1. T

    Need string for Head Gravity Pro

    I recently purchased a Head Gravity Pro with Head Lynx Tour @48lbs. I don’t really feel like this string is as great as I liked it to be. I got a recommendation for Solinco Confidential @51 lbs, might try this unless I get a better recommendation.
  2. D

    Tennis String Tension Measuring Error

    Hey everyone, I recently got a Tourna Stringmeter to check the string tensions on my rackets, but one issue came up. Checking most of my rackets, it seems to be in line with what I strung it at or slightly lower due to string tension loss, but when I tried it on two rackets strung with Gosen...
  3. T

    Rublev actual string changed?

    Hello together, In Adelaide rublev gave his raquet to a young fan after his loss against Bautista. It seems like he change from a full bed of adrenaline to another string ? Maybe Someone of you has informations. You can see a clear picture of the actual string on the instagram of: jxvanperic
  4. M

    Aeropro drive original string choice in 2022

    Hello guys, its almost 2023, and many many strings on the market and Im thinking about what could be a good string choice for my old (the first) aero pro drive original? In the past i tried around 3-4 strings, so I dont have much experience. Im thinking about hyper g and weiss cannon ultra...
  5. D

    Oval String Shape?

    Hey everyone, just a quick question to throw out there. I am currently intrigued by ISOSPEED Rexxxer and StringLab's Orbitour, just to try it and see how they play, and I was wondering what exactly would an oval shape string do. I do not see the obvious benefit for it and assume it's more of a...
  6. Q

    ReString Zero: Premium Strings

    Hey everyone, this is my first post I wanted to share some strings I came across earlier in the summer. The brand is called ReString and they are relatively new to the world of tennis. I was looking for a new string that could give me good power/spin but also maintain comfort. What I love about...
  7. M

    Suggestion Cross String 18x20 Blade

    Hi all, I play with 2015 blades 18x20 and like the Kirschbaum Evolution string a lot. Due to elbow sensitivity I want to change the cross string with a multi or syn gut. what are you guys recommendations that don’t break the bank? Also spin potential and longevity wise. Thanks!
  8. Myrko

    Best gut hybrid for RF97A (especially crosses)?

    I'd like to put the first gut hybrid on my RF97A. I want to use Luxilon Natural Gut 1.30 for mains (I had a great feel with full bed on the RF97A already). But I'm unsure about the Poly for the crosses (and I don't want to mess it up). So I was thinking the following... - probably best to use...
  9. Michael7

    Strings Similar to the bite (ball grab) of Solinco Confidential?

    I love the consistency, spin, and control of Solinco Confidential, however I do notice it being fairly firm. Does anyone know of any strings that grab/grip the ball as well as Solinco Confidential but are softer? My thinking is Solinco Hyper-G however, it is certainly a bit more muted of a...
  10. D

    Angell strings stiffness

    I've been looking in several places and never found it. Does anyone have information on the stiffness of Angell Halo strings?
  11. Michael7

    Do Pros Actually use Babolat RPM String?

    Do the Pros actually use Babolat RPM string or maybe something similar that they do not sell to the public? Not sure if anyone may actually know? Thanks in advance!
  12. P

    What strings to use with my Wilson Clash 100?

    I'm a complete beginner who just started tennis coaching about a month ago. I do have arm problems from playing Badminton previously, so I've decided to get the Wilson Clash 100 for its low stiffness. Now I'm confused about which string to get for it. I do not have a whole bunch of options, but...
  13. C

    Volkl V-Pro users

    Anyone else use this string and think it's a pretty good all around string. I've used the 17 and 18 guages in closed and open pattern racquets and really enjoyed it. It's a round poly, I consider it on the softer but not soft-powerful side of polys. Comfortable but with good feel, good tension...
  14. Roads_to_tennis

    String stiffness and tension VS Pop

    Does more stiff string give you more pop while hitting?? And does string tension play any role in increasing or decreasing the Pop. Thanks :)
  15. M

    Poly/poly hybrid suggestions for control

    I had both of my 2019 VCore Pro 97 310 strung up with a Velocity/Ghost Wire hybrid and while I loved it fresh and in the cold, after just a week and a half and about 5-6 hours on each frame, balls are already starting to fly on me more than I'd like when the temp is above 50. It's not...
  16. N

    Luxilon Adrenaline - what do you think about it?

