1. AceyMan

    Reel Thoughts for Stringers

    So, I'm looking at reel of Max Power Rough and if I only get one, what gauge do I go with. I'm usually partial to 1.25 but I'm thinking I may have more scenarios to use the 16g more than the 1.25. [I extend the topic of this thread to the same question for any string / gauge combo w<where...
  2. A

    Mystery strings

    A while ago, I was given a reel of Tennis Code, Stealth Overboost 1.25 black reel. Does anyone know what these strings are or where I can buy another reel from? I can't find them anywhere on the Web.
  3. liftordie

    Best reel deals for Black Friday! ^^

    Let us know the best deals for buying reels in Europe for Black Friday!! :oops:o_O:eek::-D
  4. C

    How to tell how long remains in a reel?

    Computer LAN cables mark the length on the body, so initially you see 305m on the cable, use it and you see 290m. How is it on tennis strings?
  5. fullwesternforehand

    Genesis/Ytex Tennis string?

    Hey TW, are there any plans to sell genesis tennis string in the future? Also, why is there not the full selection of ytex string reels or even the sets when they have so much more? Just curious as I tend to use both genesis and ytex