1. raph6

    USO 2018 semi finals

    Nadal VS Wawrinka and Federer VS Zverev will be the 2 semifinals this year. You heard it first. (Stan defeats Del Potro in a 5 set thriller before)
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    French Open 2018 semifinal :- Dominic Thiem[7] vs M. Cecchinato

    Cecchinato defeated 2 top players named david goffin and novak djokovic back to back.... Thiem just crushed alex zverev. Predict the result. Discuss I go with thiem in 4 sets
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    Dolfin vs Bull

    Who wins??? Answer....
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    In all the hypes of fed chung, 1 thing is going silently

    The resurgence of the big serving Canadian is going undernoticed. After his return to tour, milos raonic is into the semi finals of Indian Wells. Will be most probably crushed by del potro's FH howitzers, but still it is a good news and a good comeback for him. Some praise for him is to be made...
  5. ByakuFubuki

    2017 Queen's Semi-Final - [6] Dimitrov vs Lopez

    Shame on me for not creating this Thread earlier. So, this is one of the Matches I was really looking forward to see this week (although I didn't really count on it to be honest). Dimitrov has been a bit of a human roller-coaster this year, while Lopez fell under the radar just to jump out in...