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  1. I

    Does anyone have this Sampras pic without the watermark?

    I already solved it (but for whatever reason can't seem to delete the post). I never intended to make money from it, it's just personal use, so I don't think removing the watermark for such purposes should be very problematic... Anyway, I still wrote the info from the watermark in a less visible...
  2. AnOctorokForDinner

    2022 Roland Garros QF: [7] Andrey Rublev vs [20] Marin Cilic

    Well, since all other QFs got a thread I guess this one should, too.
  3. threehandedbackhand

    2022 Roland Garros QF: [3] Alexander Zverev vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

    Zverev's 12th approach to defeat a Top 10 opponent in BO5 formula. He's at 0-11 at this moment: 01 2016 AO R128: #2 Murray 0-3 [1-6 2-6 3-6] 02 2016 WIM R32: #9 Berdych 1-3 [3-6 4-6 6-4 1-6] 03 2017 AO R32: #9 Nadal 2-3 [6-4 3-6 7-6 3-6 2-6] 04 2017 WIM R16: #7 Raonic 2-3 [6-4...
  4. threehandedbackhand

    2022 Roland Garros QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal [5]

    It is the most awaited tennis match since 2021 RG SF, can't wait for it. Clash #59 in one of the greatest rivalries of all time. H2H Djokovic 30-28 Nadal Vegas odds (as of 29 May) TBA Sources:
  5. threehandedbackhand

    2022 Roland Garros R32: [27] Sebastian Korda vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

    Korda plays flawlessly so far (3-0 vs Millman, 3-0 vs Gasquet). Alcaraz forced to defend a matchpoint in R64 against Ramos. Was looking vulnerable. They both clashed last month in Monte-Carlo, Korda was better then. Who's going to win this time? H2H Korda 1-1 Alcaraz Vegas odds (as of 25...
  6. zvelf

    Best 5-set Roland Garros Final?

    Take the poll. Which are your favorite 5-set French Open finals in the Open Era? Impressively, of the 9 times that the final went 5 sets, 4 of those times were 0-2 sets down comeback wins.
  7. threehandedbackhand

    2022 Roland Garros R128: [8] Casper Ruud vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga [WC]

    This could be the very last ATP match for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as he has announced 2022 RG is his final professional tournament before the retirement. H2H Ruud 0-0 Tsonga Vegas odds (as of 20 May) Sources:
  8. threehandedbackhand

    2022 Roland Garros R128: [5] Rafael Nadal vs Jordan Thompson

    H2H Nadal 1-0 Thompson Vegas odds (as of 19 May) Sources:
  9. UnforcedTerror

    Djokovic's most impressive achievement on clay?

    Clay is Djokovic's least favorite surface, yet he's still a beast on the surface. In your opinion, what is his greatest clay achievement?
  10. Forgive Me Father

    Examining the Possibilities of the 2022 Roland Garros Draw

    So, the basis of draws: In the 3rd round, seeds 1-16 meet/encounter 17-32 (1-8 meets 25-32, 9-16 meets 17-23). In the 4th round seeds 1-8 meet seeds 9-16 (1-4 meets 13-16, 5-8 meets 9-12). In the quarterfinal, seeds 1-4 meet seeds 5-8. In the semifinal, seeds 1-2 meet seeds 2-3. In the final...
  11. Aabye5

    Will Alcaraz win RG 2022? (Pre-clay season poll)

    There's understandably a lot of chatter about this young star, but going from M1000 champ to Slam champ is a big step up. Still, with Nole off the court for so long, Rafa returning from injury, Tsitsipas seemingly discombobulated, and no one else stepping up so far...the field is open. And...
  12. C

    ALU Power RG (Roland Garros) feedback/reviews

    So I think this string looks really cool. I, admittedly, am into a good aesthetic for string, racquets, all my gear. :rolleyes: But there are very few reviews of this string. Its a unique (1.28) guage and again the color is cool. Slightly brighter than element...? Anyone have experience on...
  13. D

    Imagine Nadal didn't get injured in 2016

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda... won RG that year? Discuss. Pd: Also for any racquet experts lurking on this forum, this one other of my threads needs some urgent love...
  14. InsideOut900

    Prime Djokovic vs. the post-prime versions of Nadal at Roland Garros?

