1. T

    What Ranking/Rating System(s) Do College Coaches Value the Most?

    Hey everyone! I'm a rising junior (class of 2020) from Illinois, and I turned 16 just a few days ago. Due to family issues and other issues I have not been able to play many national tournaments over the past 15 months or so, so I was unable to qualify for the Kalamazoo 16s Hard Court nationals...
  2. CourtHive

    An Engine for Ratings and Rankings...

    An article which tries to put the current focus on ratings in perspective... https://medium.com/@TennisVisuals/eyes-on-court-8eb0209ca082
  3. Simon_the_furry

    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    UTR is a flawed system, and myutr is a poorly-designed website. This is why. Hear me out: High school matches cannot be recorded unless the ENTIRE TEAM is registered with UTR. This effectively means no high school matches ever get recorded. Casual club matches cannot get recorded either...
  4. Znak

    My FFT rating vs NTRP

    When I was living in Canada I was regularly playing in 4.0 tournaments. I've spent the past two years in France, their scale is much more detailed (and the all around average player is on a better level) — I've moved up all the way up to a 30/2. But when I check on the conversion chart, it says...
  5. Chris tennis52

    Screwed over by the USTA rating system, PLEASE HELP!

    Sorry if this a long post but the backstory is important to the story. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am a 3.5 to 4.0 level player. I play on a DIII college tennis team, however I am not a starter and have played in just 4 meets my whole college tennis career (I'm currently a senior)...