sebastian baez

  1. M

    Baez is as short as Schwartzman???

    Never realised that Baez was short until I saw him shaking hands with Gasquet after the match. I looked it up and he's 170cm (5'7), same height as Schwartzman. Makes it all the more impressive what he's doing. And shows us that height isn't the be all and end all, even in modern tennis.
  2. S

    Sebastian Baez racquet and strings

    Does anyone know what racquet and string Sebastian Baez using? As my research on internet, his racquet seems Yonex Vcore100+(2018). But I could not find his string info. What is that black color shining string? RPM blast or Polytour Strike? any thoughts?
  3. James P

    Tallon Griekspoor Breaks the ATP Challenger Tour Season Title Record

    Benjamin Bonzi (FRA) was the first to 6 titles this year, tying the old record, but Tallon Griekspoor (NED) also got to 6 titles three weeks ago, himself tying the record. Well, this weekend in Tenerife he breaks the record winning his 7th ATP Challenger title of the season. Interestingly...
  4. James P

    Poll: NextGen ATP Finals (who wins?)

    The NextGen ATP Finals field is set, Hugo Gaston punching the last ticket. Looks like the Italian federation waived their wild card this year and took the standard top 8 available. So, who wins this competition?