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  1. a10best

    Friendly Reminder & 20 Highlights of Magic by GOAT

    Isner's face tells it all on his first highlight. Even Djokovic was across the net as witness many times. What I took away from this was Federer was extremely fast pre-2010.
  2. Enceladus

    Congratulation from ATP for Thiem sparked Fed Fans anger on Twitter

    Read responses to this tweet :-D
  3. Tenacity

    2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]

    50th!!! meeting between these two legends of the sport. Enjoy another epic everyone!
  4. Yugram

    Federer: "It’s a golden time for tennis right now, no doubt."

    Another interesting part from Federer’s latest AP interview: “I honestly think it’s going to be quite exciting to see how much longer can they (Djokovic and Nadal) go. How much more can they win? They might have some more incredible years ahead of them. That’s my assumption,”Federer said. “It’s...
  5. Enceladus

    The Highest-Paid Athletes Of The 2010s Decade: Federer at 5th place

    Article: The ranking in other places was not published. Serena Williams is only woman in the TOP 40.
  6. Enceladus

    2019 WTF RR: (3.) Swiss Maestro vs. (5.) Thieminator

    ATP H2H: 4-2 for Thiem H2H at hard surface: 2-1 for Federer Thiem won both mutual matches this year. Will win over Federer also at WTF?
  7. D

    What it was like to face a 17-year-old Rafael Nadal

    “Playing Nadal is like playing against someone with two forehands.” Check out what it was like to play against a 17-year-old Nadal by reading this article...
  8. Enceladus

    2019 Swiss Indoors (Basel) - ATP 500 Thread

    Defending champion: Roger Federer (9-time Basel winner (2006-08, 2010-11, 2014-15, 2017-18)) Former champions, who are participating in this year's edition: Marin Cilic (2016) Official website: Wiki-link...
  9. eman11

    Federer Hits Ballkid, Does Not Apologize! (sounds like an Express headline... it's not)

    I typed in "Federer Shanghai" on YouTube to see his practice session(s) just because and noticed a 2012 Fed v Stan the Man highlights video. Decided to watch and in the second set tiebreak, Fed hits an ace town the T for a 6-3 lead and when he hits his ball to Wawrinka's side he accidentally...
  10. aman92

    Does Serena have a better career than Federer?

    Now before someone starts making it about men's vs women's tennis... I am only talking about achievements in their respective tours. Simply put, if we take all their career achievements currently, has Serena Williams had a better career in Women's tennis than Federer has had in Men's tennis?
  11. HetTheGreaterer

    Your personal favourite shot of Roger Federer?

    You have the options in the poll. Kindly Vote regardless of whatever player's fan you are. (Note :- only selective/special shots are included, common shots aren't) Discuss shot parameters and why do you like it, whether it has declined or improved over the time, damage it does to the opponents...
  12. David Le

    Wimbledon ‘08 Final vs Wimbledon ‘09 Final vs Wimbledon ‘19 Final

    Idk If there’s a thread for this already, but which Final was better in terms of drama and/or quality?
  13. M

    Novak Djokovic calls hunt for Grand Slam record and weeks at #1 the biggest reason that he's still playing

    I believe this is the first time a Big 3 player has said out loud in an interview that he's gunning for the grand slam records. He even says the weeks at #1 record is already "not so far away". Starts talking about it around 2:30 Do you think he will overtake Fedr? How much does the...
  14. Yugram

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    As previous thread was deleted, I’ve decided to make it myself, now in more appropriate way. :)
  15. Yugram

    Wimbledon R4: Roger Federer [2] vs Matteo Berrettini [17]

    It is on! Now just the final part of my beautiful prediction should come true. :happydevil: Berrettini’s victims this grass season: FAA, Struff, Khachanov (x2), Kyrgios, Basilashvili.
  16. Enceladus

    2019 ATP 500 Halle Final - [1.] Roger Federer vs. David Goffin

    ATP H2H: 7-1 for Federer H2H on the grass: 1-0 for Fed Federer can reach the 10th title from Halle, 19th from grass and 102th on the ATP Tour. Goffin will strive for his 5th career ATP title and the first from grass. Balance in the ATP career finals: Fed 101-53, Goffin 4-7
  17. Fedeonic

    By the numbers: Federer's quest towards Connors' 109 titles

    Finally I have the time to make this thread. As today, Federer has won 101 overall titles and 1198 matches. Jimmy Connors ended his career with 109 titles and 1256 matches won. Stats relevant for this thread: Connors: 1256 matches won, 1535 matches played, 109 titles, 81,82% W/L%, 11,523...
  18. Enceladus

    Today before 15 years...

