn't sell the radical xt cap grommets, so i was wondering if the prestige pro xt caps (16x19) would fit, given that they have the same head size, and only 1mm difference in beam width. Anyone has tried this?? i want...
  24. T

    HEAD Graphene touch radical

    Saw Andy post on Instagram and I think he has leaked the new radical. Don't know how to post an image directly can someone please help.
  25. A

    ANGELL - Which TC? What string pattern?

    Hey guys, so this is what I'm looking for in a racquet: - Plush, buttery feel - Stable (while being under 12 oz would be ideal!) - Tons of control - Free power (this is just an added bonus, and does't have as much priority as the previously mentioned - if I'm not asking for too much) Based on...
  26. A

    Racket suggestions! :) Thank you!

    Hi! I'm 23 years old, and I play with a semi western forehand and a single handed backhand. I play an aggressive baseline game, and love to go to the net when the opportunity presents himself. I hit more flat shots than I do topspin. Ideally my racquet should be comfortable (plush, buttery feel...
  27. A

    Wilson Ultra Tour v Head Youtek IG Radical MP v Head Microgel Radical MP

    Hey guys! I'm trying to decide between the 3 racquets mentioned (Ultra tour, Youtek IG Radical MP & Microgel Radical MP) - Could you please give me your opinion along with pros and cons if possible? Thank you! :) I'm 23 YO. Semi western forehand. Single hand backhand. Looking for the ideal...
  28. A

    Replacement for Head Youtek IG Radical MP

    I just busted my IG Radical MP. I need a replacement just like it but wasn't able to find one in the current market. Can someone advice me on a racquet close to it or better available currently? Thanks a lot!
  29. Rezmund13

    1993 Made In Austria Head Radical Tour OS 690 18x19 string tension recommendation?

    Hi Looking for some advice I picked up a mint 1993 original Agassi Head Radical Tour OS recently and want to string it with a hybrid set of vs touch black 16 mains and rpm blast 17 crosses. The original manufacturer's recommendation is 65lbs plus which seems high by modern standards. Am...