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  1. threehandedbackhand

    5 years ago Federer became the oldest GS winner since 1972

    After 1972: #1: Roger Federer (36 years, 5 months) - AO 2018 #2: Rafael Nadal (36 years, 0 months) - RG 2022 #3: Roger Federer (35 years, 10 months) - WIM 2017 #4: Rafael Nadal (35 years, 7 months) - AO 2022 #5: Roger Federer (35 years, 5 months) - AO 2017 #6: Novak Djokovic (35 years, 1 month)...
  2. threehandedbackhand

    103 >> 92

    Please keep that in mind. Because some people look feverish in early 2023. Thank you.
  3. Enceladus

    Greater YEC player: Djokovic vs Federer

    Both have 6 titles, sharing the YEC record. Both have won the YEC at three different venues, both players gained YEC titles in Shanghai and London, Fed in Houston and Nole in Turin. Who is the bigger player in this event now? Djoker can boast a streak of 4 titles from 2012-2015, which no one...
  4. initialize

    Federer officially retiring (serious)

    Just posted on Instagram He will be playing the Laver Cup next week as his final event. Farewell GOAT :cry: Tennis will never be the same without the world’s most talented player ever… this sucks guys
  5. threehandedbackhand

    Federer's back

    He's got some problems with his back multiple times. Not to mention 2019 USO, where that injury prevented him from his epic 21st GS win, that's why he lost the QF to Dimitrov (led 2-1, just 11 points away from the SF). Fingers crossed he won't be suffering any more back injuries after a knee...
  6. Rafa4LifeEver

    Federer - Magic is the Oxygen of my soul

    41 of his 150 thousands magical moments, this man really made tennis look like a beautiful piece of art. As they say, life starts at 40, so you may have a new beginning at 40 & surprise us all once again with your magic wand Happy birthday ol' Rog. My heartiest congratulations & wishes to...
  7. threehandedbackhand

    Six biggest chances for Fedal clash at the US Open

    As we know they have never met at the Flushing Meadows and probably will never meet there in the future. 2008 - 2 sets away :mad: Federer was already waiting in the final but Nadal lost his SF to Murray 1-3 2009 - 3 sets away :( Nadal lost the SF to Del Potro 0-3 Federer advanced to the final...
  8. Fedeonic

    Rafael Nadal against Fedkovic since 2014

    Since 2014, Rafa Nadal has the following H2H against his fellow Big Three members: -vs Federer: 2-6 overall, 2-2 in Grand Slam, 0-4! in finals. -vs Djokovic: 7-13 overall, 3-4 in Grand Slams, 4-6 in finals. Cumulative is: 9-21 overall, 5-6 in Grand Slams, 4-10 in finals. Only ONE win in...
  9. CharlesMG

    Wilson Roger Federer DNA 12 Bag - Signature

    Hi, Is it only me who finds the current Wilson bag offerings inadequate? What I mean, given the price tag, the bags that have decent design like the Pro staff v13,doesn't have a hard shell to keep it's shape and make them more durable, also the straps and handles are just cheaply done. Given...
  10. Tenacity

    Big4 together one last time - Laver Cup 2022

    This is gonna be a banger! Amazing to see them all playing and hanging out together, can't wait!
  11. LawnTennisGod

    WTF correlation with the peaks of BIG 3

    It seems like the Peaks of the BIG 3 ended quite some time ago. Because I have noticed a correlation of that with their WTF performances. They all stopped winning the tour finals a long time ago... 1) Novak Djokovic won his first WTF in 2008 and then four in a row from 2012 to 2015. But he...
  12. S

    Am I the only one who's curious about why Federer and Iga haven't said anything to congratulate Nadal?

