1. Z

    Poly for 12 year old?

    Need advice here. My son got his first full-size racquet (Wilson UL100) last year, and the pro shop racquet specialist, who saw him hit, set him up with Wilson Revolve, I think 17 gauge (I didn't know enough tennis to state a preference). When we got the Revolve cut out, a different stringer...
  2. wferdinand

    String for Wilson Pro Staff 97

    I bought a pair of used PS 97 (version 11 - black/red), which is currently stringed with Revolve 1.25mm/17, 23 kgs (50,5 lbs) mains 24 kgs (53 lbs) crosses. I played 7 hours with all two racquets, but I don't bought these with fresh stringjobs. Surprisely I don't feel how tension is...
  3. Babolix

    Comparison : RS Lyon / Wilson Revolve / Head Hawk

    Hi ! These 3 strings seems pretty close. I know the Revolve/Ripsin but not the other 2 ! Does anybody tested the 3 and could compare them ? (Power/control/spin/Tension maintenancesensations etc.) Thx ;)
  4. NRMM

    After hitting my new baby Wilson SW104

    hi guys, just wanted to share this with you since some of you have been helping me with the transition from the Wilson Blade 104 (2015) with Revolve 17 to the Wilson SW104 with Babolat Pro Hurricane 17. Always at 55lbs. I'm 40, I play double handed forehand and backhand, I like to go for my...
  5. NRMM

    Alternative Revolve Spin 17

    Hi guys I've been playing with wilson revolve spin 17 on my wilson 104 team and I really enjoy it as it gives me the control I need with low power and its comfortable. What would be the most similar "un-coloured" string ie natural or similar (white excluded). Cheers
  6. N

    Burn FST 99 stringing possibilities

    I am a 3.5 player at best and am currently running wilson revolves on the mains and wilson syn gut power on the crosses at 55lbs. This has proved to be a terrible hybrid for me, very limited sweet spot which is hurting my game and has lost tension very quickly. Was wondering what would be a...
  7. Babolix

    Tecnifibre Black Code Fire / Lemon

    Is there one guy that tested the new Black Code Fire or Lime ? I heard the Fire would be like the Volkl orange Cyclone (that I prefer to the black one) and the lime like a Revolve spin green. Some reviews would be welcome !
  8. RGT

    Does anyone know if wilson is going to release a thinner gauge of Wilson Revolve? TW staff?

    I'm currently testing out revolve and so far I'm liking it. But it's doesn't come in a thinner gauge than 1.25mm. I usually play with strings around 1.20mm thickness because I'm not the biggest stringbreaker. Does anyone know if Wilson is planning on bringing a thinner gauge on the market...
  9. Babolix

    Strings for Babolat Ps100 (2016)

    Hi ! I now play on the new babolat Pure Strike 100 and would like to know which strings you think fit this racquet best ! These days I play with Yonex Poly Tour Pro (What do you think about this setup?), a little powerful @ times. I'm thinking about trying Hyper G, Revolve, MSV Focus Hex and...
  10. B

    Wilson Revolve 17 / Wilson Syn Gut Power 17 hybrid

    Needs are for a Wilson Blade 104 weighted to 331 grams, playing style age 65 doubles all court with continental/eastern grip, accustomed to dead synthetic gut originally strung at 60 lbs. Revolve has a stiffness of 192 and tension loss of 36 SynGut Pwr has a stiffness 158 of and tension loss of...