1. Rafa4LifeEver

    Move on to the Spain now

    Well, depsite the loss, Rafa's fitness level, fighting spirit, ballstriking (in a few patches) was great for a guy who hasn't played a competitive match in over 3 months. I see no negative vibes in this loss, all credits to the young Russian andrey rublev for taking it to nadal with massive...
  2. daggerman

    Poll: Is Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario an ATG?

    Yes or no? I'm intentionally not including her career accomplishments in this post because I'm curious about your answers based on what you currently think/know about her.
  3. D


    I traveled to Barcelona, Spain recently, and I was looking for to take private lessons for a few hours during the week without having to go to an all week tennis academy, so that I could play tennis for a couple hours a day and still have time for sightseeing, and going to the beach, etc. I...
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    Tennis spain has the most neutral organisers......

    I mean just see at their courts in barcelona and madrid open. They could have built super slow playing courts as MC and IW(in some conditions it is worse than clay), as Rafa the home hero will utterly dominate it and his wins also attract more home crowd = more money. But despite that, they have...
  5. D

    Spaniard Clay Court Title Checklist

    I've always believed you are not a real Spaniard until you win a singles main tour title on clay (if you play singles, else a doubles title on clay). Pablo Carreno Busta is the latest Spaniard to crack the list. First of many in my view. He now joins the following active players: Rafael Nadal...
  6. E

    Good Spanish academies

    Hi everyone, I'll be heading over to Spain to train about June for a good 5months or so. I wanted to know which are the good academies in Spain. I've contacted a few already including Sanchez casal, CTR tennis Academy and the elite tennis academy. Seemingly out of the rates and programs, ETA...