signum pro

  1. F

    Signum Pro Firestorm alternative for spin

    I'm playing with the Firestorm 125 24/23 kg in a Head 360 Extreme TOUR (4g lead tape at 10 and 2 o'clock). I like everything about this string (power, comfort, price, durability, tension maintenance) but I'd like to have a bit more spin. Hence my question: is there an alternative string which...
  2. R

    Tennis strings for a small shop

    Hi guys. I am opening a small shop at our tennis club and would like to get some string suggestions. I dont have the space (and i dont feel its necessary) to stock 50+ strings. i would like suggestions on the following categories: 1. Power 2. Control 3. Soft Poly 4. Multi/Syn Gut (lots of older...
  3. R

    Wilson Pro Staff 97L v13 crazy stiff??

    Hi Guys. I had a hit with a junior at my club’s Pro Staff 97L. She complained she struggles to get power. The one racquet had Signum Pro X-perience 1.24 (i love this string) and the other had Gamma Moto 1.30 and she is trying other string. All strung at 54. I tried the racquet and it felt like a...
  4. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    highly competitive 5.0 / 5.5 tournament player. My main stick now is Tecnifibre TF40 315 16x19 racquet reviews: :X3: say hello on IG ! (y) total number of...
  5. M

    Signum Pro Strings Yellow Jacket and X-Perience

    These have to be some of the most underrated strings on the market. I have been using Volkl Cyclone and Solino Hyper G pretty exclusively but after testing these strings I may just switch. They provide the same bite and control I get from Cyclone and Hyper G, but in a much more comfortable...
  6. liftordie

    Signum Pro X-perience 17L (1.18)

    This is the best string I have play with!!! Perfect balance of power, control and spin! Great comfort, touch and tension maintenance! I love that string so much!!! :love: Let me know if you love it too!! :giggle:
  7. Richard1500

    Signum Pro Yellow Jacket Playtest

    I am a guy that doesn’t change strings often, I don’t even like trying new strings, but I have a friend that talk me into trying this one after he himself switched from another string we were both using. Well, I got the new Yellow Jacket on my Head Speed Pro Racquet, of course I was not...
  8. wferdinand

    Lower tension + stiffer string or higher tension + more flexibile string?

    I was playing with Tennisoutlet Orange Tiger 1.25 (which is a Signum Pro Poly Plasma replica made by Isospeed) in the last time. I was really really getting to like this string in the last time, but now I don't have more from this, but I was bought three Head Sonic Pro 1.25 because I used this...