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    Pro Staff RF 97A

    Hi, for all PSRF97A Black users, what are good polys to use in full bed in this frame, my favorite right now is Rs Lyon 1.25 at 50, I have been tried different polys like; Alu Power, Max Power, Rpm Blast, etc. Anyone use Hyper G 1.30 in this racquet? Still searching for the perfect poly for this...
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    Where to get red prostaff RF97 Autograph

    Fairly basic purpose for wanting one. Want same static weight as 90, but the plow of the RF and the sweetspot of a 97. Also don't want to drop more than $200, $250 for the black stick is way too much. Don't care if the racket is used or not, just no cracks, serious damage, etc. Also is full...
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    Favorite Prostaff Line

    Sort of a prostaff appreciation thread, just wanted to see opinions of the community. All rackets in here are post wood era. If I'm missing any please comment. Personally, I'd have to say that the k-factor is my favorite, because Federer has played his best tennis with it, I love the paint job...