1. dainova

    TV option for both Wta and ATP for 1 month

    Hi, I live temp in USA and would like to get access to both men and women tennis for 1 month, can anybody recommend good option, I don't believe in free live streaming, tried last year some but it's not stable if at all it work and save. For now I think that TEnnis Channel Plus is $100/year is...
  2. ak24alive

    What is Federer gonna do

    In this post I am gonna ask all the Fed related questions I have been having for the last few days. Now that Roger is on a break for at least 2 months(in case he plays Stuttgart) when is he going to start practicing for the Grass Court season and where?? I know his go-to place is Dubai but not...
  3. ak24alive

    Which Clay Masters 1000 is best for Federer to play??

    Let's say Roger decides to play a clay Masters 1000 and Roland Garros in 2018. Considering the light schedule he wants and the court conditions and other factors such as his history at the tournaments which clay Masters1000 tournaments should he play??
  4. ByakuFubuki

    Training one hour twice a week vs two hours once a week

    Ok, let's say I'm in a bit of a crappy situation right now. It's pretty long to describe, so I'll put it under Spoiler. Long story short, now that I can finally consider the idea of competing again (and I already spent time and money doing the relative medical exams, as it is a pre-requisite...
  5. dainova

    Madrid Open on ESPN? Where to watch

    Hi, Anybody know where to watch Madrid Open, used all matches on ESPN for free with Uverse account, but not anymore, looks like ESPN got new site or they don't have a contract anymore ???? THanks Mario
  6. D

    Where do I find player's expected schedules???

    Ive seen a lot of posters talk about players' schedules in my short time here. Where do you find them? I want to know what the Federer and Del Potro schedules for 2017 look like. What about Dominic Thiem (hoping he doesnt play 8 straight weeks again)? How do you guys get a hold of player...