string advice

  1. F

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike moves a lot since the first shot

    Hi, I've bought a new Prince Tour 100 racquet in October and chose a 1.30 mm Prince Diablo string with it, strung at 24/23 kg. The strings never moved but had notches on it after a couple of months. Since there are no Prince Diablo strings available anywhere in my country I've chosen another...
  2. B

    String for 11 yr old girl

    My daughter is 11 and is a competitive player. She is medium height/thin, but strong, and hits relatively hard for her age. She plays with a Yonex Vcore 100L racket (strungweight 298g). She hurt her arm about a year ago, so I have since had her playing with a full bed of multifilament strung...
  3. N

    Poly on main started to move around like crazy - time to restring?

    I had Luxilon 4G on main and Gut on cross strung at 52/52lbs about two months ago, I played roughly 2-3 times a week. I just notice that the gut on cross started to fray badly and the main string moving around like way too much. Say like if i want to keep the main string looks tidy i would have...
  4. V

    Favourite Isospeed poly?

    Isospeed strings are decently cheap to get where I live so looking on what to test and get a reel in the long term. From the descriptions a lot of their strings sound somewhat similar so I'm looking for some opinions on their strings. So far I've tried * Baseline as a cross in gut/poly (quite...
  5. M

    Soft, spin friendly poly

    Hi guys. Im looking for a soft, spin friendly poly string for my aeropro drive original! If you have any recommendations please share with me!
  6. M

    Custom string pattern on wilson six one 95?

    Hi guys i want to skip 1 or 2 strings to make the 18x20 pattern to 18x18 or 18x19 since its a dense pattern on a rounded "small" frame 95sq I just want more launch angle and softness
  7. N

    String advice for 13 year old

    Hello all, I am a 13 year old tennis player who has used rpm blast at 48lb for a while now and have found it to be nice, but a little harsh on the arm. I have broken them now, and I was wondering what I should get next. I use a full western grip so I'm looking to generate a lot of topsin but I...
  8. M

    Suggestion Cross String 18x20 Blade

    Hi all, I play with 2015 blades 18x20 and like the Kirschbaum Evolution string a lot. Due to elbow sensitivity I want to change the cross string with a multi or syn gut. what are you guys recommendations that don’t break the bank? Also spin potential and longevity wise. Thanks!
  9. D

    Multi or Other strings for young player

    Hi, I just tried Mantis Comfort Synthetic 16 on my sons Diadem Nova and BBLT Drive Team, both really did not like it, it's moving like spaghettis, (and we can handle smell -). Can anybody recommend comfortable stings for slim body players 14,16 year old players. We prefer 17 gauge, nothing...
  10. galahad

    16 vs 17 Gauge

    Is anyone aware of studies showing the impact of using different thickness string on: -spin -control -power I'm less interested in anecdotal testimony, but rather looking for laboratory research on this topic. Thank you!
  11. S

    My pro staff classic 6.1 95 needs more control

    I bought a PSC 6.1 95 not long ago but it has way too much pop, and I was wondering what string and tension you all would recommend for very low power and more spin
  12. Hunter Rice

    Is this just how long strings last?

    Hey beautiful talktennis members! I have been hitting 3-4 hours a day lately and have broken a string every day. My current setup is a VCore 98 with Diadem Solstice Power 16L at 52lbs strung one piece. Is there anything I can change about my stringing to get more durability? It’s fine If I am...
  13. T

    Similar strings to Yonex Polytour Pro

    I enjoy the string a lot in 16L, I’m going to try 17g next since I don’t ever break the 16L, but I’m looking for something cheaper. I’m currently using the Ezone 98 2020 at around 50lbs depending on how I feel before I play. I’ve heard about MSV Co Focus as a cheaper alternative. Has anyone...
  14. C

    ALU Power RG (Roland Garros) feedback/reviews

    So I think this string looks really cool. I, admittedly, am into a good aesthetic for string, racquets, all my gear. :rolleyes: But there are very few reviews of this string. Its a unique (1.28) guage and again the color is cool. Slightly brighter than element...? Anyone have experience on...
  15. M

    Poly/poly hybrid suggestions for control

    I had both of my 2019 VCore Pro 97 310 strung up with a Velocity/Ghost Wire hybrid and while I loved it fresh and in the cold, after just a week and a half and about 5-6 hours on each frame, balls are already starting to fly on me more than I'd like when the temp is above 50. It's not...
  16. B

    New Speed Pro or MP

    I am 22 years old and planning to go back to tennis. I've been using YouTek Speed MP for about 8 years since i was a teenager. I was playing competitively back then (proper training 6 days a week + junior tournaments), sort of paused playing when i was about to join uni and then Covid lockdowns...
  17. Godfather

