1. M

    Serve (pronation?) struggles

    *I am a lefty so keep that in mind when I am talking about direction here* I am a relatively new player having some serious struggles with my serve. I try to use the continental grip, do a racquet drop, and get the face rotated to the ball as late as possible - but when I do that, I end up...
  2. tennis doggo

    Serve Help for NTRP 4.0 player

    my team mate is trying to improve his serve. I think his serve is real good already. any tips to improve?
  3. M

    [HELP] Should I use the platform stance or the pinpoint stance for serving?

    So welcome to this thread and welcome to my journey of becoming better at the game. I would like your input on what stance I should use. The weather has been terrible the last weeks so I haven’t been able to practice both stances and see what goes better. That’s why I’m aksing for your help...
  4. S

    My serve story

    I remember the first time I was able to command myself to hit a backhand into play, directing the ball with pace and accuracy toward the baseline. The moment was empowering and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was about 18 years ago, about as long as I've been hitting regularly. Like most...
  5. Tennis Aloha

    League Set PRACTICE Fast Conditions?

    We played at our local university's courts and they are fast. Ball picks up speed off the ground sometimes even skips. The court of the club we usually play are slow courts so it was great for us to get some practice in faster courts. I tried to use more of a split step on the return of serve...
  6. tennisandtennis

    My serve, 18 months apart

    A posted in another thread asked me for examples of how I progressed without professional instruction. Here are two videos that show my progression from beginner to intermediate play. My serve, 18 months apart: I am accepting of criticism here, but it is not the point of this thread and it...
  7. pico

    Serving monster - Andy Roddick Babolat Pure Drive? others?

    I never got to try one of these but I keep reading abt how it is a serving monster (in the hands of the right user of course). Is it this model in particular or is it just the Pure Drive line in general? I am looking for more free power on serves and considering the Pure Drive as an option.
  8. Tennis Aloha

    Played a Traditional 12 pt TIE BREAKER (switch every 6 pts)

    I played a bad tie breaker to be honest. Double faulted once. Missed a short ball at the net, and did not win the point after hitting an overhead. My opponent on the other hand, did not double fault, hit a few winners, and took advantage at the net. Enjoy
  9. 1

    Tips on Improving my Serve

    Hi all, I'd like to improve my serve and would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
  10. A

    Is my service motion efficient?

    Hi Folks, Please review my attached service motion snapshots and kindly comment/feedback on any changes or improvements. I play 4.0 singles and doubles. Fyi.. I land on my right foot (I am a right hander), not many pros of today do that, few from past (Boris Becker) used to land on the right foot
  11. I

    Does anyone have this Sampras pic without the watermark?

    I already solved it (but for whatever reason can't seem to delete the post). I never intended to make money from it, it's just personal use, so I don't think removing the watermark for such purposes should be very problematic... Anyway, I still wrote the info from the watermark in a less visible...
  12. williamthurman

    Serve tips/drills

    Okay so I have been working on remolding my serve for the past 2 months to have a big flat first serve, being 1m93, my serve has not been a big weapon, so am actually for once taking the time to improve it and lock it in technically. For now, I have been braking it down, and trying to mimic...
  13. Georgiepie27

    Groundstroke analysis :)

    Hi all, anyone got any pointers or tips for my groundstrokes? I have put them all in a short video :) Any tips appreciated!
  14. I

    Is there a stat for BPs saved with an ACE?

    I've always thought the best serve is not just the one with the best % of aces, but the one that shows up when it matters most. I've tried to look up this stat for Sampras, but would be nice if there were anything similar for former/current ATP players. I would appreciate any help I can...
  15. Hunter Rice

    Need advice on creating more power on my serve

    This is my serve as of now. I have been working on adding more rotational coil because I feel I am lacking that aspect more than anything else. One question I have is if I should try to make my legs run in a straight line with my body like this: Also, how much does it matter if I move toward...
  16. Georgiepie27

    Serving tips / advice? This is my serve, side on and from the back. Some days itll be great then the next consistency can be a struggle. Anyone got any tips on how I can improve? :) much appreciated <3
  17. T

    Servemotion - tips and trick

    Hi! A while ago i posted a thread where you guys gave me a number of great tips in regard to my serve-motion which i got from posting this video: Serve1 I have made som changes to my motion which you can view here:Serve2 I have made great progress but still lack in consistency finding power...
  18. D

    CRITICIZE ME - Now with BALLS!

