six one 95

  1. D

    How to identify six one 95 model?

    Hi all, I recently got to hit with a pro stock six one 95 16x18 with blacked-out paintjob. Other than the feel of the racquet, how would I go about identifying which 6.1 95 model this racquet is made from? Looking for any identifying physical features other than the parallel drilling which...
  2. T

    Looking for a Pro Staff Six.One 95 V13 Grip Size 3

    I am trying to purchase this racquet but unfortunately, I am located in Canada and Wilson does not ship there. If anyone has this racquet please reach out to me as I am interested in purchasing it!
  3. S

    Which one: Pro Staff Tour 90 or new Pro Labs Six One 95

    Hey TW Just wanted to see what people's choices would be if they were to choose between the Pro Staff Tour 90 and the Pro Labs Six One 95. I'm a sucker for old sticks and currently use HPS 6.1 and ncode six one 95. Let me know what you guys would pick!
  4. K

    New racket - opinions, recommendations (Wilson Six One Team 95 -> Head Graphene XT Speed Pro -> ???????)

    Hi all, I am a former user of Wilson Six One Team 95 which was my beloved racket till 2016 - perfect feel, great maneuverability, little bit head heavy, great volleys etc. Since 2016 I am using Hed Graphene XT Speed Pro and honestly, I did not get used to it till nowadays. It is a little bit too...
  5. SaaKha

    String Recommendations for BLX 6.1 95 18x20

    Hey everyone, Just got a BLX (2010) 6.1 95 18x20 and was wondering what strings and setups you’ve used. Looking for some recommendations.
  6. M

    I need help buying a racquet with no demo

    The title says it, sorry for the long post, but I want to get out as much information off the bat, to help anybody willing to help me, thanks if you even read this I know it's a bit of a pain. So to explain the title, I live in Serbia (better known as the land of the Novak) and since we are not...
  7. T

    Andrey Rublev Wilson Ultra

    If you look on ATP's Instagram story you will see that Rublev is playing with a racquet in the ultra paint job.
  8. Dharmaboy

    Modern Version of the Wilson K-Factor Six One 95

    Hey Guys, using an old Mardy Fish racquet. love the power and feel on this stick and I was wondering what current generation of Wilson is closest to it? I can handle the weight of this stick which is very beefy but I thought the RF Auto was close but I found it too stiff.