1. HetTheGreaterer

    I am done with Fedr

    Yes I am. I totally am.
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    I have just witnessed roger right next to my eyes...

    At a historical temple, named "shamlaji" which is located in western moutain ranges of aravalli in India... Did not know what he was doing here. Upon trying to approach, he just walked away.. weird...
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    Happy Birthday Roger.....;)

    The 39th chapter of the life of the greatest tennis player in the world begins May you live for another century and keep entertaining us and motivating us for a decade or so on pro tour... Many many happy returns of the day Federer
  4. Im(moral) Winner

    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Fourth meeting at Wimbledon, third final. Each time Fed has beaten RAFA at a tournament he's gone to win the title. Will Djokovic stop that trend and equal Borg? The last time Fed beat Djokovic was during that magical summer of 1985. A maturing Joe Piscopo left Saturday Night Live to conquer...
  5. HetTheGreaterer

    Build a roof, Romans...

    Seriously guys... It's too much now Year after year, it's being worse
  6. HetTheGreaterer

    'Fedr' is just totally useless

    The real term is "Feder", let's have a big pledge towards removing false evil "Fedr" and establishing the true holy "Feder". Vote for the "Feder", let's go maestronians...
  7. kalyan4fedever

    Federer will beat Novak this time

    Fed has enough crucial match losses to djokovic already mental or not, about time Federer does not and will not become a stepping stone for djokovic once again in this USO 2018 and will defeat Novak with a plan 'if they meet'
  8. HetTheGreaterer

    A federer-nadal match this year - 2018

    I think the chances are too low. Last year, 3 of their 4 meetings were in the first half of the season (AO17 final, IW17 R4, Mia17 final) and the 4th was in october, Sha17 final. This year, first half has gone without a fedal match. Nadal skipped almost full HC season of the 1st quarter of the...
  9. Sum Buddy Ells

    Would you rather have Roger get a 9th Wimbledon or 6th US Open this year?

    Big question up for debate. Why I ask? Was bored :)
  10. ADuck

    Looking at Rafa's W% on clay

    Rafa's winning percentage on clay is often shown in a way that doesn't give it as much praise as it should receive. To show you what I mean I've used the formula y = x/(1-x) What this does is show how win percentage (x-axis) correlates with how many average wins/loss (y-axis) What this shows...
  11. ak24alive

    What if Fed is here??

    What if one fine morning while diving in the deep sea of web Federer came upon a madhouse where live lonely tennis fans desperate for attention (like myself maybe), full of rage, devoit of love and drenched in hatred. The madhouse called talk tennis warehouse. What if he decided to create an...
  12. N

    Roger nominated for Time Mag Top 100 2018 by Bill Gates
  13. ak24alive

    Fed's chances in Miami

    Considering what happened in IW, what are Roger's chances at the title in Miami? With his age and all there are a lot of things to be considered like is he out of gas or are there any back issues etc.. And surely Delpotro is a factor now. I am posting it before the draw gets out just to see how...
  14. N

    Roger and Me - by Thomas Fabbiano

    Roger and Me I knew Federer would win the Australian Open. Even before you see the board, even before you guess the conditions of Nole, Stan and Rafa. Even before knowing where Dimitrov and Del Potro, Kyrgios and Goffin had ended up. Before we even cross Sascha Zverev and think that the...
  15. kalyan4fedever

    When will Roger win his 21st slam?

    Am guessing Wimbledon is the BEST slam to do it for he is the grass king. I am only afraid of Novak because of his nervy matches but I say he iss a lock, I dont see anyone in the field taking 3 sets from Roger, but who knows may be he will pull off french if nads out early, Declaration:The...
  16. kalyan4fedever

    Cilic: I didn’t feel those conditions before “Throughout the tournament I played all my matches outdoors, also preparing a hot day, 38 degrees.” “Then first...
  17. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer in 2005: "I never go 100% on the serve!" Does this mean he can crank the 130mph easily?

    Has Roger been holding back on his serve all these years? He says he never goes 100% on the serve, always goes for accuracy!
  18. Otacon

    I watched Federer on Centre Court at Wimbledon and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life Not many Irish kids have shared a Wimbledon dressing room with the great Roger Federer, but Simon Carr appreciates his...
  19. N

    Is there a case for Roger ever playing on clay again?

    I just don't see it. The grinding, slow court surface is just not for 36+ yr old tennis and there isn't much to be gained any way. 2017 has shown us already how effective the clay season break has been. There are 3 slams on non-clay surfaces and it makes more sense statistically to play those...
  20. rjms


    after seeing so maaaaaany threads and posts about nadal and federer this year of 2017 i have some how came to believe djokocic is going to come back hard and better than ever and destroy the field completely and Rule 2018 with 3 or more Grand Slams , along with 5+ atp 1000s masters2018 is...
  21. Sentinel

    "He has no airs about himself"

    Quite surprised to read this, considering what I read about him here :) Brace yourself for a shock ! http://www.**************.org/news/news/Tennis_Interviews/45753/andrey-kuznetsov-says-roger-federer-has-no-airs-about-himself/ Tennis - 26-year-old Russian Andrey Kuznetsov says that 19-time...
  22. I

    Wanted: Federer Hats Pre 2014

    I've got a collection of about 45 Federer Hats, although they're mostly from 2014 till now. I'm looking for some older ones, such as some white/gold Wimbledon's. But I'm interested in anything.
  23. R

    For Sale: (2) Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 BLX Six One 4 5/8, 9/10

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 BLX Six One Grip Size: 4 5/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 90 square inches / 581 sq. cm Condition (x out of 10): 9/10 & 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Used for 5 - 7 hours each racket *General...
  24. guanzishou

    RF is aiming H19H

    Believe in RF. His h19hest peak is yet to come.
  25. darklore009

    FS: Wilson K90 1/4 grip

    Grip Size: 1/4 Quantity:1 Head Size: 90 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes):bought used, over 3 years *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): There are some noticeable paint chips on this racket as its been used...
  26. TearTheRoofOff

    AO 2017 Final Highlights Are Most Viewed

    One set of highlights on Youtube for the AO 2017 Final is already the most viewed highlights video for a Federer match, having recently overtaken the HQ 2008 Wimbledon Final highlights posted 3 years ago. It will soon overtake Djokodal AO 2012 also. 1,646,000+ views in under a week further...
  27. Midas Rex

    Wilson RF Legacy Tennis Balls - Review

    Was hitting with a pro at my club last week and when we got around to doing some point play, she wanted to try out a can of Wilson Roger Federer Tennis balls that the rep had dropped off. We only had enough time to play a few games before my time was up, but our initial impressions were both...
  28. D

    Which GS Final performance was worse?

    See Poll. Between Sampras at the 2001 USO Final or Federer in the 2008 FO Final. Which of these legends put in a worse showing? Sampras was getting destroyed on his serve by Hewitt's passing shots. Federer was getting hit off the court by Nadal. Are these both equally bad? I find it funny...
  29. D

    Where do I find player's expected schedules???

    Ive seen a lot of posters talk about players' schedules in my short time here. Where do you find them? I want to know what the Federer and Del Potro schedules for 2017 look like. What about Dominic Thiem (hoping he doesnt play 8 straight weeks again)? How do you guys get a hold of player...