stringing machine

  1. L

    Picking up stringing as a hobby

    I would like to pick up racquet stringing as a hobby. I am not sure if I will fully commit to it yet so I want to try to keep the spending low. Hopefully under $200 (I know this is a bit unreasonable). Where might I be able to buy a decent used stringing machine. I can't seem to find any active...
  2. F

    What machine....?!

    To add Wise 2086 on Gamma X-ST, or to sell it and go with a new machine with better clamps? Primarily used for a serious junior player, and definitely we have to go with an electronic CP machine. We don’t like rotational gripper like one on Gamma X-ELS. The cost is important but quality, and...
  3. WilPro

    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    If you play tennis at least 1 hour per week. Buy the string you can cut the most often. Buy a stringing machine and cut strings as often as possible. Your arm will love it. For example Pro's Pro Blackout is a great string and very cheap. You should cut any poly or co-poly after 30 min and no...
  4. C

    Siboasi Stringing Machines

    Anyone had any experience with Siboasi Stringing Machines? From what I can tell, their cheaper electronic version is the same as the model from Pro's Pro. They seem to be competively priced and I am considering buying one.
  5. Mxdv2

    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    Hi - I'm relatively new to stringing and recently joined a stringing course to learn how to string. I realy enjoyed stringing. Now I'm planning to buy my own machine as I like to expiriment with different tensions and different string setups. Most of the time I will string for myself and maybe...
  6. T

    Good price for used Gamma 6004 (newest version)

    Hi, A newcomer to tt here. I am looking to get into stringing as a side gig. I have decided on a gamma stringer + 2086 wise tension head setup. I initially bought the Gamma Progression II 602 fc stringer for this purpose, but I recently stumbled across a used Gamma 6004 that the seller claims...
  7. S

    Babolat Perf Link

    I have a Wilson Baiardo and I am going to buy the Babolat Perf Link. This is the full automatic machine. One of my friends in Europe advised me that the automatic clamps fail periodically and release tension for no reason. Does anyone have any experience with this? My friend suggested I ask...
  8. S

    Starting machine

    Hey guys, does someone know where to get a klippermate-like machine in europe? I mean, i couldnt literally find anything under €300, which makes me kinda sad since i cannot spend much. I am only going to string for myself, so i suspect i wont need any of those helping factors and the most basic...
  9. strange_doood

    Gamma Progression II 200 (stringing machine)

    hi guys, im thinking about buying this one. anyone any experience with it? i've seen only positive feedbacks so far. what are the maximum possible tensions? any other recommendations with regard to it, e.g. any valuable accessories like a starting clamp? thx in advance
  10. John DeTennis

    Gamma 602FC/X6FC vs Alpha Pioneer DC Plus

    So I'm in the market for a stringer. Based on my budget, and goals with stringing, I have narrowed it down to the two options. Which one should I go for? -What is better, Gamma's drum gripper or Alpha's linear? (In terms of ease of use, maintenance etc.) -Which company has better customer...
  11. W

    Trying to save money by stringing

    I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, haven't found a clear answer: I'm trying to save money in the long run by doing my own stringing. But it would be *very* long run if I forked out a ton of cash for an expensive machine. Anyone have experience with the cheap machines around $300? Do...
  12. F

    The Electricity Consumption of a professional stringing machine

    How much does a Professional Stringing Machine (f.e. Baiardo) consume for stringing a racket? (f.e. 20-25 minutes)
  13. Yoneyama

    Pro's Pro vs. Alpha

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to get a stringing machine. Not just to save money in the long run, but it is also something I have wanted to be able to do for quite some time. After doing quite a lot of research, the idea of a manual machine + a Wise 2086 tension head sounds like a good setup. I...

    Proper Bridging Technique

    I do not like it when I get to the end of restringing a racquet and encounter the need to bridge to the tensioner. I keep logs on the racquets I restring so the next time I do a racquet I have enough to finish the job. However, there are times that one ends up short. I usually reach into the...

    Proper Bridging Technique

    I do not like it when I get to the end of restringing a racquet and encounter the need to bridge to the tensioner. I keep logs on the racquets I restring so the next time I do a racquet I have enough to finish the job. However, there are times that one ends up short. I usually reach into the...
  16. S

    Mounting/Stringing Prince Extender Ripstick 800

    Hi everyone, someone gave me a Prince Ripstick to string and I'm very concerned about safely mounting it on my machine, due to my 2-pt mount and the ripstick's more oval head shape making the throat. Pictures below. Is it safe to string this stick with the throat not buttressed fully? The top...
  17. L

    Clamps for Gamma Progression II

    Hi all, I have a 20+ year old Gamma Progression II desktop model (with an upgraded electronic tensioner). The original red plastic clamps was replaced once years ago (I recall ones with diamond coating). I am now looking for replacement clamps again and if possible, to replace the base of the...
  18. J

    Drop weight vs manual machine

    Hi I´m going to buy a stringing machine so that I can string for myself and my buddies but I don´t know whether I should buy a weight drop machine or a manual machine. I have found these two
  19. S

    Help me choose - