1. Y

    Specific shoes for sliding on clay

    I play on Har Tru courts during Spring and Summer. Couple of questions: - Do I need to buy a different pair just for clay if I wanted to slide? Currently I use Asics Court FF on hard courts. - What videos would you recommend to learn how to slide? - Is there any difference sliding on red clay...
  2. Orion

    Fed post match shoes @ Acapulco

    Anyone catch Federer's shoes he had on during the Acapulco trophy presentation? All white with a pull tab on the back. Don't look like Nike unless they're a commemorative hundred title shoe. Tennis Channel didn't show him during the sit down post match. Haven't watched alot of tennis since...
  3. T

    I need help picking a tennis shoe

    I need to buy a new tennis shoe and my options are: Nike Air Zoom Zero Nike Vapor X Nike Zoom Cage 3 Adidas Barricade Boost 2018 Asics Solution Speed FF What would you recommend?
  4. A

    Pricier shoes are worth the money?

    Hello there, I've seen a few threads on this subject before, but they were kind of old and I'm interested in knowing if the opinion has changed. I've been playing for the last 10 months or so and I usually play 3 or 4 times per week, at a minimum. In my "shoe department" I have a pair of Nike...
  5. stronzzi70

    Tennis shire junior 7.5 ?????

    I can't find any 7.5 tennis shoes junior for my daughter ,,, why ? Maybe I doing something wrong ??? please help
  6. XFactorer

    2019 Shoes

    Anyone have any confirmations of 2019 models of shoes? Would have expected to hear some rumors by now if these were coming out in January. Asics Gel Res 8? Vapor Xs, Xs Max, X.5, XI, 11? Cage 4s? Eclipsion 3? Wave Exceed 4 (for the US market)
  7. S

    Difficulty with Adidas Barricades 6 month warranty.

    I sent my Adidas Barricades to Adidas two months ago for my six month warranty and still have yet to receive my replacement code. I have called them several times and the people on the phone say that my case is "in review." I verified my UPS tracking number with them and they confirmed receipt...
  8. J

    Hard court shoes for senior player

    Love playing tennis, but I'm in late 40s and it has taken a toll on my body. I have athritis on both knees but it's manageable. During summer I've played mostly on clay, sometimes several hours a week without a problem. Now I've played on a hard court for the first time, and my knees are still...
  9. P

    Nike Air Zoom Ultra React discontinuation?

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the ultra reacts are going to be discontinued cause I noticed they didn’t come out a version for Wimbledon. I’m an avid fan of them and was wondering if anyone knows if they will continue to be realeased?
  10. aidanzman73

    Yonex Doesn’t like Size 12..

    Why will yonex not provide a UK size 12 in any of their shoes????? Look everywhere on UK sites, European sites and US sites but it’s always the same story. UK Size 11.5 and UK 12.5 but nothing in between. EVER. I might not even like them but I’ve always been impressed with their rackets so no...
  11. B

    Best shoes for toe dragger

    Hi! I drag my right toes pretty heavily when I serve, which means I've already worn out the front of the New Balance shoes I bought just a few months ago. :( I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for shoes that are better suited for toe draggers. Thanks!
  12. B

    Nike Vapor 9.5 - Vapor Advantage?

    Hello, I have been using vapor 9.5 for years, but unfortunately, I guess it is discountinued, so I cannot find shoes fitting my size anymore. Vapor Adv. looks same ( the width, design etc.) Anyone who used these two before? I heard cage and other new shoes are relatively narrow, and I don't...
  13. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Shoes

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: We would like to offer a very exciting opportunity for our users to playtest the new Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 shoes. Playtesters will be responsible for wearing the shoes for the given time and writing a thorough review. Playtesters who are picked will be notified via...
  14. J

    Shoes for Sliding?

    Tennis season just started, and I'm looking for shoes that have a strong/reinforced sides on the inner side of the shoe, since I've just been ripping through the ones I have right now (Adidas Classic Bounce- Has the "adituff" reinforcement on the side. Worked well up until now where the hole is...
  15. P

    Head Revolt Pro 2.5 changes

    Anyone know what Head changed between the Revolt 2.0s and the new 2.5s? I'm loving the 2.0s (the only knack for me is the heel slippage, but I haven't noticed it while actually playing,) wondering if I should stock up on the 2.0s or upgrade when I wear this pair out.
  16. A

    Svitolina in Lunar Ballistecs?

    I cannot upload the photo, but on her instagram in the photo from Brisbane kids day i see she has black Lunar ballistecs or something similar to them
  17. RLSH

    Djokovic shoe switch

    Anyone noticed Djokovic's recent photos have one thing in common: No sight of his tennis shoes...?
  18. SoccerGuy

    Will Under Armour ever release Murray's Shoes?

    I have noticed his shoes for a long time after his switch to Under Amour apparel. Apparently his shoes were built for his needs of stability and comfort, but with a lighter construction compared to his previous Barricades. I would buy them in a heartbeat if they were ever released for sale, but...
  19. Lionel C

    Rafa's new shoes model

    Hey Have a look.. Rafa's using new Nike shoes model
  20. dimkin

    Need comfortable and durable shoes

    - Nike Vapors last me 3 weeks (they break on top and the sole wears out) - but I love the comfort - Yonex Eclipsions - the top stayed brand new, the sole wore out in 3 weeks as well - Acics Gel 3s felt too wide for my feet ... - Barricades last me 4 months!!! I don't mind the comfort, but I long...
  21. C

    Mizuno Tennis Shoes fit

    Hello TT community, Can anyone compare the fit of the Mizuno shoes vs. the Adidas Barricade 15/16 or the Asics GSS2? I wear size 8US(26cm) on these models and they fit just fine for me. And does anyone know how durable are the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour2? Thanks in advance
  22. C

    Help Identifying Head Shoes

    Hi, I'm not sure why but I really like this shoe by head. Saw it randomly and I couldn't find any trace of it online. I'm sure its hasn't been sold in 10+ years and this feels like a dead end but I thought I would try.
  23. projectone7

    GOAT Nike Shoes?

    Takes a look at these beauts: Wonder when or if TW will have them.
  24. Spoderblitz

    Should Adidas make a tennis shoe with boost and bounce tech combined?

    Yes, the title is awfully long. Eventually Adidas made a tennis shoe with boost and bounce tech separately. What if they combine both of it together? What are your thoughts? (It's pretty much like combining the Ultraboost with the Alphabounce) :)
  25. OJH


    How do the Nike Vapor 9.5 Flyknits hold out on clay? Do they get dirty quickly? can you get the clay out of the flyknit?
  26. AndreBtr

    I'm looking for an alternative to tennis shoes.

    This may sound weird but the thing is that I don't like tennis shoes, neither running or basketball. Is there any alternative? Can I use a casual shoe i.e. the Adidas tennis pro for playing tennis?. By the way I just play once a week just for fun on clay court. I don't care too much about...