1. E

    How do the Blade 16x19 and TF40 305 16x19 compare to one another?

    How do these racquets compare to the TF40?
  2. Guttersnipe

    YouTube Racquet Reviews

    Inspired by konstantinos kalfountzos’ posts in Diary of a Racketaholic and how the community responded. Here you don’t have to worry, please do post the most recent or your favourite racquet reviews from the past/of all time. Whether it’s Tennis Nerd, TW or even self promotion...go ahead and...
  3. E

    MiStringer -- Anyone has here a long-term review / recommendations?

    I got MiStringer for Christmas, and I am considering returning it because of its clunky crosses stringing method and its clamps. Yet, this stringer has quite a few pros (size, tension accuracy, six-point frame mounting). Has anyone here on the forum used it long enough to give me a...
  4. E

    Quick Review - Rafa Nadal Tennis Center Costa Mujeres "Total Tennis" Adult Program

    I just returned from my stay at the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres where I did the Total Tennis program at the Rafa Nadal Centre and wanted to leave a brief review for anyone interested in this program. The program runs every day of the week from 9-11am except Sunday. Average level male...
  5. K

    New Tennis reviews website

    Hi everyone I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this so please let me know if there’s a more appropriate section. So I’m considering making a tennis equipment reviews web app. I would like to get some feedback to see if this is something that people around here would like to use...
  6. M

    2020 Yonex Ezone 98

    I love this racquet a little lead at 3 and 9 leather grip and this baby is ready to go. Who else is on the Yonex train and why?
  7. Znak

    Wilson 18x20 v7 incorrect review score

    Hey there, I think there's an incorrect value for the slice on your review page — I'm assuming it's an average of all your 4 scores? If so that would make it (9.1+8.8+8.5+8.8)/4 = 8.8. Unless the calculations are done otherwise, I was just surprised by the score considering it's one of the...
  8. Znak

    TW racquet reviews

    I can't seem to find any racquets reviewed on your site that are 90 and over? Why is that, and do you think one day there'll ever be that racquet? :)
  9. joeyz101

    Racket Review Site - Feedback Needed

    Hi Everyone - I am taking a graduate class in entrepreneurship and would appreciate your help ! I am currently working on a project where we must 1st come up with a business idea and then gather feedback from the customer segment we think the business would serve. Based on the feedback we...
  10. MarkNut

    Graphene Radical Touch MP Review

    I know that this racket has been out for awhile now, but I thought I would give this a full in depth review as I am in the market for a racket currently, and this being tennistalk, I'm sure many others have commitment issues with rackets as well as myself. Background: 25 years old, SW Forehand...
  11. XFactorer

    Nike Vapor X

    So, here are my thoughts after 2 nights (4 hours) with this new beast. I normally wear a 9.5 in the Vapor 9/9.5 series. I got a 9.5 in the Vapor X. Initial reaction: Darn, too tight. But I wore them for about an hour before match time. They were a little stiff, especially the bumper guard on...
  12. Liam Grennon

    Babolat Pure Drive Review ( Video)

    Hey All! Our GoPro Died and we didn't see until the tiebreak so we only got a couple of game's unfortunately on video. So the review will be from both Ethan (Lighter Blue shirt not serving first) and me Liam (Dark Blue shirt serving first ) Let's do some background first SORRY FOR BAD VIDEO...
  13. AndI

    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    This review is applicable to both, Gamma X-ELS and Gamma Progression II ELS. These are identical machines, with only difference that Progression has a red base without side drawers while X-ELS has a blue aluminum base with two small side drawers for tools. All essential for stringing parts and...
  14. wferdinand

    Know the details about racquet reviews

    I was returned to tennis last year. I interesting about things which I'm doing in depth. I can't understand a lot of thing about racquet reviews because english isn't my main language, but other things I can't define for myself. Power: I understand this. How I can to transfer my hitting energy...
  15. mscream

    Oehms Strings Playtest

    I recently bought a selection of Oehms strings to find out if there is something worth considering. Also, very few people here play with those or post reviews so it's a good exercise to review strings without being biased by other people's opinion. Some of the descriptions actually sounded...