1. Lleytonstation

    The Serbian Scorpion will BEAT Med

    Yo! Shapo, lay me out a beat… "I got plenty of haters, you can call them Fed stat manipulators, or TTW administrators, they all facilitators, just a bunch of internet gladiators, I am for real, made of steel, its my turn to take the wheel, even after I got a raw deal, yeah you haters, I really...
  2. gogo

    Who would be a good coach for Shapo?

    I don't want to jinx things, BUT, Marty Laurendeau has been off for 4 months now with a back injury and 19 year old Denis is trying to find his way. His mother has been a wonderful coach, but he needs someone at this critical juncture to step in and help him deal with some of his "problems"...
  3. TheMaestro1990

    Will Denis prove to be a menace for the tour?

    Labeled by experts and fans as one the greatest talents the game of tennis has ever seen, arguably THE greatest, will Denis Shapovalov live up to the mountain high expectations and make a mockery of the tour? Discuss
  4. TheMaestro1990

    Shapovalov the biggest talent of the Open Era

    He has the touch of McEnroe, the explosiveness of a young Nadal, the intelligence of Simon and the all court game of Federer. He has it all. Is he even the most talented player of the Open Era? Only Laver can compare imo.
  5. EloQuent

    Denis Shapovalov one match away from Canadian #1

    If Shapo wins his match against Berdych, the live ranking gives him 1528 points. Raonic isn't playing at Rome, so is losing 180 points there and will end the week at 1525.
  6. EloQuent

    When will Shapo face Fedr?

    We all anticipate the first time an aging great and and up and coming youngster play. When Roger beat Sampras it was a special moment. So when do you think Shapo will play Federer? Poll may be updated based on feedback and will close if and when they play.
  7. gogo

    Can Shapovalov stay grounded?

    To have fame thrust upon you so suddenly as a teenager must be difficult to handle. Will Denis be able to keep his head screwed on straight? He seems to have a great family influence and strong team around him. They've done a great job so far. I just hope his attitude stays true. -- Chris...