roger federer

  1. ak24alive

    Will we ever see this Beasterer again?

    Roger was just a different beast altogether at IW 2017. Ridiculous Serve, Mind-blowing Backhand, Peak-esque Forehand, some Godly movement, always going for kill mentality, line licking shots, ridiculous volleys and pure 100% confidence made for a monster of no match. That was like Peak...
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    If federer choked on those two break points in the final game of final set AO17

    I was just watching highlights (a thousandth time maybe) and this thought popped up in my mind... What if this happened? Not 100% similar to what happened with him in that 2011 USO SF vs djok, but there are a lot of similarities. If nadal got a break in that final game, would it have stopped...
  3. ak24alive

    What is Federer gonna do

    In this post I am gonna ask all the Fed related questions I have been having for the last few days. Now that Roger is on a break for at least 2 months(in case he plays Stuttgart) when is he going to start practicing for the Grass Court season and where?? I know his go-to place is Dubai but not...
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    If nadal fails to win French open this year and federer wins wimbledon and/or Us open, then?........

    Most likely the slam race will be over for ever, atleast in this era. What to say friends? As if rafa won't win this FO, he will struggle throughout the 2018, and even if it does not happen, Nadal has not been successful in defending a hard court title, throughout the span of his respectable...
  5. HetTheGreaterer

    Surely I am not the only federer fan who gave up on him in 2nd set

    Ya I am sure plenty of you did same. I mean I was like postponing my 3D designs' corrections and updates just to watch fedoric semi final today (at a sleep time though, extending sleep draught further and further). At 5-7 with 3 break points wasted in coric service game, at start of 2nd set...
  6. D

    Roger Federer only eats Swiss Bircher ?

    Unattributed sources reveal part of Roger Federer’s secret to success is his fondness for it. Do you think he only eats Swiss Bircher?
  7. Fedeonic

    Indian Wells 2018 R2: (1) Roger Federer vs Federico Delbonis

    An easy match for Roger Federer in theory, but somehow Delbonis won their only match played in Hamburg 2013 by 76(7) 76(4). Schedule of the match is not before 19:00 PST.
  8. fed_is_GOD

    "The Dream is to win Roland Garros AGAIN" -- Roger Federer

    http://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/52467/roger-federer-the-dream-is-to-win-roland-garros-again-/ Here he comes for it.. Nadal surely would have many sleepless nights from now..
  9. Steve0904

    Ivan Ljubicic: Coaching A Top Player

    Source: "When Ivan Ljubicic ended his playing career in April 2012 he made a seamless transition into the television commentary booth. However, the highly respected and consummate professional both on and off the court...
  10. MS_07


    As chokovic is officially outta race, Can Bafa Nada make it a 100 titles? IMO, If he wins 3-4 clay and 1-2 outside it , and more USO_2017 like epic draws, he has serious chance of making it. He's ~32 I believe he has 4-5 years left in him ..
  11. TheMaestro1990

    Krajicek Knew Hours After AO Final Federer Wanted to Play Rotterdam

    “He reported to me, just hours after the Australian Open final, that Federer was thinking of playing Rotterdam. Roger had a relatively easy tournament and was physically fresh and ready to compete. I’ve had some setbacks in the past and some personal victories as the director of Rotterdam. This...
  12. BrokenForehand

    Steve Tignor is making a top 50 open era player list, looks like Safin not gonna make it

    so the rules are simple, only considering the single accomplishment, 25 for man, 25 for woman: 25 Li Na & Andy Roddick 24 Caro Wozniacki & Stan Wawrinka 23 Angelique Kerber & Stan Smith 22 Victoria Azarenka & Lleyton Hewitt 21 Amelie Mauresmo & Guga Kuerten 20 Gabriela Sabatini & Arthur Ashe ...
  13. Stefan Dimov

    Teen Federer (18, 19 y/o) - 70 winners in HQ

    Compiled by me. Big thanks to TGM for the footage.
  14. Fedeonic

    Roger Federer is Lucky - An Op-Ed

    This is a translation from an Op-Ed on a Spanish tennis website that claims how Roger Federer is lucky. For those who want to read the raw article in Spanish:
  15. TheMaestro1990

    60fps highlights of the final

    Enjoy :)
  16. TheMaestro1990

    Federer appreciation thread

    What a player, what an athlete, what a man. The tears said it all!
  17. Fedeonic

