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  1. I

    Best tabletop stringer setup?

    Hey folks, first time poster here. I'd like to purchase a tabletop stringing machine (I don't have lots of space in my apartment sadly, but I'm amenable to a tabletop setup with a foldable stand or a cart or something). This will be my first stringing machine. I'm mostly looking for...
  2. A

    Yet another “stringing machine advice” thread

    Hey everyone, I’ve decided that I want to start stringing my rackets and, obviously, I need my own machine. I’ve searched in the forums and seems that my question is not uncanny, but also seemed that it was mostly “not so actual” advice - it could be, but with inflation and all… So, I’m...
  3. R

    Mounting Frames on Tourna CS-350

    Hey everyone. I've done 3 frames so far on my new Tourna CS-350 stringing machine and it feels like I have to mount the racquets extremely tight or else the racquet will move when I pull tension (more noticeable nearing the end of the crosses). I notice that even when the racquet feels "tightly"...
  4. S

    Best Stringing Machine to start?

    Guys, what would you recommend for starters? stringing mine and friends racquets so not a lot of volume.. but prefferably electric for the ease of use and making it more of a pleasure.. i had a look at PPs Tomcat MT 400, Stringmaster 400 or SuperstriT70 etc. Considered also Tourna 300 cs but...
  5. E

    An advice on getting the first stringer machine

    I have a great stringer professional where I take my frames, but I am also a frame collector and I like to play with different frames which makes it for an expensive experience if I want to play with polys and re-string every so many weeks. So, I was thinking … I either get the most basic...
  6. B

    12 o’clock support coming loose when tensioning first mains

    Hi, I string on a Gamma Progression st ii and have noticed sometimes when I put tension on the first mains when starting a racquet the 12 o’clock support becomes loose and the frame moves slightly away. Please see video for an example: To...
  7. C

    Upgrade to Auto Clamps Loosening

    Hi All, I'd appreciate any help with this issue. I changed my clamp bases from the standard Spinfire to Spinfire Automatic base clamps. Every 3-4 racquets I need to tighten the base clamps as they begin to rotate back a little, likely resulting in tension loss. Is this normal procedure? Do...
  8. MM360

    Anyone able to contact MI Stringer, getting no responses

    Hi, As per the title I am not getting any replies from MI Stringer, the contact form says they will respond within 1 business day but nothing. The stringer looks perfect in the £300 range, assuming the company has gone under can anyone recommend a stringer for personal use for around £300? Thanks
  9. P

    *UK* Looking for a new machine...

    I have been stringing for over 6 years now and have had a Pro's Pro Pilot that has been somewhat troublesome and I'm looking for a new machine. I string mostly for myself but also do string for family and friends at my club. My budget is up to around the £1000 mark but for the right machine...
  10. R

    Premium Stringer 7600

    Hi Guys. We have limited stringing machines in South Africa. We only get dirt cheap drop weights or the Wilson Baiardo. A second hand Premium Stringer crank just came on the market. It says it is 9/10. Does anyone have experience with this machine. Accuracy? Clamps? Etc
  11. I

    New AEF M9 Pro Stringing Machine

    It looks like an improved verion with M8 head, pulled the trigger and ordered one.
  12. Michael7

    Gamma XLT vs X-ELS Machine Difference? Circular tension pull vs Linear?

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is much of a difference of tension pull quality between these 2 machines? Or between these 2 types of pull mechanisms? Thanks in Advance!
  13. R

    Pro’s Pro MT-200 stringing Head

    Hi guys. Anyone that has this stringing head? I want to attach it to my Gamma progression 2. The one with the 6 point mounting system and fixed clamps. Think its called the 206 FC? I know wise has a big following but it’s not really available in South Africa and i have a friend flying in from...
  14. B

    Stringing Machine Advice

    Hi I'm looking at buying a stringing machine in Australia. It took me a long time to find any because it's not a big market. I was aiming to spend around 1000AUD. I ended up finding 3 crank machines that I was deciding between. The AEF Egret 200, the SpinFire Blaze and the Eagnas Flex 920. I...
  15. C

    Stringing machine for high school cosch

    I am a rural ******* High School tennis coach. My players currently have to drive nearly an hour 1-way to get new strings. I want to buy a stringing machine to use for my players. I anticipate string approx 15-20 rackets per year. I will have to use booster money (from fundraisers) and I...
  16. S

    MT-200 vs MT-400

    Hi everyone, I’m located in Europe and would like to buy an electric stringing machine with fixed clamps and 6 points mount. I’ve been lurking on the forum the past week and read most of the posts I could find about stringing machines options and techniques. Thanks for the lots of information...
  17. O

    Alpha Axis Pro or Tourna 300cs

    Don't know which one to go with. Seems I can't go wrong with either, but just to be sure. I would prefer the one with the best clamps, however if one is much better than the other I would obviously go with that one.

