1. pico

    Serving on edge?

    I recently started serving this way and it is working so well for me in terms of consistency. I basically focus on keeping my racquet on edge almost all the way to contact at which point the racquet probably opens slightly. I do this on first serves only. The resulting ball has decent pace and...
  2. JD-

    Need some advice on my serve, USTA 5.5+

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to simplify my motion and get more pop off my serve, it has a lot of height coming off the bounce but I'd like to increase the pace and simplify the motion for easier targeting. My coach has said it takes to long for me to get into trophy position hence why I toss so high...
  3. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve: New Vid

    I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my last vid. I spent 10 minutes or so trying implement all of your guys' suggestions before I took this vid and I figured it might take a good bit repetition to adjust my muscle memory, so I'll put some more time into it later. Anyways, to everyone who...
  4. zabarboon

    Thoughts on Sam Groth's Serve

    Sam Groth's form has always interested me because of its uniqueness and because it produced the fastest serve in tennis history. Things I've picked up on: He hits ball at the apex of the toss His tossing arm is bent His feet point away from the baseline when he uncoils and goes into his serve...
  5. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve

    Ignore the foot fault. I've been working on coiling and generating more power from my lower half.
  6. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve

  7. pico

    Head Zepp Sensor serve accuracy?

    Has anyone researched into how accurate the serve speeds are with the latest Head Zepp sensor? Also, what is the Heaviness parameter about?
  8. B

    Follow up: Rebuilding my serve -- focus on trophy position and racquet drop

    Hi all, this is a follow-up post from earlier where I got some great pointers from the forum! Earlier service motion and thread found here: I went out and focused on going straight to my...
  9. C

    Please comment on my serves [vid, 4 mins]

    My thoughts: Before toss, I purposefully put the left foot widely behind, but the look is so foolish. Toss height OK? Before trophy position, The right foot steps in too much, crossing the left foot. Jeff Salzenstein of Tennis Evolution often reminds viewers not to do so or the serve will be...
  10. pico

    Factors that affect serve speed

    Putting aside technique, what factors affect first serve speeds specifically: 1) old balls vs new balls 2) poly vs hybrid 3) tension 4) other?
  11. Znak

    Two Handed Serve

    Lord have mercy
  12. B

    Serve Inconsistency / Serve Feedback

    I posted an earlier thread around my struggle with serving consistently. When my serve is in, it's definitely a strength at the level I'm playing at (3.5). However, I don't have a serve that I can absolutely rely on unless I do something ridiculous like lob serve or drop shot serve. I was able...
  13. F

    How racquet frame affects serve speed and spin

    Hi, I recently tested and compared the Tecnifibre TFight vs. Yonex Vcore both at 305g and 98 inches head size. Both racquets were tuned with the same amount of lead tape at 3 and 9. Both racquets had the same strings and tension and OG. I tested them the same day on the same indoor hard court...
  14. C

    The Most Important Publication on the Tennis Serve

    In every field of study, certain publications have significantly changed understanding. This is the most important publication for the tennis serve. Long-axis rotation: The missing link in proximal-to-distal segmental sequencing (2000) Robert N. Marshall, Bruce C. Elliott...
  15. E

    Tennis matches and tennis serves videos data-sets

    Where can I find tennis matches or serves videos datasets?
  16. E

    Tennis matches and tennis serves videos data-sets

    Where can I find Tennis matches or Tennis serves videos datasets?
  17. E

    Tennis matches and tennis serves videos data-sets

    Where can I find Tennis matches or tennis serves videos datasets?
  18. Kobble

    Pitching on a tennis court. Compare with Dementieva.

    Here is Brody Stevens throwing some pitches out on a court. What the heck, its different. Dementieva throws at 0:41.
  19. Wander

    Winning 100% of first serve points in a match

    How often does this type of thing happen? I am sure it must happen, but probably exceedingly rare in finals? Can anyone list some examples besides Federer vs. Isner at Miami Final in 2019? Also, what examples are there of a higher percentage of points won on serve than 32/35 = ~91.4% in a match?
  20. C

    [Serve] Drop vs push down toss arm

    Which do you do? 1. Dropping the toss arm as if solely by gravity. 2. Actively pushing it down by your force. 3. = 2. plus actively pushing down the toss shoulder as well so as to raise the racquet shoulder
  21. Znak

    Novak Practice

    Someone posted a while back about why pros need coaches and what they actually work on (but I couldnt seem to find it) — it was interesting to see this video posted by the hitting partner as they go over movement on ROS to prep for Kevin Anderson. (Wasn't sure if I should have posted this here...
  22. C

    Ball passing outside the net posts

    We all know that yellow is a valid return, by rule 25c. The path can of course be curvy (blue). But a service must pass over the net, by rule 17. Purple is a service fault. I am not saying this difference is a bug. The related rules are free of contradictions. They have the right to choose...
  23. Q

    Tips for my serve?

    Here's a video of me serving (you can slow down the playback speed and itll still play smoothly) I'm looking to improve my serve, but I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm trying to emulate Raonic's serve a bit, (at least from where the racket is curled up at the start), but not sure what...
  24. K

    Question About Second Serve

    I commonly like to watch tennis videos of pros in court level view. After watching videos of Andy Murray play I wonder why he flails his left arm up after serving (second serve). He doesn't always do this. Is it for balancing purposes or something else?
  25. ReturnAndVolley

    Zverev officially joins the big servers

    His serve has improved a lot. Yesterday : 18 aces to Isner's 10. If you think that's because Isner isn't a good returner, Zverev's first serve had more average speed too. Today : 7 aces to Federer's 3. 134mph average speed. I think he is there. Isner Karlovic Raonic Zverev
  26. Stefan Dimov

    Mischa Zverev - 70 amazing winners [Collection1] HD

    One of my all-time favourite players since Rome 2009!
  27. A

    Spin Serve -- ok?

    Hi, I was in a league match. I do not serve hard but I put a lot of slice spin on my serve. My opponent complained that it is not a "Gentleman's Serve", does he have a point? Or was he a sore loser? My slice serve went to his weaker side.
  28. C

    Bend wrist before serve

    Quite a few people do this. Would you recommend so? What good does it do? I do it with a relaxed wrist, so that the racquet at this stage faces side way, not upward as in the pic. 1:30
  29. Pctopcool

    Three months later, any progression on my serve (videos)?

    Three months ago, I posted a video on this forum, seeking advice on my serve (link). I got tons of great tips as well as well as kind words that helped and motivated me to work on that. I want to first say thank you to everyone who has helped me! Since then, I have been practicing serve...
  30. pczerner

    How far behind the baseline are you allowed to serve?

    Hi all, first post but have been reading over the years. I've searched for an answer to the above question, but have not found anyone who talks about it. Is there a specific rule that limits how far behind the baseline you're allowed to serve? Here is my thought: if there isn't a limit, one...