rpm blast

  1. F

    Mid-life string crisis

    Hi all, I am a 38 years old player (R6/R7 in Switzerland, US equivalent NTRP ~4.0) and I play tennis since about 5 years including tournaments with license. I use (3x) Head Youtek Extreme Pro (350g strung, 310 mm balance point, grip L5). I like to play aggressive with spin, sometimes serve and...
  2. B

    Poly tour pro breaking on me like no tomorrow?!

    Hey guys, I am a semi-professional player ranked around 2000. I use poly tour pro and really like the string, so much so that I have been putting up with its lack of duribility for some time now! I originally used the 1.25 version, but it broke on me every 45-60 mins. I just couldn't deal with...
  3. S

    Black string - can you guess/suggest what this is?

    Hi all, Recently bought a PS 18x20 demo. Trying to find out what string it has. TW told me it is Head LYNX, (I bought a new racquet with this in it, and since sent the racquet back - long story). I attach three images - first one is the head LYNX, second the one Im trying to find out what it...
  4. Gato

    Hyper G vs RPM Blast?

    Hey guys, I have the 2013 Aero Pro Drive and I used it only with RPM Blast 1.30mm for 5 years. I want now to try Solinco Hyper G 1.30mm (16G). Does anyone tried both strings? What is the biggest difference between these? Which tension should I try? I used always tension 25kg (55 lbs) on RPM...