1. Amen786

    2021 US Open R4 : [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [13] Jannik Sinner

    Head to head :- 1-1 Previous match :- Zverev defeated Sinner at cologne 2 by 7-6 6-3 Previous slam match :- Sinner defeated Zverev at French open 2020 round of 16 by 6-3 6-3 4-6 6-3 Coming into this match :- Zverev defeated Jack sock in round of 32 by 3-6 6-2 6-3 2-1 (retirement by sock)...
  2. D

    Sinner trying to add variety to his game

    Seriously, give him Musetti's flair, Berrettini's serve and Sonego's roar and you get the next ATG! 10 Slams MINIMUM!!
  3. N

    Djokovic is freezing

    I tried comparing prime and 30s Djokovic to evaluate the trajectory of his gameplay and more precisely, his decline. I feel like he's "freezing". He's reducing entropy(disorder) in everything he does. His movement is less jittery, he uses less slingshot effect on his strokes, but they are still...
  4. LoveTheGreatOne

    2021 rome masters 1000 R32 :- (2) Nadal R. vs (full fleged) Sinner J.

    2nd meeting between the pair. Highest ranked teenager vs The best clay courter almost twice his age. Sinner gave rafa the biggest scar at 2020 RG.. What do you think about the match? How does it go?
  5. Rovesciarete

    Sinners so surprisingly strange serve stats

    Over the Sinner thread we have long discussed a paradox, his overall strong stats and his serve weakness relative to his height. Now Jeff Sackman has come up with something very strange, an extremely low delta/difference between the win percentage of the second and the first serve: ... His...
  6. N


    What rivalry? Ramsay: WHO IS KORDA?!? Random Level 1 Cook: PROPAGANDA CHEF!! It's time to put some RESPECK on Jannik Sinner's name. Stop conflating him with these over hyped next-genners. The Sinner is on a different league.
  7. N

    Sinner is not playing games

    Her name is Maria Braccini. 40k+ followers on IG. "She is nice and understands my needs as a tennis player - he said -. She knows that tennis is my priority right now, she's easy going and doesn't put any pressure on me." Source
  8. RaulRamirez

    Quick Question: Why is Sinner not seeded?

    Watching Shapo- Sinner - kind of a tough break for both that this is a first round match. Present rankings are 11 and 32. What am I missing? Why isn't Sinner seeded?
  9. InsideOut900

    Do you see Sinner matching or doing better than 2017-2018 Zverev?

    For reference, this is what 2017-2018 Zverev looked like. In spite of his poor results recently, Z was solid when he was 20/21 years old. He beat Novak in the Rome final and ATP finals with some seriously impressive performances, played nicely to dispatch Fed and Thiem in straights sets for the...
  10. SinneGOAT

    Why Sinner is SinneGOAT

    Let me tell you all a story. The story of a little known Italian kid with a beautiful head of hair and... skiing!?! This Italian Stallion’s rise from skiing to the (superior) sport of tennis was an interesting sprint to the top. From small beginnings to a $250,000 earnings, this is the story of...