    Another record for Roger Federer

    With reaching the SF in this Australian Open, he ties Jimmy Connors with 14 SF in one same GS tournament. Connors reached at least the SF of the US Open in 1974-85, 1987 and 1991, winning in 5 times (1974, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1983). Federer reached at least the SF of the Aus Open in 2004-14 and...
  18. TheMaestro1990

    No other player more complete than Federer

    During Djokovic's peak many said that he is the most complete player ever. But he is far from good at the net and his overheads wouldn't scare anyone on the future tour to be honest. The most complete player is Federer when playing at his best. Agree?
  19. TheMaestro1990

    Rate Federer's performance at Hopman Cup

    Last year I rated Federer's performance at Hopman Cup either a 9/10 or 10/10 even though he lost a match. A few argued that it's unnecessary to judge the performance in non official tournaments, but I think we can still get a hint on where Fed's game at. He has won all matches so far, including...
  20. TheMaestro1990

    Federer's Top 1000 Best Shots of his Career

    The last three months I’ve been working tirelessly on compiling a video of Federer’s top 1000 best shots. If you wanna know why I did it, there’s detailed info in the description on Youtube. I hope the mods let this one pass. I spent 250+ hours on this video and I think a lot of Federer and also...
  21. Otacon

    Felix at the Federer University

    Published on November 24, 2017 It was last summer at the Rogers Cup tournament in Montreal. Around a table, Felix Auger-Aliassime and his coach Guillaume Marx discuss with Roger Federer, who gives ideas and advice. The conversation lasts an hour and a half, a privileged moment for the young...
  22. Backspin1183

    Who else thinks the ATP Facebook page is over posting about Federer and Nadal?

    I am a fan of Nadal and Roger's my (distant) second favourite player. It's nice to read about them. But, surely tennis isn't just about them. I am getting a bit fed up of constant Fedal posts on the ATP Facebook page like other players aren't worth talking about. 'Look what Roger Federer did...
  23. Fedeonic

    Comparing Federer 2012 and Federer 2017

    So let's compare the Roger Federer of 2012 and the Roger Federer of 2017: Roger Federer 2012: -1 Grand Slam W (Wimbledon), 2 SF, 1 QF. -F at the YE Masters (2-1 in RR) and Silver Medal at the Olympics. -3 M1000s W (Indian Wells, Madrid, Cincinnati), 2 SF. -2 ATP 500s W (Rotterdam, Dubai), 2...
  24. BlueClayGOAT

    7 musts for Fed in every match

    List of 7 musts for Our Lord and Savior, Roger Federer, (The First Of His Name, GOAT, Destroyer of Grass, Deadliest Dad in Tennis, The Immortal Fossil, Perpetrator of Forehand Liquid Whippery) in every match He plays: 1) Not a single strand of His hair must be out of place at any point in the...
  25. J

    No man age 31 or older has ever won the YEC

    Should Federer or Nadal win the ATP Finals this year, either would become the oldest YEC champion ever. Currently, the record is held by Fed, who won the WTF at age 30 years, 3 months in 2011. He is the only winner of the YEC at age 30 or more. Even more than the slams, this tournament has...
  26. Fedeonic

    Shanghai 2017 SF: Juan Martín del Potro vs Roger Federer [2]

    Possible revenge match for Roger, who leads 16-6 in the H2H. Match to start 20:00 Shanghái time. An interesting record is that Federer is tied 4-4 against Juan in matches post-US Open.
  27. Conish

    2017 Aerobill RF Cap vs. Classic RF Cap

    I just bought a new 2017 Nike Aerobill RF Cap without being able to find out any of the main differences between that and the classic style of RF cap, so I thought I'd write a review so that you all can know about the updates before you choose which model you buy. There are several changes...
  28. Fedeonic

    Highest average level?

    I see many people discuss who's better at their peaks, or hypothetical peak to peak H2Hs. But what about highest average level? I mean, Federer rarely needs to peak in a match because his standard or average level is so high that gets the job done easily. Feel free to discuss.
  29. MS_07

    Why world is so cruel to rafa nadal ?

    World gave him a fair chance at USO. He won it without facing any top 25 player. But now look at China - 500 draw ... R 32 - lucas poille (#23) R 16 - khachanov (#32) QF - isner (#17) SF - dimitrov (#8) / jmdp (#24) / RBA (#13) F - Nick (#20) / m zverev (#26) / PCB (#10) / berdie...
  30. rjms


    after seeing so maaaaaany threads and posts about nadal and federer this year of 2017 i have some how came to believe djokocic is going to come back hard and better than ever and destroy the field completely and Rule 2018 with 3 or more Grand Slams , along with 5+ atp 1000s masters2018 is...