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  1. A

    Hybrid Yonex Polytour pro 125 with Head Velocity MLT or full HVMLT

    Hi guys, I need some advice from you. I played with Babolat PS 98 po7 with RPM blast 125. This combination destroyed my arm. Now i bought the third generation of PS 98 because they were supposed to be more arm friendly but i changed the string to Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125. This combination is more...

    String Pattern

    Hi: With all the craziness going on I have been lucky enough to start a new project that will be fun! Do any of you happen to have the string pattern for this? Also, what do you recommend I put in it? I have OGSM and Sensation which I suspect has been around a while but can shop for...
  3. C

    Shoulder Injury: Crosses Poly Versus Gut

    A friend who I string for recently got a new racquet and has developed a shoulder injury (prince exo3 98 iirc). I strung it for him with: 16L pros pro hexaspin twist mains @50# 16L pros pro intense heat crosses @48# as I've been experimenting with lower tensions and he gave me...
  4. A

    Advice on new string for new rackets.

    Hi all. Lurked around the forum for ages but recently got an account. Looking for advice on some new strings with a new racket. Old racket was a Dunlop biometric 200 and always strung with RAB texflex premium at 60lbs. I like strings quite tight. I play mainly doubles and am generally an...

    Gut - Temperature / Humidity Impact

    Over the winter I switched from Volkl Cyclone Tour (VCT) to NGW Uncoated Gut/Cream at 47/44. I have had multiple wrist/elbow surgeries so I string at as low a tension as I can go and feel I have control. I really enjoyed the setup this winter. Now that it is summer I bumped the tension to...
  6. C

    Multi for Pure Aero 2019?

    Hi, I'm a 3.0-3.5 level male and need suggestions on strings for my PA2019. Some background - I bought PA2019 earlier this year after demo-ing it with Babolat RPM Blast 16 rough and loved the frame-poly combo so much that I got my racket strung with same strings @55. However, for my skill...
  7. M

    Does this string job look correct?

    Just received a racquet from TW, and the ties look loose and long to me. But not sure. Has this been strung correctly? Is it okay to cut the ends?
  8. A

    Bicep Friendly racquest

    Anyone have any suggestions on bicep friendly tennis racquets? I'm currently thinking about changing my current racquets out for some new ones. In 2005 I tore my bicep and got poor medical help and never got therapy until recently. I've loosened the tension of my strings I run a hybrid setup...
  9. F

    Looking for a hybrid combination for good power and tension maintaincane.

    I currently have a babolat pure aero 2018 and looking to change my old string because its dead. I am looking at hybrids because I want a string that have good tension maintance, power, control and spin. For the main I might go for babolat VS nat gut but for the cross im not sure because luxilon...
  10. B

    Yonex Ezone 100 (285G) with Babolat Natural Gut?

    Hi everyone, I need some advice on Natural Guts on my Yonex Ezone 100 LG @285G Currently I am using Yonex Rexis Multifilament String at 52LBS and would like to give Babolat Natural Gut a go. I'm only an intermediate player :( has anyone tried this setup before?
  11. Pitti

    String advice for Ultra Tour 18x20?

    Hi everyone. I’ve registered to this forum to see what string advice can you give me: I’ve recently returned to tennis after a 10 year hiatus. I was a consistent club player by the time I gave it up. I’m an all court player, with a 1hbh. I’m aggressive, and like to open angles and attack short...
  12. trixner

    String Suggestion? - Head Youtek Graphene Speed MP 100

    Been playing with this racquet for about 2 years and I've never really gotten used to the contact and feel with NXT Tour 16 strung at 56. Background: In college I played a Head Liquimetal Radical (thick beam 18x20) and thought I could use some more playability when I got back to playing again...
  13. pico

    RF97 Autograph @60lbs on mains anyone???

    Hey guys. I recently purchased the black matte RF97 Autograph. I strung it with the Volkl Psycho hybrid (Volkl Cyclone on mains at 58lbs and Volkl Power Fiber on crosses at 55lbs). This is one powerful racquet. I am over-hitting a lot with it. I have the same setup on my Yonex Duel G 97 330g and...

