1. Rovesciarete

    Spin and Speed - Forehands of the current ATP

    Just found a neat graphic of Tennis Insights which places most of the top players of 2023 in relation to the tour. Keep in mind the sample bias, more so for guys blasting away with little margin. The relative positions of the elite is usually much better supported. If they read the data at the...
  2. M

    [HELP] Racket recommendations high intermediate all court gravel player

    Hey fellow tennis tennisnerds, I’m looking for a new stick and I’m sure that you tennis enthusiasts could help me with your thoughts and recomendations. I’m sharing my racket journey to help you understand my situation: -I played with a pure aero child model in well, my childhood. I liked...
  3. T

    Racquet customization question

    I was reading through tennis warehouse university articles and I can't seem to understand these two different experiments. If anyone knows anyone on this thread who I can tag at twu that can help or if anyone is more literate in physics then maybe they can help me understand. In the conclusion...
  4. E

    The question about using strings to compensate for spin/power difference - 2022 Speed Pro vs. EZONE 100

    This is a question for @TW Professor and serious string/racquet performance experts. (I am a total tennis R&D “nerd”). I play with Head Speed Pro 2022 and I love it, especially its feel, stability, mass-based power and control. If I could add only one more thing to it, it would be a slightly...
  5. E

    Maximizing the power, spin, and launch angle of Head Gravity Pro with a string setup

    I have 2021 and 2023 versions of Head Gravity Pro, and I am trying to increase its power, spin potential and launch angle while retaining other great characteristics of this frame (feel, precision and control). Given its high spin potential and alleged power boost, I am currently experimenting...
  6. P

    Head i.Radical MP to...?

    I've been playing on a set of iRadical MP frames for a while now, mostly strung with PSG 16 gauge at 54 lbs. I'm a low-4.0 player and considering how hard it is to get these rackets these days, I'm considering switching to something else. I'd also like to be able to get a little more spin from...
  7. K

    Rackets that play similar to Wilson Clash 100

    For a long time I played with a Pure Aero and I love the spin but could never hit the ball freely because my balls would sail long too often. Then I tryed a Wilson Clash 100 and got hooked! With low powered strings it really fits my game, It is so easy to maneuver that I can really whip the...
  8. W

    Spin control strings vs Polytour Rev

    I have the polytour rev in my vcore 100 right now and like it, but I don’t have anything else to compare strings to. Im looking for a more spin and control string with decent durability. Power doesn’t matter to me a lot, more or less is okay. Some ideas I have are polytour pro, solinco...
  9. C

    Babolat Pure Aero Plus - Spin Racquet?

    I recently purchased a Babolat Pure Aero Plus racquet to replace the Wilson Steam Spin racquets I had been playing for a number of years. My research led me to believe that this racquet would produce similar spin, but not break strings as often as the open string pattern Steam racquets did...
  10. M

    Soft, spin friendly poly

    Hi guys. Im looking for a soft, spin friendly poly string for my aeropro drive original! If you have any recommendations please share with me!
  11. F

    Signum Pro Firestorm alternative for spin

    I'm playing with the Firestorm 125 24/23 kg in a Head 360 Extreme TOUR (4g lead tape at 10 and 2 o'clock). I like everything about this string (power, comfort, price, durability, tension maintenance) but I'd like to have a bit more spin. Hence my question: is there an alternative string which...
  12. F

    Hybrid stringing with Tecnifibre Triax and Yonex Poly Tour Air

    Hi, I would like to try this hybrid stringing and would appreciate some guidance before I waste too many meters of strings with experimenting. :) Which one should go on the mains and what tension shall I use? I would like to maximize spin&comfort. So far I played mostly with full bed of Yonex...
  13. liftordie

    Spin, Control, Plow and Low RA

    I'm searching the best frame as possible with: Spin Control Plow Low RA Minimum vibrations Head light as possible Let me know what frames are you thinking about when reading these words! I'm 42, 4.5/5.0, heavy spin player. Thank you
  14. time410s

    Ideas for videos to do?

    I recently started a youtube channel and I reviewed 2 strings. I somewhat consider these practice videos since they are 2 strings that aren't super high on the radar and I want to get the swing of things a bit. Working on some ideas for content but do you guys personally have ideas for strings...
  15. Z

    Feliciano Lopez win % based on opponent spin rate

    My second analytical post this time featuring Feliciano Lopez. Love the way this guy plays (if anyone is watching Wimbledon tonight make sure you watch the match against Evans; slices, net rushing, finesse. Old school tennis). Feli is one of the last slicing, dicing, net-rushing guys on tour...
  16. C

    Multi/Multi Hybrids that can do it all?

