1. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Raonic, Stuttgart final, 2018

    Roger Federer beat Milos Raonic 6-4, 7-6(3) in the Stuttgart final, 2018 on grass It was Federer’s only title at the event. Raonic was seeded 7th Federer won 68 points, Raonic 59 Serve Stats Federer... - 1st serve percentage (43/66) 65% - 1st serve points won (37/43) 86% - 2nd serve points...
  2. Zardoz7/12

    Raonic to retire after the US Open

    He came back for a brief farewell, shame because I think he could get back into the top 100. Article 2nd Article The 32-year-old says he is not the type to sit around “waiting for time to pass” and once he was able to outpace with his university-level hitting partners, he planned one last...
  3. W

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Murray vs Raonic, Wimbledon & Queen’s Club finals, 2016

    Andy Murray beat Milos Raonic 6-4, 7-6(3), 7-6(2) in the Wimbledon final, 2016 on grass It was Murray's second title at the event and third Slam final in a row. He'd won the title at Queen's Club (beating Raonic in the final) leading into it and for rest of year, would lose just 3...
  4. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Raonic, New York final, 2020

    Novak Djokovic beat Milos Raonic 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the New York ('Cincinnati') final, 2020 on hard court The tournament was the annual Cincinnati Masters, but held in New York. The win was Djokovic's second 'Cincinnati' title and with it, he completed having winning all 9 Masters...
  5. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Raonic, Paris final, 2014

    Novak Djokovic beat Milos Raonic 6-2, 6-3 in the Paris final, 2014 on indoor hard court Djokovic was the defending champion and this was the first time this title has been defended. He'd go onto do so the following year also and remains the only player to have done so. It was also...
  6. N


  7. Rafa4LifeEver

    Will it be a hat-trick of hunting down the WTF champ at the AO?

    Hello lovely ladies and Gentlemen, Carl here. First of all, lemme define Hat-Trick for you In sport of cricket, hat-trick is termed as an achievement for bowler when he/she dismisses the wickets of 3 batsmen off 3 consecutive deliveries. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hat-trick_(cricket) Now...
  8. W

    Duel Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Raonic & Djokovic vs Nishikori, Indian Wells & Miami finals, 2016

    Novak Djokovic beat Milos Raonic 6-2, 6-0 in the Indian Wells final, 2016 on hard court It was Djokovic's then record breaking 5th title at the event and 3rd in a row. He had recently won the Australian Open title. Raonic was playing his second Masters level final and would go onto play his...
  9. W

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Nadal vs Raonic & Nadal vs Isner, Canadian Open & Cincinnati finals, 2013

    Rafael Nadal beat Milos Raonic 6-2, 6-2 in the Canadian Open final, 2013 on hard court in Montreal It was Nadal's third title at the event. He would follow it up by winning the next Masters event at Cincinnati. Raonic was playing in his first Masters final Nadal won 55 points, Raonic 31...
  10. Enceladus

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    ATP H2H: 1-1 tied GS H2H: 1-0 for Raonic Last mutual match: 2017 Wimbledon 4R, Raonic won 4:6, 7:5, 4:6, 7:5, 6:1 The first mutual match on the hard surface and the second on the GS tournaments. Achieve Sascha his second QF on GS tournaments or will Milos stop him?
  11. Enceladus

    2019 Australian Open - [16] Milos Raonic vs. Nick Kyrgios

    ATP H2H: 3:3 tied H2H on HC: 1:0 for Kyrgios Last mutual match: 2016 Queen's Club Championships R1, Raonic won 6:7(5), 6:4, 6:4 Milos so far has been able to beat Nick on the grass and on the clay, but not on HC. Will it change tomorrow?
  12. HetTheGreaterer

    Will raonic repeat 2016??

    Fed's 5 setter in QF and then possible raonic meeting... I am very scared
  13. J

    Great to see Djokovic back on court (Wawrinka too)

    Donald Young is Djokovic's opponent, he's completely off today (He has a solid game when on) and Djokovic is treating this so far as a practice session. I don't think it'll be too long till we see Djokovic back in the top ten if his elbow issue is maintained. Wawrinka's groundies are really...
  14. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats - Federer [3] vs. Raonic [6] - WIM 2017 QF

    Here are cumulative statistics for Federer and Raonic, for the first 4 rounds of Wimbledon 2017. This one is an open and shut case. Level of competition is similiar Federer with higher overall level - more points won (57% vs. 54%), more games won (62% vs. 55%), much higher dominance ratio...
  15. S

    Predicting the ATP Top 10 in 2022?

    Five years from now, here's where I see the ATP shaping up. I am not a fan of any single player, more just a fan of tennis per se, but I am slightly biased towards American players, as you might be able to tell. I digress. Here is how I see the ATP Top 10 in 2022: ALEXANDER ZVEREV JR. — GER...
  16. Nick Lynch

    3 ATP Semis predictions

    ive been owning the sports book last two weeks so I'll turn to y'all for some help tomorrow with my parlay. I have: Rio: Thiem over Ramos Viñolas and Busta over Ruud (I think his fantasy ends here) France:Tsonga over Kyrgios and Gasquet over Pouille Delray: Sock over Young and Raonic over...
  17. augustobt

    Raonic is the biggest choke artist on tour

    Un fn' believable. Certainly drives an automatic because this guy has no clutch whatsoever.
  18. InsideOut900

    2017 Australian Open QF MILOS "the Lumberjack" Raonic vs. RAFAEL "the Bull" Nadal

    I am calling this already. Should be one of the matches of the tournament. Vs.
  19. Legends of Sport

    Do you know this about Milos Raonic??

    Do you know this about the big server??? Cheers, Dan (LOS)
  20. TripleATeam

    Grand Slam Predictions 2017

    Hey, everyone. I love hearing what everyone generally thinks the season will shape up to be like. And please, no GOAT debates- just Slam discussion. My list: AO: Murray FO: Djokovic W: Raonic US: Djokovic (Zverev/Kygrios hopefully)