1. D

    FS: Drop Weight Tennis Stringing Machine

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Silent Partner Swing Tennis Stringing Machine Grip Size / Size: N/A Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): n/a Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): I am the original owner of the machine and...
  2. SOY78

    FS or FT: Gamma X-ST Stringer lockout stringing machine used

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Gamma X-ST Stringer Grip Size / Size: N/A Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): N/A Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 3-6 Months *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Just...
  3. F

    What machine....?!

    To add Wise 2086 on Gamma X-ST, or to sell it and go with a new machine with better clamps? Primarily used for a serious junior player, and definitely we have to go with an electronic CP machine. We don’t like rotational gripper like one on Gamma X-ELS. The cost is important but quality, and...
  4. C

    FS: Wilson Baiardo stringing machine + tools -- 9.5/10

    Hey TT folks - Thanks for checking out my ad. I sold my stringing business in 2018 when I moved out of the Bay area. I missed stringing though, so I pulled the trigger and bought this Jan 2019. Business has been much harder to drum up here than where I came from, so it's time for me to pursue...
  5. S

    Babolat Perf Link

    I have a Wilson Baiardo and I am going to buy the Babolat Perf Link. This is the full automatic machine. One of my friends in Europe advised me that the automatic clamps fail periodically and release tension for no reason. Does anyone have any experience with this? My friend suggested I ask...
  6. P

    ***Lightweight, portable stringing machines...a compromise? ***

    Hi everyone, There are a few machines out there and the question I pose: Is it possible to have a portable lightweight machine (intended for travel, but maybe the goal is to save space in your home) that performs well as a stringer in its own right, without compromise?
  7. J


    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Pro’s Pro Pilot Stringing Machine/Manual Crank/purchased August 2016 Grip Size / Size: Quantity: Head Size (if a racquet): Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Approximately 1 racquet strung...
  8. puredrivepete

    WTB - String Machine

    Looking for either a drop weight or crank, preferably with fixed clamps puredrivepete@ gmail Thanks!
  9. N

    FS: (1x) Alpha Orbiter | Electronic stringing machine | Extremely low mileage | 9/10 | $1275 shipped

    My law firm has recently cleared me to work remotely, which means I need to downgrade to stringer to something that is more portable. Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Alpha Orbiter Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30...
  10. N

    Dropweight with fixed clamps

    My law firm recently cleared me to start working remotely! Which means I'd need a machine portable enough to carry around as I start my new life as a digital nomad. I don't really care about the condition as long as it works and is a dropweight with fixed clamps. Please no cranks because I...
  11. Yoneyama

    Pro's Pro vs. Alpha

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to get a stringing machine. Not just to save money in the long run, but it is also something I have wanted to be able to do for quite some time. After doing quite a lot of research, the idea of a manual machine + a Wise 2086 tension head sounds like a good setup. I...
  12. F

    WTB: Babolat Stringing Machine (Dual Clamp Only) or Wilson Baiardo

    Looking for Babolat Stringing Machine (only Dual Clamp) or Wilson Baiardo. Models: 2502, 2502e, 3002, Star 4, Star 5 Shipping to Italy
  13. puredrivepete

    WTB - Electronic Stringer

    Looking to buy a used electronic stringer -
  14. ccapp

    Stringer - Gamma X2 F/S $50

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Gamma X2 stringer Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): With original clamps and tools. Missing feet for bottom, but no big deal. Good 'ol tried and true drop-weight machine. Price: $50 Shipping...
  15. brownbearfalling

    WTB/WTT Wise Tension Head. Low miles.

    Looking for a Wise tension head with low usage since I plan to put it to work. There seem to have been a recent surge of these on the classifieds that all sold. Price was around $400 shipped. So I would be looking to spend around that. Newer model please with the diablo and button behind...
  16. buckeye_man18

    My little tip for dropweight machines: line level

    I have a Gamma X-6FC dropweight stringer. I'm particular, so I was frustrated with "eyeballing" the dropweight bar to determine if it was level and thus at the desired tension. My solution was to buy a cheap line level and zip-tie it to the dropweight bar. It may seem unnecessary to some, but I...
  17. O

    Babolat Star 4 Trigger HELP!!

    I just recently bought a Babolat Star 4 for a really reasonable price. My only problem is that the trigger for the gripper is barely working. It take me a couple of presses in order to tension the string. Is there anyway to fix this??? I really need the help!! Want to string on this machine lol
  18. asdad1109

    Best Stringer/Racquet Services in Seattle

    Will be in downtown Seattle later this month and looking for the best stringer and racquet services stop.
  19. Federico Sansone

    Need Information about Eagnass stringer machines

    Hi all, I am from Argentina and I am trying to find the cheapest machine to buy because I am visiting Miami on late March. I knew there is information about Eagnass and the bad quality of their machines. But this information is posted since 2008 and late and I am trying to find newest...
  20. D

    Used stringing machine

    I am looking to buy a used tennis stringing machine in order to experiment with different tensions/string combinations. If anyone is looking to sell, please respond to this post. Thanks!