serena williams

  1. D

    King Richard - Official Trailer

    "Venus and Serena are gonna shake up this world." - Richard Dove Williams Jr. believe
  2. J

    Producing a Professional Tennis Player despite the extensive amount of money.

    Hi Everyone, I'm a junior tennis player who wants to play on the pro tour but unfortunately, due to the extensive amount of money that goes into producing a professional tennis athlete, I'm unable to afford high performance training - especially in Oceania, and particularly in Europe where most...
  3. Enceladus

    Jeremy Chardy accused the AO organizers of favoring the TOP 3 tennis players

    Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Simona Halep, Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams will spend quarantine and preparation for the Australian part of the season in Adelaide, where they will play exhibition matches at the end of January. The exclusive bubble in Adelaide will number a total...
  4. RaulRamirez

    So, Who Had Eugenie Bouchard...

    ...advancing further than (among others) Serena or Vika? I'm not complaining - though not thrilled SW had to withdraw - as it's nice to see Genie have some success again.
  5. PDJ

    Sky Sports Article: Roger Federer and Serena Williams: Does Wimbledon cancellation have knock-on effect for legends?
  6. D

    Serena Williams wearing vapor X?

    In the match where Serena also was using a blacked out Wilson racket, she is wearing vapors. What? Why? That is kinda odd. Goodbye flare 2?
  7. alinefx

    “Kerber doesn’t count because”.... latest Serena excuse

    Wow she’s a sore loser On her 2018 loss to Kerber:”I mean, Kerber doesn’t count because, like, I was exhausted. My baby was eight months, and that’s tough”
  8. aman92

    Does Serena have a better career than Federer?

    Now before someone starts making it about men's vs women's tennis... I am only talking about achievements in their respective tours. Simply put, if we take all their career achievements currently, has Serena Williams had a better career in Women's tennis than Federer has had in Men's tennis?
  9. Enceladus

    2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

    23-time Grand Slam champion vs. the biggest surprise this season. Who will win? Only one mutual match is 2019 Rogers Cup final, Bianca won after Serena's ret.
  10. PDJ

    Full Match: BBC 2019 Wimbledon Ladies Singles Final

    This is the full BBC Ladies Singles Final. It includes comments from Evert, Navratilova, Austin, Shriver, Rubin. Williams coach Patrick M. Former British No.1s Annabel Croft and Sam Smith discuss the final and Jo Konta (they have very polite opposing views on Konta calling a journalist...
  11. wferdinand

    Williams sisters config: big headsize compared high tension

    Hello guys! I do not understand the reason about Williams sisters configuration. Blade 104 around 66 lbs (30kg) A big headsize racquet delivers much higher power and worser control. High tension gives lower power and better control. What can give this config, which better than a smaller, 98-100...
  12. CYGS

    Bold Prediction: Serena...

    will never win another slam ever again. Court's record is here to stay for another decade or two. In before @Bartelby and her feminist gang scream sexism just because I don't worship Serena blindly (despite Court also being a woman).
  13. D

    Serena III

    So mods, hi there. We get the message. I very specifically get the message. Before you whack this thread take a moment’s pause to consider the predicament you’ve just put the whole forum in. Am I or anyone else never allowed to create a thread on Serena again? Surely that’s not...
  14. CYGS

    Serena's outburst led to "segregation" in Australia...

    And Ramos is to be kept away from Queen Serena at AO next year. Is this a step forward or backward?
  15. VaporDude95

    Final take on the Serena Williams case

    This video encapsulates the whole scenario perfectly The end.
  16. brian anderson

    Serena Williams

    joker by far has the worst post match crowd love maneuver. hand to his heart to each section of the stadium. makes me want to puke agassi’s was pretty lame too
  17. Fedeonic

    Can't believe this stat!

    After Kerber won Wimbledon 2018, she's the only player to win more than 2 Grand Slams in the 2010s decade (2010-2019) along with Serena Williams who won 12 majors in this decade. Also is the 4th player who won more than 2 majors that is currently playing, the others are Serena with 23, Venus...
  18. tennisaddict

    Serena Williams comeback not anywhere in the range of Clijsters or Federer

    Why is Serena not having the success after the layoff like Clijsters or Federer ? Has Serena come back early ? Or is it the age ? Or does her game not match up well with the new crop of players - Svitolina, Osaka, Ostapenko ? What can she learn from their comeback ?
  19. haqq777

    GMOAT! Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has put other husbands to shame by installing four giant billboards...
  20. Otacon

    Jeff Salzenstein's Take on Djokovic and his Injury

    In this video, Jeff Salzenstein tackles Djokovic's elbow problems and talks about Federer, Serena Williams, and more.