string advice

  1. Gabriel Sara

    Wilson Pro Staff 85

    Hi guys, I have a question: I've been using wilson pro staff 85 with kirchbaun pro line 2 (1,3mm) and I feel it really stiff. What string would you recommend?
  2. SoccerGuy

    Hyper-G/ISOSPEED Cream Hybrid?

    Now that one of my favorite strings, ISOSPEED Cream, is back in stock, I'm debating about using it with my current string of choice Solinco Hyper-G. The main thing I'm looking for is spin and feel, but I'm finding it hard to find a string setup where the ball doesn't fly on me. I play a lot of...
  3. Geoffism

    ALU Power/NRG2 hybrid - gauge question

    I'm currently using PDT with ALU Power 16L/NRG2 16. I was using Pro Hurricane Tour 16 with NRG2 16 until recently (dug the feel of the ALU). Just swapped out the PHT for the ALU in my frames. My question - will the ALU cut through the NRG2 quickly if I drop to the NRG2 17 gauge? The ALU Power...
  4. W

    Best Poly String for Head Prestige Classic 600 (PC600)

    Hi, I have Head PC 600 and as you know this is VERY flexible 18X20 racquet. I've used Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L on my K-Factor Six-One Tour 90 (12 pts HL) with 52-56. It felt really stiff and hard? so no comfort at all. I have the reel of Luxilon Alu Power Rough so should I string this on my...
  5. Rezmund13

    1993 Made In Austria Head Radical Tour OS 690 18x19 string tension recommendation?

    Hi Looking for some advice I picked up a mint 1993 original Agassi Head Radical Tour OS recently and want to string it with a hybrid set of vs touch black 16 mains and rpm blast 17 crosses. The original manufacturer's recommendation is 65lbs plus which seems high by modern standards. Am...
  6. Rozzdawg

    Racquet Change advice

    Hi, first post on here so I hope I'm posting in the right section. I'm a college player and I play with the Head Radical MP (16x19), but recently tested a Wilson Blade 18x20. I have very loopy topspin groundstrokes, so I have never had a good relationship with 18x20 patterns, but really...