    So a lot of us all-courters (and others) like to play with control oriented more traditional feeling players racquets. I myself am currently in love with my PS97 V13 which offers a ton of feel and great precision. Great from every angle, except if you cannot generate your own power. The problem...
  17. H

    How much of a difference will a hybrid setup make?

    Hey there and thanks in advance for any guidance! I've been demoing racquets for a while and have finally narrowed it down to the Yonex EZONE 98 and Head Gravity MP. Pretty different racquets, I know. Anyway, the demos I've been playing with both have multifilament strings on them. I have some...
  18. H

    Pure Drive replacement rackuet - softer / more comfort wanted

    Hi all, I've been playing with a Pure Drive since I can remember. Currently playing with a Pure Drive 2017 in 16x19 (300g). I have always played with Babolat Pro Hurricane strings, usually at 25kg. Recently (think past few months), I have started to feel pain in my left arm (am a lefty) very...
  19. liftordie

    Soft poly main with stiff poly cross = better spin and control

    Could I get better spin and control with hybriding a relatively soft poly main with a stiff poly cross? To prevent denting/notching of the cross, and then increasing the snapback. Would the softer poly main be able to notch and slide on the stiff cross? As a gut/poly setup? Thanks for your...
  20. F

    How racquet frame affects serve speed and spin

    Hi, I recently tested and compared the Tecnifibre TFight vs. Yonex Vcore both at 305g and 98 inches head size. Both racquets were tuned with the same amount of lead tape at 3 and 9. Both racquets had the same strings and tension and OG. I tested them the same day on the same indoor hard court...
  21. liftordie

    Grapplesnake strings

    This new brand offers high quality strings! Test them and give your opinion! Personally I play with the Neon Dust hybrid and it's a killer!!! Made in Germany
  22. liftordie

    Velocity/poly hybrid for CLAY spin player

    Anyone is playing with hybrid V/poly on clay with a strong spin game? Does it last long? What cross are you using?
  23. liftordie

    Best tension poly/sgut hybrid for spin?

    I'm using Signum Pro X-perience 1.18/Pro's Pro Synthetic 1.30 hybrid in my Prince Phantom Pro 100. I actually string at 49lbs (22kg) and I like it a lot. BUT I'm curious to know if lowering the tension of sgut crosses could give me more spin and wider sweetspot?? :unsure:
  24. liftordie

    Solinco X-Natural 16

    Is this the best control/spin multi on the market? Who tried it? Is it better than: RIP Velocity HDX Multifeel Isospeed Control Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro ??
  25. liftordie

    Best multi with control and spin

    I have made serious research to find the best multis for control and spin: Head RIP Control Head Velocity Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro Gosen AK Pro CX Solinco X-Natural Tecnifibre Multifeel Tecnifibre HDX Tour Isospeed Control Double AR 666 (Origin like) Please could you share with me your...
  26. A

    Spin Serve -- ok?

    Hi, I was in a league match. I do not serve hard but I put a lot of slice spin on my serve. My opponent complained that it is not a "Gentleman's Serve", does he have a point? Or was he a sore loser? My slice serve went to his weaker side.
  27. C

    Balls fly at inclination like the Earth

    Forehand groundstrokes down the line fly at 6-12 o'clock direction. I see the ball spinning at 4-10 direction. I am rightie. The rotation axis of the Earth inclines at 23.4 degrees. Mine is like 40. What does it tell? Contact point too far from or too much in front of the body?
  28. liftordie

    Softest spin-friendly crosses in the world?

    What is the most non-poly comfort crosses in the all world for spin and control?? :) Thanks for help!
  29. liftordie

    Your softest hybrid setup for spin and control

    Hi, I created this thread to let you post what hybrid setup are you using right now in 2018. But ONLY setup with great comfort, spin and control. And WITHOUT natural gut. Please give us also your tension and sorry but I would have answers from 4.0 level players minimum and who are spin players...
  30. T

    Crisp feeling poly with max playability duration and spin?

    My first criteria for choosing strings is playability duration and then spin. This criteria led me to a full bed of Ashaway Kevlar 18g @40lbs in terms of feel and spin; I love seeing the fuzz in the air after ripping a forehand. But yeah had wrist and elbow discomfort and cut it out. Went back...