    I remember we had a thread about 2006 Fed vs 2020 Nadal with some interesting poll results here: Let's do one for Djokovic, but the comparison is a bit more generic than one specific year. I am...
  15. D


    Let's listen closely to Djokovic's grunt during the most spectacular point of the Roland Garros semifinal against Rafa. Doesn't that remind you of something? Novak had the audacity, the TITANIUM BAWLS to do a Perrier ad mid-point against the King Of Clay !?? o_O Lacoste, Peugeot and now...
  16. Vanilla Slice

    The second men’s winner from RG2021 …

    Djokovic won and it was in another monumental fashion. Man is or is nearly sure to be the goat of tennis. But Djokovic winning also meant another player highly benefited: Stan Wawrinka. The Djokovic goat narrative elevates Stan to an even higher status in his ability to take it to him on hard...
  17. TheAssassin

    Rate the 2021 Djokovic Open

    On a scale of 10 to 10, 10 being stunning. Credit to @threehandedbackhand
  18. Tenacity

    Happiness of a child - small gesture from Novak

    Earned a lifetime fan right there
  19. Third Serve

    Is it time to rebrand the Djokovic Open?

    Last year, talks of the new roof and the colder conditions wrought by the autumn month of October forced us to conclude that the 2020 edition of Roland Garros was now the Djokovic Open, eventual tournament winner Rafael Nadal notwithstanding. That's all well and good. The currently ongoing 2021...
  20. skip1969

    Who is more desperate for a new Roland Garros champion, the RG organizers/sponsors or tennis fans?

    If there is one tourney that needs a new champ, it has to be Roland Garros. Having one player dominate for so long can't be good for drumming up sponsor dollars or putting customers in seats. Dynasties tend to kill overall interest within the casual sports fan community. The lengthy domination...
  21. Yugram

    Now that the dust settles... Let’s take a closer look at RG 2021 draw.

    Let’s start with saying that the draw is rigged. The best proof for it being Medvedev vs Bublik R1, a gimmick match up of 2 clay haters, which screams "rigged". So I’ll keep in mind that everything has it’s purpose while analyzing the draw. My takes: • Quarter 1 is by far the easiest one...
  22. Yugram

    2021 Roland Garros - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    Defending champion: Rafael Nadal (13-time Champion) Category: Grand Slam Main draw participants: 128 Date: 30th of May - 13th of June Total prize money: €34,367,215 Official website: Draw: *To be updated *Poll will be created once the main draw is set
  23. Yugram

    Rank Nadal’s RG runs from hardest to weakest

    I’ll start: Hardest: 2013 (prime Fognini, Nishikori, Wawrinka, peak Djokovic, Ferrer all in a row) 2011 2014 2007 2006 2020 2019 2005 2018 2008 2012 2017 Weakest: 2010
  24. Krish0608

    Djokovic: Last few days were a confidence booster for clay, I’ve found the game. Now I have to keep it and peak in Paris.

    Novak is not saying anything new here. But he’s NOT playing RG for mere formality as we often hear on these boards. He’s hungry and he wants it. This year he seems to want it more. Probably more so than the previous years. And unlike last few years, it looks like he’s made some essential tweaks...
  25. InsideOut900

    Can someone do a short rundown of each Roland Garros winning run in the 90's?

    I was curious to get an idea of how all those runs fare compared to the runs from 2000 on. Wanna fill in some of the gaps, since I am not very versed in discussing 90's clay tennis. What I am most interested in: General level of play of the winner, especially in the later rounds Outliers, very...
  26. D

    Who would win a hypothetical RG final between 2009 Federer and 2016 Djokovic ?

    This is revenge for all the AO09 Nadal hypotheticals ! Now, fight !
  27. A

    So who’s pumped for the French?

    Now that the uso is done is everyone ready for French? So many questions. Who will win? Will Djokovic be dqed? But as much as I try I can’t get into the French. I really don’t know why.
  28. Yugram

    Nadal vs Wawrinka Roland Garros semi-final is likely?

    As the hard court action takes place in New-York, Nadal and Wawrinka remain the only two Slam-winning material players (sorry, Monfils), who preferred to focus completely on clay. This, in theory, should give them benefits against the field in the Fall. Nadal is Nadal, and him being one of the...
  29. uscwang

    2019 French Open SF: [1] Djokovic vs. [4] Thiem

    Career H2H 6-2 Djokovic. This will be the 3rd time they met in RG. 2016 SF Djokovic d. Thiem 62 61 64 2017 QF Thiem d. Djokovic 76 63 60 2019 SF Djokovic vs. Thiem ??? This is also the right time to review their Madrid SF. 76 76 Novak.
  30. D

    French Federation makes big decision: RG to go...