string hybrids

  1. C

    Multi/Multi Hybrids that can do it all?

    So a lot of us all-courters (and others) like to play with control oriented more traditional feeling players racquets. I myself am currently in love with my PS97 V13 which offers a ton of feel and great precision. Great from every angle, except if you cannot generate your own power. The problem...
  2. Y

    RPM Blast vs Hawk Touch for crosses with gut mains?

    Also, how do you think the two compare against each other? Any feedback is appreciated! :)

    Gut - Temperature / Humidity Impact

    Over the winter I switched from Volkl Cyclone Tour (VCT) to NGW Uncoated Gut/Cream at 47/44. I have had multiple wrist/elbow surgeries so I string at as low a tension as I can go and feel I have control. I really enjoyed the setup this winter. Now that it is summer I bumped the tension to...
  4. E

    [String Advice] Pure Aero

    Hi All, I am a 4.0ish player trying to work on getting more top spin in my strokes. After playing an entire winter with my BLX Tour 95 with a hybrid setup (Natural Gut : 60 lbs, YTex Quadro Twist : 52 lbs) I took a gamble on a Pure Aero. The demo felt awesome (was strung with Head Velocity...
  5. F

    Looking for a hybrid combination for good power and tension maintaincane.

    I currently have a babolat pure aero 2018 and looking to change my old string because its dead. I am looking at hybrids because I want a string that have good tension maintance, power, control and spin. For the main I might go for babolat VS nat gut but for the cross im not sure because luxilon...
  6. pabsquid

    Poly Hybrid (shaped mains+round x's) or single type - Low tension

    Background: I'm experimenting with a new string setup in the Head Graphene Speed 360 MP & Speed 360 Pro. Moved to these frames from a Pure Aero because I wanted something more flexible and started using a poly main with a multi cross to help with comfort. I had been using Luxilon Alu Power...

    Cheaper Alternative to Lux 4G

    I am stringing for a friend who plays with a Wilson 98S and is evaluating a hybrid of Gosen with Luxilon 4G. However, he plans to restring often and the 4G is pretty pricy even in a hybrid. Any thoughts on a round medium-firm control string alternative? I am seeing: - Luxilon Adrenaline -...
  8. SoccerGuy

    Hyper-G/ISOSPEED Cream Hybrid?

    Now that one of my favorite strings, ISOSPEED Cream, is back in stock, I'm debating about using it with my current string of choice Solinco Hyper-G. The main thing I'm looking for is spin and feel, but I'm finding it hard to find a string setup where the ball doesn't fly on me. I play a lot of...