1. K

    Rotator Cuff Injury, lower SW or lower Stiffness or lower Weight?

    Hello, i am recovering from a Rotator Cuff Injury. The doctor cannot say if it s because of tennis in generale, or because of the heavy racket. Im using a ezone 98 2022 with pt rev. To recover i am doind exercise and PT Should i start thinking about changing racket? If yes what should i...
  2. T

    Racket for female with golfers elbow

    Hi everyone, I know there are a few posts about tennis and golfers elbow, but mainly for men rather than women and I am struggling to find a racket I can play with for longer than an hour without pain - assuming it is possible..... I am 55 and started playing tennis regularly again after 35...
  3. D

    Angell strings stiffness

    I've been looking in several places and never found it. Does anyone have information on the stiffness of Angell Halo strings?
  4. R

    Wilson Pro Staff 97L v13 crazy stiff??

    Hi Guys. I had a hit with a junior at my club’s Pro Staff 97L. She complained she struggles to get power. The one racquet had Signum Pro X-perience 1.24 (i love this string) and the other had Gamma Moto 1.30 and she is trying other string. All strung at 54. I tried the racquet and it felt like a...
  5. Roads_to_tennis

    String stiffness and tension VS Pop

    Does more stiff string give you more pop while hitting?? And does string tension play any role in increasing or decreasing the Pop. Thanks :)
  6. F

    Racquets like Babolat APD (2010/2013)

    Hi, im looking for a replacement for the Babolat AeroPro Drive. Im seeking something that resembles this racquet as much as possible. I like it stiff, crisp and i like a lot of vibrations. I either use focus hex or rpm blast at 62 lbs / 60 lbs. Thank you for your suggestions!
  7. M

    At what point would differences in stiffness RA be noticed

    I play with 2 (thankfully) matched Wilson Blade 98 18x20 v7 Racquets with the below (unstrung) specs... Weight 307.6 and 307.9 Swingweight 305 and 304 Balance 32.7 and 32.5 Stiffness 60 and 60 Wilson's poor QC aside, given that virtually none of those specs are on the money, I'm happy with...
  8. Rudi Bergner

    Dead string?

    Hello everyone, I’ve posted before about this problem, and it keeps happening. my Raquet isn’t right, and it’s the strings. I’ve been feeling the stringbed very muted for maybe an year now. my arm suffers all over, lately I was getting used to the stiffer feeling of the string job no matter...
  9. Rudi Bergner

    Hybrid hyper g

    Hi, I’m experiencing really dull and stiff stringbed lately, and I’m trying a lot of stuff. one of the things that came to my mind was trying hyper g mains with a softer round string on crosses. I tried hyper g mains 23kg/ prolineII crosses 22kg I would expect nice byte and SnapBack but after...
  10. Rudi Bergner

    What’s wrong with the string job!!?

    Hi, I’ve been with arm problems due to a bad string job that I can’t figure why. My stringer strings like 200/300 Rackets a mounth, for national athletes mainly, but in the past few months I feel that it makes a lot of pressure in my arm, the strings feel dead and like a thick rock wall. ( some...
  11. A

    PS 98 vs Ezone 98 vs Blade 98

    Hi guys, I used to use Babolat PS 98 po07, but now have bought the new generation PS 98 16x19. But the racket is still too stiff and I'm thinking about changing the racket for the next season. My setup currently is 314g and 315 balance unstrung(the third generation with 32 balance was too head...
  12. F

    How racquet frame affects serve speed and spin

    Hi, I recently tested and compared the Tecnifibre TFight vs. Yonex Vcore both at 305g and 98 inches head size. Both racquets were tuned with the same amount of lead tape at 3 and 9. Both racquets had the same strings and tension and OG. I tested them the same day on the same indoor hard court...
  13. T

    HEAD TGK AND TGT 231.3

    Hi everybody, I saw the picture of tgk231.3 and tgt231.3. I think those are same frame form (in my opinion). anybody know about TGT231.3. What about the stiffness (flex) of the TGT231.3 (how nany RA) please leave or share the information. Thanks with regards.

    FB Poly vs. Hybrid - Evaluating String Bed Stiffness

    A friend of mine is a solid 4.5 1,2 singles USTA player that hits with a Volkl V1 Classic racquet. Last fall was the last time I saw him play and he was using Luxilon Element. Sometime over the winter he switched to 4G at 52 lbs and developed arm issues and had taken some time off. He reached...
  15. Simon_the_furry

    How to tell what is causing elbow pain - technique, racquet, or strings?

    I'm a rapidly improving 17 year old junior player at a 4.0 NTRP level. I'm 5'10 and right handed, with an almost completely flat Eastern two-handed backhand. This is my best groundstroke. My extreme eastern (occasionally weak semi-western) forehand is pretty average, and is worse than my...
  16. SoccerGuy

    Sock Raquet Specs?

    Rewatching his Laver Cup highlights, wow does Sock get some raquet head speed. Anyone know how he has his raquet customized?
  17. D

    Switch from PS97 - Flimsy?

    Hey! I have been playing with the 2015 PS97 basically since it came out (prior to that was hitting with a Kblade 93) and have always used a full bed of multi. I really do like the racquet, however lately feel like it is a bit too flimsy (not sure if that is the right word for it - unstable...