1. Prestigiouscontrol

    Want to buy: Lightly used Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black Non-Countervail.

    Preferably in black colorway and definitely non-countervail please. Thanks a lot!
  2. K

    Tecnifibre Rebound Endurance Rackpack

    Hi TW Staff, Is TF Rebound endurance Rackpack made of the same material as Air Endurance Rackpack ? In product details,It says it is made from a lightweight material but i dont get what it is. is it same and water resistant ? Do you have any new colour coming for this bag ? Thanks for your...
  3. I

    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 95 LIMITED 17mm beam, L4 4 1/2

    Hello, Looking for the Pro Staff 6.0 95 that has the 17mm beam. I already have the PS6085 and 95 (20mm version). I love the 85, but always wished there was something slightly bigger (for more power and spin) but plays in the same way and has the same feel. The 95 I have does not feel the same...
  4. A

    Need Urgent Advise

    I am 3.5-4.0 level player. I like to play aggressive game and like to come to net a lot. I like topspin forehands.My current racquet is Head Xt Instinct MP(9 gr lead at handle+5 gr at 3&9). I want to buy a new racquet. My choices are 1) Wilson Pro Staff 97s 2) Babolat Pure Strike 18X20 I...
  5. A

    Wilson Staff 95 - I need your help identifying this

    Hello fellow players I was fortunate enough to stumble across this beauty at a barn sale the other day, but I cannot seem to find out much about it. It is a Wilson Staff 95 PWS High Beam Series, but I cannot find out when it was made or what the specifications are. I can find some vague...
  6. L

    FS/T Wilson Pro Staff 97s 2015 9.5/10 for Pure Strike or Cash

    Wilson Pro Staff 97s (last year's model - purchased only a week ago). Grip Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used: around 30 minutes. One or two scratches from that time of plau *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): very good...