    I'm just confused. As everybody knows, Iga is the biggest fan of Rafa. And Roger is also one of good friends of Rafa, when Rafa got his 20th Slam in 2020 RG and his 21st Slam in AO this year, Roger always posted his congratulations to Rafa immediately on Instagram. But right now, it's been past...
  13. threehandedbackhand

    5000 days ago Federer won his last US Open title

    It's already 5000 days. He won his GS #13 at the Flushing Meadows on Monday, 8 September 2008. But that was his very last US Open trophy so far. What happened later? He's reached: 2 finals (2009, 2015) 3 semifinals (2010, 2011, 2014) 3 quarterfinals (2012, 2017, 2019) 2 fourth rounds (2013...
  14. A

    Wilson or gamma ?

    can some one please help me choose me between Wilson pro Overgrip or gamma supreme pro Overgrip my hands sweat quite well .. I can say that my hands sweating rating is 7.5/10 so any one can help me in choose between them in terms of durability and tackiness as I don't change Overgrip very often...
  15. threehandedbackhand

    2019 Wimbledon Final: 1000 days after

    We've just started four digits. How do you remember it now? Do you have any broader conclusions?
  16. RaulRamirez

    Rafael Nadal - Amazing Longevity

    Kudos to Rafa for a stunning comeback victory today, notching his 21st slam, and finally, his second AO title. One of the most surprising thing about Rafa's legendary career has been his longevity at or near the very top. Especially for a player who has played - even if some think it has been...
  17. James P

    Zverev now the second longest active streak inside the top 10

    Roger Federer was on a 224 week active streak inside the top 10, but fell out recently. Dominic Thiem has a 260 week active streak that will be snapped on Monday. Name Nation Projected Rank on Monday Weeks in the top 10 Rafael Nadal Spain #5 841 Alexander Zverev Germany #4 201 Novak...
  18. James P

    Poll: Who had it worse?

    All three of the Big 3 have had their crack at #21. Federer first in 2019 at Wimbledon. Infamous 40-15. Nadal had the next crack in 2021 at RG. Four set beatdown at a place he owns. Novak got his chance in 2021 at the USO. Straight setted in a match that would have also given him a Grand Slam.
  19. threehandedbackhand

    Exactly 10 years ago Federer was publicly struggling to accept Djokovic defeat. How do you see it now?

    Time flies. Video recording:
  20. Fedeonic

    Tennis TV commemorates Cincinnati 2009 tournament

    Tennis TV has clearly upped its game in publishing a lot of highlights and best-of videos. Today is the turn for the M1000 Cincinnati 2009 which in its time was called The Real Slam, due to the presence of the Big 4 in the semifinals of the tournament. To be honest, I only remembered the SF...
  21. Enceladus

    A question to Federer fans

    Which tennis player would you like to have as Roger's opponent in his last match of his career? Who do you think should send Roger into retirement? Should it be Djokovic or Nadal, one of the two greatest Fed rivals? Anyone from Next Gen or Thiem? Or anyone but Zverev? You have two votes in the...
  22. Fedeonic

    At least 6 titles in 2 Grand Slams

    With Djokovic's 6th win on Wimbledon 2021, he became only the second male player to with at least 6 titles in two different Grand Slams, sharing that record with Roger Federer. Below is the breakdown: -Djokovic's Aus Open titles (9): 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021...
  23. James P

    Poll: Roger Federer's Remaining 2021 Schedule?

    What will Rogi's schedule be the rest of this season, knowing what you know now after Wimbledon?
  24. Enceladus

    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    Defending champion: Novak Djokovic (5-time Wimbledon winner (2011, 2014-15, 2018-19)) Past Wimbledon champions, who will participating in the 2021 edition: Roger Federer (2003-07, 2009, 2012, 2017), Andy Murray (2013, 2016) Official website: Link to draw...
  25. Vanilla Slice

    The second men’s winner from RG2021 …

    Djokovic won and it was in another monumental fashion. Man is or is nearly sure to be the goat of tennis. But Djokovic winning also meant another player highly benefited: Stan Wawrinka. The Djokovic goat narrative elevates Stan to an even higher status in his ability to take it to him on hard...