1. Rafa4LifeEver

    A general discussion - Should there be a roof at all big non-slam events?

    Well, as we've seen this year in Indian wells & now Miami masters, the rain has disrupted play & the scheduling afterwards would inevitably end up being unfair to some players; which is a sad outcome. Throughout the last few years, we've been witnessing abrupt & unpredictable rain delays due to...
  2. jl809

    Djokodal will be BETTER at the slams in 2023 than in 2022

    Nadal came into the AO having taken 6 months off, and he got covid 3 weeks before the tournament. At the French Open, Nadal was dealing with an injured, numb foot and Djokovic by his own admission was still dealing with the fallout of earlier in the year. This then extended to Wimbledon where...
  3. jl809

    A definitive guide to accurately predicting Rafa Nadal's slam results + behaviour (PROVEN)

    As soon as Nadal turned up to the US Open in this brown monstrosity, it was clear his tournament was doomed: After all, we can see that in recent years, since Moya became coach, Nadal’s results are entirely decided by the quality of his kit. GOATy kits == Slam wins . . . . . . Nice and...
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    The Slam of this Decade according to you

    Options are as follows AO 2017 Wim 2018 RG 2011 AO 2013 Wim 2014 Wim 2016 AO 2012 UO 2011 Wim 2012 Note :- Don't just refer to the slam final or the winner. Consider the overall quality & number of epic matches played in a slam, potential future indications, butterfly effects, upsets...
  5. pedro94

    How Fedalovic will retire on 20-20-20 slams

    Federer, mentally broken after the Wimbledon defeat in 2019 won't win another slam, however after Wimbledon 2020 he will gather all his might and win gold in Olympic singles defeating Djokovic in the final denying him the only title he hasn't won. He will then retire after Olympics. Nadal, will...
  6. HetTheGreaterer

    The NCYGS is completed

    Not the moral NCYGS. Its a real NCYGS Not for a single player, but for slam finals. This AO19 final result generated a NCYGS of 4 boring, one sided slam finals in a row..... Last 4 slam finals RG 18 :- Nadal Def. Thiem 6-4 6-3 6-2 Wim 18 :- Djok Def. Anderson 6-2 6-2 7-6 Uso 18 :- Djok Def...
  7. Krish0608

    The Slam Race is drawing to a close

    This USO was crucial for Rafa in his quest to overtake Federer. Now the difference between them remains 3 GS, the same since 2014. I know Rafa can still win a couple more RGs(at max) and maybe eke out a USO going ahead, but I don't see him catch Federer, here on. The field is getting tougher and...
  8. ReturnAndVolley

    Thiem or A. Zverev, who wins a slam first?

    Both of these guys will win a grand slam sometime in the next 4 years, possibly sooner. So who do you think wins one first? I go with Thiem winning RG before Zverev wins his first slam (USO). Give your opinions.
  9. Simon_the_furry

    It's time for a slam in Asia.

    In economics and marketing, people always talk about the BRIC market, BRIC being Brazil, Russia, India, and China. These markets are growing rapidly. India, China, and Russia combined are home to over 2.8 billion people. They are world centers of commerce, production, and exchange. So why does a...
  10. kalyan4fedever

    When will Roger win his 21st slam?

    Am guessing Wimbledon is the BEST slam to do it for he is the grass king. I am only afraid of Novak because of his nervy matches but I say he iss a lock, I dont see anyone in the field taking 3 sets from Roger, but who knows may be he will pull off french if nads out early, Declaration:The...
  11. Lukhas

    "Quantifying Cakewalks, or The Time Rafa Finally Got Lucky"

    A nice article from Tennis Abstract that helps putting in perspective the perceived difficulty of a path to a slam semi or slam win. Interesting especially since it factors in the actual path and the players met, not the supposed path as laid out by the draw...
  12. D

    Round of 16 Ceiling Players

    I was just thinking about how Roberto Bautista-Agut has been remarkably consistent in Slams over the last 3 years. He always seems to get to the 4th round before bowing out to the likes of Djokovic, Federer or Murray. Bautista-Agut has made the 4th round at every major BUT he has never gone...
  13. TripleATeam

    First slam to not be won by the Big Four or Wawrinka?

    Just state which you think will be the breakthrough for the next generation. Add the year and player you believe will accomplish it.
  14. TripleATeam

    Sampras Djokovic similarities

    I've noticed several things that are very close between Sampras and Djokovic, as the title says. Similarities: Sampras won his first Grand Slam in 1990- the US Open. 11 slams later, he breaks through to win his second. Djokovic won his first Grand Slam in 2008- the Australian Open. 12 slams...
  15. TripleATeam

    Grand Slam Predictions 2017

    Hey, everyone. I love hearing what everyone generally thinks the season will shape up to be like. And please, no GOAT debates- just Slam discussion. My list: AO: Murray FO: Djokovic W: Raonic US: Djokovic (Zverev/Kygrios hopefully)
  16. Sentinel

    nadal to not drop a set at Wimbledon

    last year, i believed he dropped a set to Soderling and 2 sets to Haase and Petzschner each. this year, he will not drop a set, as i believe the gap is even wider. the guys a beast on green clay. gives you nothing. no question he will win 100% of his matches imo