    So I did like @sureshs and got me a pair of balls so I could play this beautiful sport again, and now I would love if you could watch these videos and criticize my form! Sorry about the low quality and framing in some of the videos, but I gotta work with what I have! thanks...
  19. M

    ATP current average serve speed km/h

    Anyone got the list from the main pro players and their average serve speed ( 1st and 2nd serve ) Im asking the current and updated list from 2019-2021 serves not from the juniors or adulthood era Federer: ? Nadal: ? Djokovic: ? Medvedev: ? Tsitsipas: ? Zverev: ? Kyrgios ?
  20. F

    Fastest serve setup

    This is mainly a theoretical question since it is proven that big servers are not winning that much after all. All the various Isner, Roddick, Karlovic, Raonic and so on won less titles when compared to players with slower serve. Say your 1st serve speed is today 100mph (160km/h), how much...
  21. B

    2nd technique? same toss more brush Vs. toss more behind

    So far I'm debating between two second serve techniques I was introduced to: 1. Same general technique as 1st serve: Use the same toss as my 1st serve but try to introduce more brush. This I prefer because I don't have to change my technique as much but if there are issues with my fist serve...
  22. P

    Beginner serve - A slight standoff with my tutor this morning

    Hi Rec/beginner trying to improve my serve. Historically I've been waiter-traying (but with a continental grip) and I'm trying to fix this (in practising my serve) and move towards edging and properly internally rotating my shoulder on contact. See as as my reference for how I'm trying to...
  23. Niwrad0

    Beginner Flat Serve Practice - Constructive Criticisms?

    Posted the videos on YouTube, seems like easiest way to store videos for now, links below Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Video 7 Video 8 Video 9 Video 10 Video 11 Video 12 Video 13 Video 14 Video 15 Video 16 Been watching YouTube videos and tried out various ways of serving...
  24. Niwrad0

    Beginner Serve Practice - Should I practice with lean/coil or stationary AND How firm of grip for practice

    Still wondering why my serves are not consistent - have three aspects to think about for my own personal serve, addressed one with an instructor but not so sure about the other 2, which are: #1 Coiling - Defined: In my view, I define coiling as the leaning forward and making the hips go over the...
  25. pico

    How to return serves that come high?

    I am 5'6 and play guys that are 6'2. Their serves come fast and high at me. What is the best way to return?
  26. N

    What's wrong with my serve ?

    Hi everyone ! This is my first post here, was glad to see such a great community exists and hope to contribute as much as I can in the future. I just turned 33, played quite a bit as a kid (from 7 to 14) then broke an arm in a car accident and never really got back to playing until few years...
  27. E

    Ideal Serve mix at NTRP 3.5-4.5 (singles) for HC and Clay?

    Assuming fairly good in-% for flat, slice and kick serves, and right-handed - what is your approximate mix of serves for deuce and ad sides when playing singles? Should you change the mix for hardcourt vs. clay? Right now, I used the same mix for HC and clay, but flat serves are definitely...
  28. Curtennis

    Critique my serve

    Below is a link to a Youtube I uploaded of myself earlier today hitting some serves. I apologize for the lone camera angle, if people think i should take a different angle for better critiquing, please let me know and I will. I'm happy to have your help. In the video, I describe how the serve...
  29. Rovesciarete

    Sinners so surprisingly strange serve stats

    Over the Sinner thread we have long discussed a paradox, his overall strong stats and his serve weakness relative to his height. Now Jeff Sackman has come up with something very strange, an extremely low delta/difference between the win percentage of the second and the first serve: ... His...
  30. T

    Low toss

    Anyone who experienced having a low toss on their serve, what did you do to fix the issue. I need about 6-12 inches in that range to hit my serve more consistently (timing, windup, etc). In doing so I can actually use my serve as a weapon (look at my older posts, i can serve 105-110 consistently...