1. J

    Shoes for shin splints

    I have been playing tennis in a pair of running shoes and have been having bed shin splints after playing. I play on hard courts only. My play style varies depending on my opponent. Against weaker opponents I tend to look to serve and volley and attack the net a lot while against better...
  2. C

    Tennis shoes without plastic/rubber on uppers

    Could I get a recommendation for a pair of tennis shoes without any plastic or rubber on the inside upper of the shoe and that can also accommodate a narrow heel? Most tennis shoes include plastic or rubber for stability right where my bunions are located, and these reinforcements cause me so...
  3. W

    Where can I find this color of the Nike Vapor Cage 4 shoes?

    Hi, I am a fan of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4, and have been wearing them for awhile now. I recently found this white/red/orange color of the Cage 4 model on **** that I absolutely fell in love with. I searched everywhere (, Tennis warehouse, **************, GOAT, etc) to see where I...
  4. liftordie

    What’s that Nike shoe??!

    I want it!!! Mannarino at Delray Beach 2022
  5. N

    Good shoes for fast tennis players

    Hello, After playing tennis with the "Wilson Rush Pro 3 shoes" which I was very satisfied with, I am now looking for new shoes. I am looking for a similar or better shoe. Because of my size (5ft 7) I mainly rely on my speed. Do you know a good men tennis shoe that is focuses mainly on speed...
  6. T

    Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

    Looking to try new tennis shoes (preferably Nike), I currently use Nike Cage (Rafa edition) but they are on the expensive side and the toe area on the left foot tends to get worn out faster than the sole. I tend to drag my left foot on my backhand which is most likely the reason why that...
  7. YonexBoy

    New Yonex AO 2022 shoes?

    What are these new kicks from Yonex? Kinda look like Asics court FFs…
  8. P

    New Barricades a Bust for me - Need advice

    The new barricades just do not fit. It’s the heel, keeps riding up when I walk. I’ve used barricades for 10 years. So, I need some advice. My last pair was the barricade clubs in a size 8 &1/2. Any other shoe that compares well or even better? K Swiss or ASICS maybe?
  9. D

    Good old style Nike with mesh nose, are they still exists

    Hi all , I'm looking for any Nike shoes like on the photo, which is more traditional style with confrtable soft nose portion made of mesh or something else that looks like on the photo. Could not find any in big or online stores. I don't want to change my sponsor contract in the middle, so...
  10. T

    Gel Res 8 cannot replace Barricade 7.. need recommendation

    My favorite shoe of all time has been the barricade 7, but since Djokovic left adidas they havent been made anymore. I tried the newer barricade boosts a few years ago (2016?) but i didnt feel as supported and I didnt like the tread pattern as much, so I went back to my stock of barricade 7s. I...
  11. D

    Andy Murray UA shoes

    Hi, anybody knows where I can get those UA shoes he playes at Olympics, looks like Under Armour cancel tenni line. Thanks M
  12. E

    Best Wide Toe Box - Stiff Shoes for Hallux Rigidus / Big Toe Arthritis?

    Hi all, Many years back I injured my big toe badly in a tennis tournament. :cry: It healed but then grew spurs and my cartilage diminished. I now have stage 4 arthritis in the big toe, so I live with it until I decide if/when to have fusion surgery. Because of course, I am not going to stop...
  13. I

    Shoes for high arch and wide feet

    Hi all, new to the forum, very happy to be here. I've worn different iterations of the Nike Vapor for the last 20 odd years. So I was keen to keep going with them but none of the current models really fit: the Vapor NXT and Pro didn't fit well, I play-tested the GP Turbo but it's too narrow and...
  14. D

    Asics Court FF 3/next update?

    Is there any news of when we can expect an update to the Court FF line (i.e. "Court FF 3")? It seems the current FF 2 model is now not being produced anymore by Asics and the remaining stock is being sold off - is this true? Thank you
  15. Eddie G

    Most Comfortable Mens Tennis Shoes

    In your opinion what is the name brand & model of the most awesome tennis shoes you've worn on the court. By awesome I mean the combination of comfort and performance.
  16. D

    Recommendations for narrow heel + medium/wide toe box?

