1. Scotter

    Double Fault Gen

    Does "Next Gen" struggle more with double-faulting than any other generation of players? We've seen a ton from Felix 2A, Zverev, and even Tsitsipas, Khachanov a bit. Maybe I'm just noticing it more b/c I'm working through it currently too but the last few weeks seem like it's everywhere singles...
  2. L

    coach recommendation to improve serve- central NJ region

    I am looking for a coach to help my 11 yr old improve on serves and overall improvement. His serve are very weak with double faults and he looses because of that. I need someone in the vicinity of central NJ. Please recommend few coaches who can help him improve. Thank you for your help in...
  3. C

    Serves: why not grip change for the different serves?

    For the "basic" 3 types of serves, topspin, flat, & slice - why not change the grip slightly for each one instead of changing the toss location? Thanks for any and all answers.