    Head Prestige Mid 93 Stringing

    Howdy I wanted to ask about your opinion on stringing Prestige Mid. For now I have chosen to use Babolat RPM Blast Rough and Tecnifibre XR3 17G together in order to get better spin and power from a 93" mid size racket. I was inclined to use Rough on the mains for spin and XR3 on crosses for...
  18. F

    String setup for T40 305 (18x20)

    Hey, can someone recommend a good string setup for T40 305 (18x20)? Im used to play with polys (mostly RPM Blast and Foxus hex) around 27/26 kg. Thanks
  19. Troy_Chen

    String to pair with Yonex Vcore Pro 330 and Ezone 98 Tour

    Hey guys, looking into new rackets to switch to from my Ezone DR 100. I narrowed it down to Vcore Pro 97 330 and Ezone 98 Tour. I am not sure what strings to use since they are totally different kinds of rackets. Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. Niwrad0

    Why does using racquet 'A' feel so much easier than racquet 'B'? (Details Below)

    With so many variables, looking to get another perspective on finding a good setup. As for why it feels better, I hit with much better control, as in it doesn't go long/drilling holes into the back fence when I hit the ball. I think it's also I have much higher spin too, so the ball shots tend...
  21. B

    Stringing tension advice please

    Hey, I've been playing with the Yonex VCore Pro H with a full bed of Head Lynx Tour at 51 lbs and am really enjoying it. I'm looking to try a slightly softer setup so will go for a hybrid. I'm going to string the mains with Head Velocity MLV and crosses with Head Lynx Tour... My question is...
  22. galahad

    We all know about Bi-phase & NRG..but what else is there?

    I’m looking for the lesser known quality Multifilament, the ”off the beaten track” quality string, which has qualities of these two great stings..and don’t give me NXT, or Sensation…I want the OFF-OFF Broadway string, the one heard about but forgot to write down… you have used...
  23. M

    Head Hawk vs Touch vs Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution vs other string suggestions?

    Hi guys, Ended up with these strings for my 2015 Blade's 18x20. I would love to get a comparison with these strings and maybe some suggestions? Why would I pick the HH over the HHT? Some good tension maintenance would be awesome. And was wondering if the 1.20 or 1.25 would be optimal in a...
  24. P

    Prince Synthetic Gut 17/1.25 Duraflex String moves around a lot - 55lbs

    I've just started using the PSGD I'm always worried about performance impact so I'm constantly moving them back after each point, but it gets tiring. Should I worry about them moving and ignore it, get them strung higher or think about another string? I'm a beginner/intermediate player. Any...
  25. M

    Recommended strings for 2015 Blade's 18x20?

    Hi guys, It's that time again that a new reel has to be purchased and I have no clue what to get. I don't play as often anymore so I am looking for a decent maintenance and under 100$ a reel. Any suggestions? I used to love ALU Power but as I don't play a lot and am a student this is an...
  26. E

    Any string set ups for the Yonex VCORE PRO 97 330?

    I injured my shoulder around March just before one of my team matches during warm ups and don't want to switch racquets just yet. At the time I was using a cheap babolat racquet that you can find at your local ***** sporting goods, so it was technique based rather than the racquet. Now I use the...
  27. M

    Hybrid cross - Tier One Ghost Wire vs Babolat Synthetic Gut

    Both of these strings have fairly low friction to other strings and would be good for softening up the stringbed. I plan to string a thin gauge of Volkl Cyclone in the mains and these would be thin too, as I am not a string breaker. My question is not so much which is better (although feel free...
  28. FREDerer_NadAUGUSTO

    RPM Dual 1.25mm vs Poly Tour Fire 1.25mm Which is better?

    Hi, Buddies! How are you doing? I m gonna buy new sets of strings cause I think my multi will break soon. I am indecisive between Poly Tour Fire 1.25mm (my current one) and Babolat RPM Dual 1.25mm to use as crosses. I use Gamma Ocho XP 16L Multi as Mains. Poly Tour Fire is marketed with SIF...
  29. G

    Radical Mp 2021 String Suggestions

    Hello! Just switched from Vcore 98 Galaxy Black (2019) to the new Head Radical Mp (2021).I tried out the radical and enjoyed the enhanced control I got out of it. FWIW, I live in a high altitude city (8,500 ft) and the name of the game here is spin and keep the ball in the court. In higher...
  30. M

    Poly in Mains or Crosses? First-time poly/hybrid user

    I'm looking to get my strings done soon, coming from synthetic gut to multi/poly hybrid. I'm wondering if it makes more sense to put the poly in the mains or in the crosses. Lately, as my current strings have lost tension, I find the ball flying long more and more, which makes me think I should...