    Can anyone recommend the best recent, available shoes you've tried for relatively narrow heels but a medium/wide toe box (width wise)? I find many shoes are unstable in the heel area and my feet tend to move around at the back. However, if I go down size(s), the toe box becomes far too tight...
  17. remshaam

    K Swiss Hypercourt Express

    I recently bought this show from TW. size 10.5 This is the same size I have been using and I am getting a lot of pain around my legs when I play for about 20 minutes. The shoes are very...
  18. P

    Roger Federer Best Shoes.

    Im going to say that it has to be the paris 2018 shoes. PS, does anyone know if you can get these.
  19. tennisintheeighties

    Tennis shoe for my achille pain ?

    Hello, first message here ! I returned to tennis after 15 years break, where my level was not bad, around 5.5 / 6 I took 5-6 kilos since these years and have not put any more tennis shoes, just running shoes. I bought a nike air zoom vapor X but the pain on my achille heel is too intense, I...
  20. Hudson De Risi

    Looking for New Shoes

    I am currently looking for new shoes to start playing in. My current shoe is the adidas ubersonic 3.0 which I love. I want to try and start playing with something different I like lightweight shoes and my foot is on the wider side. Please reply if you know any good fits.
  21. P

    Rafa back to Cage 3's

    Just noticed last night in Nadal's match against Delbonis he's back to the Cage3's. you can notice it right at the beginning of this video, sorry couldn't insert pic.
  22. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Sprint Pro 3.0 Shoes

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: We will be playtesting a very limited number of Head Sprint Pro 3.0 shoes (launching January 2020) for a playtest. Playtest application is now closed. Chosen playtesters have been notified via email. If you are selected, you must reply to our confirmation email...
  23. D

    Translucent rubber performance?

    For people who have used translucent outsoles on a shoe, how does it perform? Worse/better traction? Durability? Color?
  24. J

    Any good shoe like the Asics Gel Solution Speed 3?

    Hi all, I've been looking for some new tennis shoes recently, mostly at some reviews as I can't really try any on. The most important thing for me is durability but I'd like to be able to slide a bit on hard court as well. Because of this, the speed 3 looked good as they are meant to have both...
  25. Pitti

    Advice on adidas shoes?

    Hi. I've been using a pair of black&red Adidas Barricade for a year and a half. I've played just one or two days each week in indoor hard court, but the sole is starting to wear off (the pattern is completely "erased" at the points where I'm more aggressive when I run or change directions). I'm...
  26. D

    Women vs Men tennis shoes, is there diff other then color

    Hi, this comes to me as I try to buy shoes for my girl and boy 13,15 years old. I see that Women and Men categories, but If this only for Colors ? Thinking they interchange them sometime. Sizing is same, in my case I need US 7, and this is universal, shoes advertised for man and women are same...
  27. Devil_dog

    So I got a pair of Nike Air Zoom Prestige

    Thanks to Tennis Warehouse's sale price, I opted to buy and try a pair of the Nike Air Zoom Prestige. I'm an admittedly life-long Nike guy. My favorite tennis shoe for the last decade of playing has been the Nike Air Vapor 9/9.5s. I tried the Lunar Ballistecs but it never really felt right. But...
  28. O

    Shoes to mitigate Shin splints

    I’ve had recurrent shin splints for a few years. Any advice on tennis shoes that will keep me as pain free as possible? In terms of running shoes I do well with merrell trail glove.
  29. VamosRafa69

    Nike Wimbledon 2019

    Has anyone seen the collection yet?
  30. Y

    Specific shoes for sliding on clay

    I play on Har Tru courts during Spring and Summer. Couple of questions: - Do I need to buy a different pair just for clay if I wanted to slide? Currently I use Asics Court FF on hard courts. - What videos would you recommend to learn how to slide? - Is there any difference sliding on red clay...