    28 March 2004, Miami, took place first mutual match of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Bull won over Fed 6:3, 6:3. It was the beginning of one of the biggest rivalries in tennis history. Highlights:
  19. Enceladus

    2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    2018 winner: Juan Martin del Potro (will doesn't defend the title due to knee problems) Former champions, who are participating in this year's edition: Novak Djokovic (2008, 2011, 2014-16), Roger Federer (2004-06, 2012, 2017), Rafael Nadal (2007, 2009, 2013) Date: March 4 – 17 Edition: 44th...
  20. D

    Is there a 'Hail Mary' option in Roger's career now?

    To add another slam or perhaps (gasp) two? I know this sounds crazy on the face of it, and no doubt many here will post to tell me exactly that, but I don't think he's playing half bad. Strangely, even though Tsitsipas overpowered him, Nadal trampled Tsits, and Novak obliterated Nadal, I would...
  21. Fedeonic

    Australian Open 2019 4R: (14) Stefanos Tsitsipas vs (3) Roger Federer

    One of the most anticipated matched of the tournament will feature the old master and the young apprentice in what could possibly be a passing of the torch. First time that they'll play on the tour, but they played in Hopman Cup this year with Federer winning 76 76. Schedule TBA, possibly will...
  22. Fedeonic

    Australian Open 2019 3R: (3) Roger Federer vs Taylor Fritz

    Federer's quest toward a record 7th Aus Open title and a 21st Grand Slam title will continue on Friday against young American Taylor Fritz. Scheduled not before 13:00hrs in the Rod Laver Arena (23:00 Arg/Chi, 21:00EST, 02:00 GMT). Only match played was at Stuttgart 2016 2R where Federer won 64...
  23. D

    PNN - Player News Network

    BELGRADE PRESS Undisclosed sources warn of an imminent change to Novak Djokovic’s backhand technique for the upcoming 2019 season. “He’s been working out the kinks,” says one source within the Djokovic camp, “it’s for the long term benefit and you know, Roger.” When pressed what the person...
  24. Fabresque

    Is Roger Federer the greatest Sportsman of all time?

    People talk a lot about the Greatest Athletes of all time in every sport, and there always seems to be a select few in every sport that people talk about the most. In our sport of tennis, people talk about Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Sampras, and a few others here and there. But out of these 4...
  25. RF19

    Is that the end of the Great Legend, Roger Federer?

    Did we just witness the end of the era? Did we just watch the legacy come to an end? Being a die-hard fan of Roger, I couldn't handle this one. But keeping emotions aside, this brings up a very important question on whether Roger is done here? He is aging, although he doesn't show it on the...
  26. Fedeonic

    A "freak" stat from Federer

    Federer reached 6 times the summit of the Rankings, in the week before, he won a tournament 5 times before reaching the World N°1: 1) 2/2/04: Won Aus Open the week before. 2) 6/7/09: Won Wimbledon the week before. 3) 9/7/12: Won Wimbledon the week before. 4) 19/2/18: Won Rotterdam the week...
  27. HetTheGreaterer

    Can ATP and ITF stop constant slowing down of surfaces?

    Almost every single big tournament, including Slams, Masters, WTF, some 500s are consistantly being slowed down every year at the rate of around 2.5 to 3.5 CPI per year. Even the clay courts are being slowed down (wtf!!??) And also, I am not going to roll back years in 90s and early 2000s(best...
  28. HetTheGreaterer

    Let us Create the 100% unbeatable player for every surface

    Thread's intension is creativity. Take elements like FH, BH, Serve, Netplay, Movement, Stamina, Return, Footwork, mentality, and Speed/CourtCoverage from various players Some rules are given as follows 1) you can not use a single player for more than 4 elements 2) not more than 3 players for...