    What stringing machine fits my needs?

    In April, I've posted that I want to buy my first stringing machine for good reasons (wanting to learn, experimenting, cost). I'll be stringing for myself and a few friends. I asked some questions and received a lot of good answers and information. With that information, I did some more research...
  19. Y

    Should I buy an old stringing machine? (Gamma Progression ST)

    I really want to start stringing my own racquets since there are not many places near me that offer stringing services (and I've heard bad things about Sporting Goods store services). I found an old Gamma Progression ST on Craigslist and am wondering if it is worth it. The owner's manual says...

    Help me with buying my first stringing machine

    Hey guys, it's been on and off in my head the last few months but now I've almost decided that I want to buy my own stringing machine. I'm not sure what kind of machine would fit my needs as I'm new to the stringing itself. Hopefully some of you guys want to help me with that. Some background...
  21. M

    Gamma 6004 6pt worth $3K CAD?

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a stringing machine. Budget is 3.5K CAD. I kind of wanted to buy an electronic machine so initially I had my eyes set on Gamma XLT but looks like its overpriced from the comments I have read on numerous threads. And its out of stock all over Canada. I noticed a...
  22. D

    Can a Klippermate dropweight replace a ratchet mech?

    I currently have a Klippermate. If I upgrade to a 6-point, fixed clamp, dropweight machine with a ratchet mechanism, is it possible to replace the ratchet with the Klippermate dropweight? Any thoughts?
  23. S

    Gamma X-6 FC & Alpha Pioneer DC Plus

    I’m looking to buy my first stringer, and I’ve narrowed it down to the Gamma and Alpha 6pt, fixed clamp drop weights (apparently I’m into the Greek alphabet). FWIW I already know how to string. I intend to do a small amount of stringing service with it—probably not enough to warrant the need...
  24. G

    MiStringer Stringing Machine -- Thoughts?

    I've heard glowing reviews about this through their customer reviews, do you all have any experience with this? I've read that it's better than any drop weights and easy to use after the learning curve. At only around $300, it seems like a steal, but I have never met anyone who actually has/uses...
  25. E

    Gamma 600 FC is it good?

    It's on the Bay - Adding pics in a sec since I found I can't post the URL It is definitely not in great condition, but it looks workable, and it has fixed clamps. I imagine maybe the clamps need to be replaced, but I can't tell if it has everything I need. $330 shipped is ok I guess. Any advice?
  26. S

    Stringing machines below $900 (Penta 3600 with Wise or Gamma/Alpha with crank?)

    I used to string with the cheap Klipmate and I had a pretty bad experience with it as I hated trying to balance the weight and would waste a lot of time. Also, I think I must have some attention deficit but I liked to string while watching tv so I would feel less miserable doing it. I feel like...
  27. A

    Help! PentaPremiumStringer 8700 Electro. Does not stop pulling.

    Hello everyone, I recently acquired a Penta Premium Stringer 8700 Electro! My issue is the following: (1). I set the machine to my desired tension (23.5kg). (2). The machine starts pulling, and eventually recognizes that my desired tension has been reached (a small light switches from red...
  28. O

    Should I buy a Gamma 7900 els, Alpha Ghost 2 or a Tourna es 700?

    I have been stringing for a few years and string probably 100 rackets a year on a crank/lockout machine. I am looking to upgraded to a nicer, newer electronic machine. I have narrowed it down to these three: Gamma 7900 els, Alpha Ghost 2, and Tourna 700 ES. I am also open to other suggestions...
  29. U

    Upgrading to Lockout Machine

    I've been stringing for a few years now with my trusty Gamma 200. Pretty recently, I used my mate's Prince crank and even though it was my first time using a crank, I found that it was just much quicker and less fiddly than my drop-weight, so I am now looking to get a decent crank machine. I'm...
  30. L

    Picking up stringing as a hobby

    I would like to pick up racquet stringing as a hobby. I am not sure if I will fully commit to it yet so I want to try to keep the spending low. Hopefully under $200 (I know this is a bit unreasonable). Where might I be able to buy a decent used stringing machine. I can't seem to find any active...