1. C

    Could use some help with my serve (video included)

    Hello, for some backround. I startet playin Tennis this June and have been playing quite a bit. I had 3-4h with a coach but mostly i am self-taught (coach ist too expensive). I am using a continental grip and try to do everything i learned from videos, but double fault a lot. Most of my faults...
  2. JD-

    Need some advice on my serve, USTA 5.5+

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to simplify my motion and get more pop off my serve, it has a lot of height coming off the bounce but I'd like to increase the pace and simplify the motion for easier targeting. My coach has said it takes to long for me to get into trophy position hence why I toss so high...
  3. Y

    Service toss rule

    I was recently playing with an opponent who stood right next to the Service Line center mark on the Ad side and tossed the ball way to his right where went over the center mark to the Deuce side. Is this legal or is it a foot fault?