    Hi all! I'd like ask you about Luxilon Adrenaline's tennis string. I'm intermediate player, coach describe my playing style as aggresive baseliner and I want try poly string(maybe first in hybrid) cause I have enough of re-stringing multi string. 1. What is comfort of it? (Full bed) 2. Power and...
  17. N

    When should I change string?

    Hello! I'm playing three times per week about 30 minutes. 1 h 30 min per week + one week rest in month. I changed strings 4 weeks ago from pre-strung racket(Spiraltek I played one time and I hated it to new Babolat Xcel 1.30 mm. It lost a bit power and the top cross string started a little...
  18. Godfather

    Head Prestige Mid 93 Stringing

    Howdy I wanted to ask about your opinion on stringing Prestige Mid. For now I have chosen to use Babolat RPM Blast Rough and Tecnifibre XR3 17G together in order to get better spin and power from a 93" mid size racket. I was inclined to use Rough on the mains for spin and XR3 on crosses for...

    What questions do I ask new customers?

    I started stringing in July 2021. I'm now starting to string for more people now besides my friends and people I know well (and their games). I think I'm doing well so far getting the right combinations (string/tension) in people's racquets and getting positive feedback. But I don't have much...
  20. F

    String setup for T40 305 (18x20)

    Hey, can someone recommend a good string setup for T40 305 (18x20)? Im used to play with polys (mostly RPM Blast and Foxus hex) around 27/26 kg. Thanks
  21. B


    Hello guys. I have been playing tennis for 1 year and I’m 38. I started playing with blade 98 v7 (305g) then felt it’s too difficult to control the stick for beginners like me. So I switched to Head Instinct MP (300g) 2019 after my friend advised me. Now I feel comfortable particularly for the...
  22. galahad

    Technifibre - X.code…thoughts?

    I’ve just uncovered a small stash of 4 sets of this string In 17gauge I think its been discontinued. Does anyone have any idea if its been renamed, or why it has ceased production - any comments on this string, good bad or ugly, would be appreciated.
  23. B

    Stringing Machine Advice

    Hi I'm looking at buying a stringing machine in Australia. It took me a long time to find any because it's not a big market. I was aiming to spend around 1000AUD. I ended up finding 3 crank machines that I was deciding between. The AEF Egret 200, the SpinFire Blaze and the Eagnas Flex 920. I...
  24. M

    Head Hawk vs Touch vs Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution vs other string suggestions?

    Hi guys, Ended up with these strings for my 2015 Blade's 18x20. I would love to get a comparison with these strings and maybe some suggestions? Why would I pick the HH over the HHT? Some good tension maintenance would be awesome. And was wondering if the 1.20 or 1.25 would be optimal in a...
  25. D

    Leylah Fernandez strings with very low tension

    Hi all, for me looks like Leylah plays with trampoline racket, so crazy power and angles, do you think so ? anybody has insights how low tension she plays with ? and looks like her racket head is over sized too. Thanks Mario
  26. M

    Recommended strings for 2015 Blade's 18x20?

    Hi guys, It's that time again that a new reel has to be purchased and I have no clue what to get. I don't play as often anymore so I am looking for a decent maintenance and under 100$ a reel. Any suggestions? I used to love ALU Power but as I don't play a lot and am a student this is an...
  27. Znak

    Favourite smaller brand: TierOne v Mayami v Grapplesnake v Toroline

    I already have so many strings in my box to test out, but seeing all these great reviews makes me want to test some of these smaller brands, (I didn't include ProsPro just because I don't have access to it). I know there are already individual threads on each brand, but curious to hear from...
  28. V

    Favorite round poly cross in a hybrid?

    What are some good round polys to use in the crosses with a shaped main poly string (like hyper g)?
  29. M

    String for Vcore pro 97

    I am going to buy a vcore pro 97 after testing and loving it, but I do not know which string to strung, I saw that this frame does not work well with hyper g or you need to strung with different tensions. Please help me
  30. S

    Head Gravity 360+ Jr 26", prestrung with what string?

    I just bought a Head Gravity 360+ jr 26" racquet for my 9yr old daughter. The racquet came prestrung and the string feels like a really stiff/hard black poly. The only words written on the string says "HEAD". Can anyone tell me what type of string this is? I string my own racquets and would...