1. M

    Solinco Confidential vs Solinco Tour Bite

    Hello Everyone, I use Solinco Confidential 17 on my VCORE 95 but was wondering if others had any opinions on other strings close to that setup? How would Tour Bite fair when compared to Solinco Confidential? Any info would be great! Thanks
  2. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    I am a self-rated highly competitive 5.0 / 5.5 lvl guy who participates in many local tournaments. My main stick now is Angell TC95 16x19. racquet reviews thread: :X3: Game...
  3. S

    Advice for Stringing Adjustments (Novice)

    Hey guys! I've recently taken up tennis again as a hobby, and I've been playing regularly for the last 3 months, (4 times a week, typically 90 minute sessions 1 on 1 with a hitter). I was using a my old crappy cheap Prince racquet untill I played enough to make an upgrade. I recently bought a...
  4. M

    String for Vcore pro 97

    I am going to buy a vcore pro 97 after testing and loving it, but I do not know which string to strung, I saw that this frame does not work well with hyper g or you need to strung with different tensions. Please help me
  5. I

    What's better than full bed Confidential?

    I'm mostly playing with Solinco Confidential 125mm. on my Blade V7 (16x19), 98" which I string @ 24/23kg. I like this in a full bed, but wonder if I could get even better performance with: 1. Hybrid? What would you suggest to cross it with? at what tension? 2. Thinner gauge? How thin? 3. Any...
  6. liftordie

    Hyper-G 16 vs Confidential 16

  7. A

    Why don't pros use their string provider's stencil?

    I remember in the 90s and 2000s, the majority of players used to have their string provider's stencilled onto the bottom of the racquet, underneath the stencil logo of their racquet e.g. Sampras used a Wilson racquet so had a 'W' stencilled on his racquet and below was the Babolat stencil lines...
  8. remshaam

    RF97 autograph with full polyester @57lbs

    EDIT: The strings that I used were gamma IO string 15L, strung at 58 lbs. I am playing with the RF97 autograph and tried the thickest polyester string 'It feels so dead and hitting a rock, not a tennis ball. When I try my usual topspin forehand, even with so much effort, the ball keeps falling...
  9. H

    Best Polys for 18x20 string pattern

    Old topic, new thread! What are some good poly to try for this string pattern in your opinion? I'm trying to look around for ideas to string my Head MG Radical MP. My priorities, in order from high to low, are: power, spin potential, overall cost (price + how long each sj last), control (since...
  10. KickVicious

    Hyper G Soft

    Just watched a video announcing Hyper G Soft and a yet to be named sky blue textured poly. Anyone have any intel on this or know the release date of the former? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. liftordie

    Stringing Hyper-G

    Does Hyper-G making some "twists" when stringing it?? Or is it staying perfectly straight? Thank you
  12. SaaKha

    Anyone try Solingo Barb Wire 17 with Natural Gut?

    Might wanna try this set up in my RF97. Gut mains, BW crosses. For anyone who has tried it (16 gauge too), what did you think?
  13. E

    Popping String Every 2 to 3 Hours!

    Babolat areo pure 2019, Luxilon 125 ALU Power Soft 16L, Tension 48. Strings pop every 2 to three hours. Anyone else having issues with the new aero pure or with Luxilon 125 Power Soft strings. Thinking of moving to Solinco 16G but keeping the tension. Thoughts?
  14. liftordie

    Solinco X-Natural 16

    Is this the best control/spin multi on the market? Who tried it? Is it better than: RIP Velocity HDX Multifeel Isospeed Control Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro ??
  15. liftordie

    Hyper G crossed with Pro Stacked or Vanquish? ^^

    What would be the best cross for Hyper G 1.20 in my Pure Aero Team custom (295g)? Pro Stacked? Vanquish? Or.....? :D
  16. T

    What Gauge of Hyper G and Cyclone?

    I love Hyper G and Cyclone. Just want to see what gauge of Hyper G and Cyclone is the most popular! Vote if you want to know.
  17. Gato

    Hyper G vs RPM Blast?

    Hey guys, I have the 2013 Aero Pro Drive and I used it only with RPM Blast 1.30mm for 5 years. I want now to try Solinco Hyper G 1.30mm (16G). Does anyone tried both strings? What is the biggest difference between these? Which tension should I try? I used always tension 25kg (55 lbs) on RPM...
  18. kairos

    Red-colored poly string most similar to Solinco Hyper-G 1.20

    For a while, I have played with several poly strings replacing them more frequently than necessary. Briefly describing my journey with one-line comments: Luxilon ALU power 1.25: Probably best string either for professional or someone rich. ALU Power 1.25 Rough: Similar impression with ALU, but...
  19. Tommy G

    Solinco Hyper-G breaking too quickly at the top of the frame: string or stringer fault?

    I've been demo-ing some strings looking for a good setup for a Burn FST 95 and when I finally think I found something I really enjoy on the Solinco Hyper-G, the 2 string sets I bought broke at the same spot after less than 1h of hitting. I've never broke strings like that. The string definitely...
  20. B

    Need help with Solinco Hyper-G 1.20

    I strung at 53lbs with a Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro. Love the feel but I expect more spin and control. I normally hit flat both forehand and backhand, and spin when the ball comes low. The balls had great speed but often fly off the baseline. Spinning the ball when serving was also hard...
  21. projectone7

    Thoughts on Solinco Barb Wire?

    I have been playing with Barb Wire 16 for a while now. A lot of posters say it feels dead, but I seem to get a lively response in my Pure Strike 19/19 (red & black). Anyone else?