    Cheaper Alternative to Lux 4G

    I am stringing for a friend who plays with a Wilson 98S and is evaluating a hybrid of Gosen with Luxilon 4G. However, he plans to restring often and the 4G is pretty pricy even in a hybrid. Any thoughts on a round medium-firm control string alternative? I am seeing: - Luxilon Adrenaline -...
  15. Project One6

    Prestige Tour 600 Rec. Tension

    Hey, pretty new to the forum. I got a PT600 coming in soon and I got a couple strings on me. I normally hit with a shaped poly at 48 lbs in a Vcore Tour G 310. I was thinking about putting in k-gut 17 since I won a set for cheap off the bay but I also got Isospeed Cream, Outlast 17, TNT2 16, and...

    String Inventory Question

    I have been stringing racquets for approximately 2 years originally on a crank a pro gave me and now on an Alpha Ghost 2 I purchased new about 5 months ago. I started stringing as my son is a USTA Jr. tournament player and over the last year or so I have been stringing for friends. As such I...
  17. Simon_the_furry

    Soft, spin-friendly hybrid setups for Yonex EZONE Ai 98?

    I'm looking for some new setups to try. My last setup was Wilson Revolve 16 in the mains and Gosen Laytex Touch 16 in the crosses, at 52 and 48 pounds respectively. It made my arm sore, though. I'd like a nice set with ample spin and a plush feel. I liked Isospeed Cream a lot when I tried it...
  18. SoccerGuy

    Types of Knots

    I’ve seen a bunch of different techniques that are used for tying string. I don’t know which one is the best for each situation. Anyone have any recommendations? I’m hoping that we can compile a list of some of the knots here! :)
  19. J

    Racquet Performance at Max Tension

    What effect does stringing at max tension have? My old racquet was a 55-65lb and I used it at 60lbs (playing for control), but I just switched to a 50-60lb racquet and I'm wondering what the difference would be if I keep stringing it at 60lbs? It feels different, and I'm wondering if that's...
  20. V

    Big experience change on strings - could use advice

    Hi all, A friend and I are trying to narrow down what happened with her recent stringing job that makes her dislike it so much. She has a Wilson BLX Four tennis racquet. It was restrung at a nearby pro shop in late May/early June with Prince Wearguard, 16 I believe. We asked for it to be...
  21. Gabriel Sara

    Wilson Pro Staff 85

    Hi guys, I have a question: I've been using wilson pro staff 85 with kirchbaun pro line 2 (1,3mm) and I feel it really stiff. What string would you recommend?
  22. SoccerGuy

    Hyper-G/ISOSPEED Cream Hybrid?

    Now that one of my favorite strings, ISOSPEED Cream, is back in stock, I'm debating about using it with my current string of choice Solinco Hyper-G. The main thing I'm looking for is spin and feel, but I'm finding it hard to find a string setup where the ball doesn't fly on me. I play a lot of...
  23. Geoffism

    ALU Power/NRG2 hybrid - gauge question

    I'm currently using PDT with ALU Power 16L/NRG2 16. I was using Pro Hurricane Tour 16 with NRG2 16 until recently (dug the feel of the ALU). Just swapped out the PHT for the ALU in my frames. My question - will the ALU cut through the NRG2 quickly if I drop to the NRG2 17 gauge? The ALU Power...
  24. W

    Best Poly String for Head Prestige Classic 600 (PC600)

    Hi, I have Head PC 600 and as you know this is VERY flexible 18X20 racquet. I've used Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L on my K-Factor Six-One Tour 90 (12 pts HL) with 52-56. It felt really stiff and hard? so no comfort at all. I have the reel of Luxilon Alu Power Rough so should I string this on my...
  25. Rezmund13

    1993 Made In Austria Head Radical Tour OS 690 18x19 string tension recommendation?

    Hi Looking for some advice I picked up a mint 1993 original Agassi Head Radical Tour OS recently and want to string it with a hybrid set of vs touch black 16 mains and rpm blast 17 crosses. The original manufacturer's recommendation is 65lbs plus which seems high by modern standards. Am...
  26. Rozzdawg

    Racquet Change advice

    Hi, first post on here so I hope I'm posting in the right section. I'm a college player and I play with the Head Radical MP (16x19), but recently tested a Wilson Blade 18x20. I have very loopy topspin groundstrokes, so I have never had a good relationship with 18x20 patterns, but really...