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  1. TheMaestro1990

    Celebration thread for Roger Federer's awesome 2017 Grand Slam season

    Yes, he lost in the US Open, playing far from his best due to different reasons. But let's celebrate his amazing displays at the Australian Open, where he defeated four top 10 players en route to the title (three of them being five sets), and Wimbledon, where he didn't lose a single set...
  2. DreddyTennis45

    Roger vs Rafa: Who's the better volleyer?

    Age-old debate has resprung but this time on twitter. Personally I think Roger edges it. Rafa is very underrated at the net but only really come in when the point is "safe" and he almost never S&V's or chips and charges so we don't really know how good he can be.
  3. TheMaestro1990

    Federer vs Lopez highlights

    How did Federer look in comparison to his previous two matches regarding movement, back issue, timing etc?
  4. J

    Nobody beats Mikhail Youzhny 17 times in a row!

    U.S. Open R2: Only weeks after disproving the First Law of Vitas by extending his winning streak against David Ferrer, Federer bizarrely has the opportunity to do the same thing against the always-unpredictable Dr. Col. Mikhail Youzhny! Another potential record-breaking (or at least...
  5. TheMaestro1990

    Collecting of Fedr's most awesome US Open points

    Let the hype begin :)
  6. bezs

    New Tournament in 2017: Laver Cup

    Set to be similar to golf's Ryder Cup. "The men’s team event, set to start in 2017, will match the best players from Europe against the best from the rest of the world over three days of competition in singles and doubles. Each team is to have six players: four who have qualified through the...
  7. J

    Montreal: Nobody beats David Ferrer 17 times in a row!

    Ferrer, who is 0-16 against Roger Federer, will at last have the opportunity to test the Vitas Gerulaitis maxim in his own career! The legacy stakes are peaking for this match!
  8. TheMaestro1990

    How good is Federer's return in 2017 compared to his prime?

    I think it was still better in his prime, but he's using his return more efficiently this year.
  9. TheMaestro1990

    All of Federer's 19 Grand Slam championship points

    Enjoy! New thread because video reuploaded.
  10. ealkuon

    Congrats and Hats-off Roger!!

    This is coming from a Rafa fan (with a soft corner for Roger). Congratulations to Roger for his 19th Grand Slam! Even being in the final is an astonishing achievement. I always felt that Federer had that natural talent to be the most consistent performer at Grand Slams. And, after witnessing his...
  11. TheMaestro1990

    Christmas day for Federer fans!

    A little teaser of what is to come ;)
  12. Fedeonic

    Poll just for Federer and Nadal fans

    There's just 2 Slams to be played in 2017, Wimbledon and the US Open. To keep fair the poll, the Slam difference between Federer and Nadal shall stay in 3 no matter what at the end of the 2017 Grand Slam season, be it 18-15 or 19-16.
  13. TheMaestro1990

    Most unexpected shots

    Some shots make your jaw drop and others you have to watch twice to truly understand what just took place. So, which is your favourite unexpected shot?
  14. TheMaestro1990

    The one thing the AO 09 final lacked to be regarded as the GOAT match

    Few fantastic matches have had as poor a fifth set like the Nadal vs Federer final at the Australian Open in 2009. And few brilliant matches before it, have had four such amazing sets prior to the fifth. To my recollection, I haven't seen a match holding the same quality during the four first...
  15. Zebrev

    Did Roger make the right decision after all?

    I was right just thinking, With Rafa, Novak, Thiem and Zverev playing themselves into good form, is Roger now validated in his decision to skip the French Open? At 35 would he just be running himself ragged with these guys in such good form?
  16. TheMaestro1990

    Best TV commercials by tennis stars?

    Which is your favourite - new or old?
  17. TheMaestro1990

    Before SABR, there was...

    FABR! Fake Attack by Roger!
  18. TheMaestro1990

    The one-handers are Rafa's biggest threat at RG

    Think about it: Djokovic has just fired his entire team (except guru Pepe) and we have no idea how that will turn out, even though many on this board believe that his poor form so far in 2017 will continue. It's very unclear in what shape Djokovic will come into RG. Murray hasn't been playing...
  19. -NN-

    Does Federer have the best baseline game on tour in 2017??

    Does he? What do you think? Nadal is an all-time baseliner and Federer seemed to outclass him in IW and be at least even with him in Miami. Granted, we've only seen tennis on HC so far this season. We know that Federer gains so much from his outstanding serve and that he uses his skills at...
  20. TheMaestro1990

    Top 10 Greatest Matches Ever?!

    When we discuss the greatest matches of all time it's obviously tough to reach any form of consensus. How important is the drama? The circumstances? The level of play? The importance for tennis as a sport? Some might say that the quality is the most important aspect, while others tend to lean...
  21. -NN-

    Predict the total tournament victories for the following players...

    A.Zverev B.Coric D.Thiem G.Dimitrov J.Sock K.Nishikori L.Pouille M.Raonic N.Kyrgios And any others you fancy. I'm sure not all of these guys will necessarily do better than say, Kyle Edmund, Hyeon Chung or BERNARD TOMIC. Predict how many titles these chaps will win, and perhaps include...
  22. guanzishou

    Robert Federer was the first person to tell Federer to drive his backhand more

    Robert and Lynnette Federer are established tennis players themselves. Kudos for them for producing one the best champions that tennis has ever witnessed ============= FEDERER'S BACKHAND WAS LIT IN INDIAN WELLS WIN OVER NADAL MAR 16, 2017 by Nina Pantic Roger Federer was on fire on...
  23. Fedeonic

    Choose the biggest beatdown by Roger against Rafa

    Personally I choose the Masters 2011 RR match because it was a strong Nadal and a semideclined Federer without the better and bigger BH with Ljubicic.
  24. guanzishou

    RF is aiming H19H

    Believe in RF. His h19hest peak is yet to come.
  25. TheMaestro1990

    Question to Fed fans: Which is his most emotional victory?

    Contrary to the thread about his most heartbreaking loss, I thought we could discuss his most emotional victory. My choice is the AO 2017 final. What is yours?
  26. TheMaestro1990

    Can Federer equal Djokovic's IW record?

    Federer has 4 titles, Djokovic has 5. Can the Swiss Maestro pull it off? Vote and discuss.
  27. Fedeonic

    Federer's career performance at the Aussie Open

    After a monumental 20th Grand Slam from Federer, he got his 6th Australian Open, but let's take a look of his career at the 1st major of the year: -6 titles. -7 finals overall. -14 semifinals overall (only lost to Safin, Djokovic (x3), Nadal (x2) and Murray, all posible Hall of Famers). -94...