1. E

    Is my Hyper-G shot?

    This is my first time playing with a poly. I bought a pre-owned racquet with Solinco Hyper-G in it. I played for a while with it now. I am not sure I am experiencing any big play differences mostly because this racquet (Clash) can overhit and be erratic. What I am sure is that string sounds...
  2. A

    Mystery strings

    A while ago, I was given a reel of Tennis Code, Stealth Overboost 1.25 black reel. Does anyone know what these strings are or where I can buy another reel from? I can't find them anywhere on the Web.
  3. SOY78

    FS or FT: Gamma X-ST Stringer lockout stringing machine used

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Gamma X-ST Stringer Grip Size / Size: N/A Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): N/A Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 3-6 Months *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Just...
  4. W

    Best way to get better fast

    It is simple, get a high rate of repeat-ability. For example, have all racquets identical, string always with the same wire, same tension and string as often as you can. Worst thing is to have many different racquets in your bag, even if the difference is just the string or weight. If they are...
  5. W

    MSV Focus Hex: White vs Black

    Played yesterday and had two racquets strung with MSV Focus Hex in my bag. One was strung with white Focus Hex and the other one was strung with the black Focus Hex. I started with the black MSV Focus Hex. Great string, great feel, great spin, great durability, great tension maintenance. But I...
  6. W

    Stringing and head deformation

    What I noticed lately from my often stringing jobs is that mains and crosses pull the head sides and deformation occurs depending on the tension you put on each type of strings, mains and crosses. The head can get elongated into a slight oval shape if the tension in the crosses is higher or it...
  7. E

    Is Babolat PureStrike 98 (18x20), in your experience, a tennis elbow maker?

    I'have just gotten an unstrung Babolat PureStrike 98 (18x20). While looking at some stringing recommendations, I ran into a discouraging pattern where people initially praise the racket for its play performance (it is one of the highest rated rackets on TW, rated at 89), but then I see...
  8. J

    New babolat Vs natural gut strings?

    Went to my regular stringer that day and he had only 3 packets of babolat vs team left, he said babolat is working to distribute new natural gut strings. Has anyone heard of this new development as well? and if so,what are the new strings gonna be like? Cheers
  9. W

    Strings never break. Should I go for a certain type of strings?

    I have two racquets: A Head Prestige and a Head Speed. Now I never ever break my strings. So when I go to the shop, should I ask them not to prioritize durability or something?
  10. Znak

    Wilson Blade v7 18x20 cross stringing question

    I'm pretty sure I did this wrong... I'm so used to Yonex 2-pieces which end up so clean. I bought a new 18x20 v7 Blade and as per their site, it mentions to tie the x-string at 6T, 12B. Problem being the mains have already travelled back to tie off at 7B which leaves a bundle of strings like in...
  11. pico

    Your Gravity Pro string setup...

    For Gravity Pro users, what strings and tension do you use?
  12. D

    Wilson Blade 98 L (16x19)

    Hi everyone! Can you advise me which strings, and which string tension to use? 2 or 4 knots?
  13. Awesome Prostaff

    Luxilon Savage on Wilson Clash

    I have never tried the Luxilon Savage, people like it’s 6 sided shape plus it’s co poly, has anybody tried it?
  14. M

    Signum Pro Strings Yellow Jacket and X-Perience

    These have to be some of the most underrated strings on the market. I have been using Volkl Cyclone and Solino Hyper G pretty exclusively but after testing these strings I may just switch. They provide the same bite and control I get from Cyclone and Hyper G, but in a much more comfortable...

    Gut - Temperature / Humidity Impact

    Over the winter I switched from Volkl Cyclone Tour (VCT) to NGW Uncoated Gut/Cream at 47/44. I have had multiple wrist/elbow surgeries so I string at as low a tension as I can go and feel I have control. I really enjoyed the setup this winter. Now that it is summer I bumped the tension to...
  16. M

    Does this string job look correct?

    Just received a racquet from TW, and the ties look loose and long to me. But not sure. Has this been strung correctly? Is it okay to cut the ends?

    PPC, NXT Control, NXT Comfort - Stiffness Values on Comparison Tool

    I am confused by the stiffness values I am seeing on the String Comparison Tool for Prince Premier Control, NXT Comfort, and NXT Control and I am wondering if I am miss-interpreting these values or the intent of these strings or perhaps there is a wrong value for NXT Comfort in the tool. I...
  18. untetheredKite

    Dominic Thiem's new strings at Indian Wells

    I have noticed Dominic Thiem isn't using his usual Orange Rpm Blast and Natural string hybrid at Indian Wells. He is using some all white string crossed with maybe some Natural string. What are these new strings???? Pic...
  19. C

    Is Yonex Poly Tour Pro far more popular than PT Air, Fire, Spin, Strike?

    And reason? And if it is just better, why does Yonex sell it at a much lower price than the rest (except PT Air)?
  20. liftordie

    The most slippery round strings on the market in 2019

    What are (for you) the most slippery round strings on the market in 2019 (for using as a cross)? Thank you
  21. liftordie

    Signum Pro X-perience 17L (1.18)

    This is the best string I have play with!!! Perfect balance of power, control and spin! Great comfort, touch and tension maintenance! I love that string so much!!! :love: Let me know if you love it too!! :giggle:
  22. liftordie

    Good string for Phantom Pro 100

    What string did you choose for your PP100? Stiff or soft poly? Shaped or round? Multi? Hybrid? I play only on clay and I want to maximize spin and control. With top comfort and good durability/tension maintenance. I'm 4.0/4.5 player.

    RacquetTune String Factor for Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17G

    I just purchased some Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17G (Not Rough but Smooth version) to try in Hybrids with Gosen OGSM 16G. I can’t seem to locate a RacquetTune String Factor for this string in the RacquetTune DB or out here on Talk Tennis. I hope this is not a bad sign that my experiment with...
  24. C

    Yonex Poly Tour Fire vs Pro? or Don't believe in comparison charts.

    I started to question those string comparison charts -- even official ones. A) This image is from the official site. I don't know on which web page it is shown. B)...
  25. S

    Black string - can you guess/suggest what this is?

    Hi all, Recently bought a PS 18x20 demo. Trying to find out what string it has. TW told me it is Head LYNX, (I bought a new racquet with this in it, and since sent the racquet back - long story). I attach three images - first one is the head LYNX, second the one Im trying to find out what it...
  26. L

    Temperature and string tension

    Hi. In your opinion/experience does a 10º temperature plus 30% humidity difference make a difference in how your string set up plays? I ask because I strung a racquet and it hit for a couple hours with it on a day in the low 80º range. It was marvelous. Couldn't miss. The next day it was 96º...
  27. wferdinand

    Cross strings tension compared to mains tension

    I stringing my racquet for 23 kgs (50 lbs) both mains and crosses from same copoly in the last few months. Before this I stringed 23 kgs (50 lbs) to mains and 22 kgs (48 lbs) crosses, but I felt too loose this setup, same mains/crosses tension is for me more balanced, don't loosing flexibility...
  28. liftordie

    Softest spin-friendly crosses in the world?

    What is the most non-poly comfort crosses in the all world for spin and control?? :) Thanks for help!
  29. Znak

    Bowed string/grommet issue?

    Encountered a new one today. Was stringing for a friend and once completed I was straightening out the strings and noticed that on the 17th and 18th cross the string bowed. Like I couldn't adjust it, it kept going back to that flexed position — on the 17th it flexed downwards, on the 18th...
  30. Jay Sean

    What's your favorite sub $12 string?

    Feel free to elaborate on why and what your playstyle/level is.