1. P

    Are any pros using the RF97/PS97 mold?

    apart from Dimitrov with his custom 18x17? It's been around for long enough now that there could be some young players coming up with it. Every Wilson pro and his dog had a ps97 paint job for a while on their six.ones- forget about them: who *really* uses it? If, like the clash, none of the...
  2. V

    What is racquet side weight? Is it important?

    My club got a Yonex Precision Scan device recently. It measures balance, weight, swing weight, the usual. But it has additional measurements I've never seen before. It shows a racquet's side weights. I decided to test my new RF97 which is pretty much on spec when it comes to weight, SW, and...
  3. V

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97: A summary of people's experiences with the racquet

    I've been reading lots of online reviews of the Pro Staff RF97 as I'm thinking of getting a couple of these. I've read people's experiences on Tennis Warehouse forums, Reddit, Quora, read all the reviews I could find online, watched YouTube reviews and read comments, etc. So, I thought it would...
  4. V

    Federer's Laver Cup racquet

    Hi! Did anyone notice that Fed's racquet for the Laver Cup has a red butt cap like the regular Pro Staff v13, and a brown leather grip? Is that a new model? The RF97 has a flat black butt and a black leather grip. Did I miss anything?
  5. chagazzo

    Wilson Super Tour Bags...They destroy your shirts!

    I'd like to get some input from everyone who owns the current Wilson Super Tour tennis bags. I've got a 15 pack Wilson Super Tour in the Pro Staff black cosmetic, I have a 9 pack in the traditional color way. From what I have experienced, they snag all of your shirts! I don't find an issue when...
  6. B

    People in Australia getting 40% off Pro Staff Racquets

    I just noticed Tennis Only (TW Australia) is having a 40% off sale of all their Pro Staff racquets in honour of Roger's birthday. :oops: Doesn't say if it's only for today but while stocks last. Get in quick people down under!
  7. T

    Rf97a v11 different handle molds?

    I have 3 rf97a v11s .. bought them over the years as new ones. I opened up the butt cap and noticed all 3 have different handle molds inside.. is this expected? One has two squares, one has a larger and smaller square and another one has a 5sided box ... please the photos.. I don’t see major...
  8. I

    questions about RF97

    Hi guys, I usually play with my K90 and PSBLX90. I tried the RF v10 5 years ago (red black first version) but I personally don't like it at all. I found it is too soft and the swing weight feels so much heavier compared to my K90 & PSBLX90. And I don't have a feeling that the RF97 is a good...
  9. pico

    Finding it hard to commit to a racquet. Advice?

    Currently, in my bag I have these: Prince Phantom 93p Rf97 head speed pro Head gravity pro Technifibre tf40 I hit groundstrokes well with all. My serve is prob best with the rf97. I return best with the 93p. I really dont know how to commit to one since there are other variables too like their...
  10. pico

    Volkl Psycho in Gravity Pro or RF97?

    Just wondering if anyone out there uses the Volkl Psycho in either the Gravity Pro or RF97? If so, what tension do you find works the best assuming 17g?
  11. pico

    RF97 vs Gravity Pro

    Anyone played with both these racquets? Which do you prefer and why?
  12. M

    My New tennis racket (RF97A black)

    Hello to everybody :giggle: ! This is my first post here. A week ago i bought a new racket and its the RF97 autograph Black edition. I bought it from Tennis warehouse Europe and it arrived in 4 days (I am from Bulgaria). I will upload some pictures of the racket so you can all see it :)...
  13. O

    How many times did Fed shank a groundstroke in Wimbledon Final?

    I have another thread here "Federer needs a new racquet!!" arguing that considering what a big difference going to 97 inch head made for him and his attacking style, he should go even further to a 100inch head. ESPECIALLY, considering how many times he framed his groundstrokes in the Wimbledon...
  14. O

    Federer needs a new racquet!!!

    Everybody here knows how changing to a 97sqin racquet has made such a huge difference for Federer, especially against Nadal. Who knows how many majors he would have won if he made the switch earlier!?! He must be kicking himself thinking about the times he cried (publicly or privately) after...
  15. SaaKha

    Anyone try Solingo Barb Wire 17 with Natural Gut?

    Might wanna try this set up in my RF97. Gut mains, BW crosses. For anyone who has tried it (16 gauge too), what did you think?
  16. J

    Upgrade Time?

    My backup racket is a 1st gen Pro Staff 97L. It is so utterly old and bad that I don’t even bring it when I play tennis. Do you think it’s time I buy a newer one? Such as the RF97L or the RF97L Bold?
  17. R

    New Setup RF97A

    I wanted to switch from my 90 BLX to a larger head size and I was wondering if this setup would be good: Racket: Wilson Prostaff 97 Autograph String: Full Bed KLIP Legend 16 Tension: 60lbs Overgrip: Yonex Super Grap I actually want to try the high power that comes from a full gut, if it's too...
  18. DriveKing

    HELP! Wilson RF97 to Blade 16x19 Questions

    Hey guys, So I've been playing tennis for about 3 years. I'm a 3.5-4 level depending on the day—according to some local pros who have seen me play. I'd say I lean more towards 3.5 just because I don't play as much as I did. I started with a Project OneSeven Pure Strike and enjoyed it. But I...
  19. N

    RF97 alternatives - 2018 edition

    I combed through the forums and found some old articles. But given the new rackets introduced recently, I figured I’d poll the community for advice. I’m a 4+ player and have been using the RF97 for the last couple of years and have loved it. I’m 45+ years old and leaned to play Tennis in the...
  20. Z

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph - red or black

    I must have missed a lot of history here (yes I have been on another planet for the last three years) as even my searches of the boards do not produce any recent results.But what was the story here, red/black came first and then EXACTLY same racket has been re-painted all black? black one...
  21. O

    RF97 2015 Grommets??

    Hello, I was wondering if these grommets are in yet? It says on your site that its in by Jun 12. Just wanted to get an update so i can get some for my racquets :) Thank you Jay
  22. F

    Please can someone help - prince rebel 95 and textreme95

    Hi I play with a prince rebel 95 and have done for a long time. The green one. I love it and think it is great I just wish it had a tiny bit more power. I string it with Wilson nxt tour 16 at 23/24kg. I am very tempted to buy the new txt95 as I think the 16x19 might give me a bit more spin and...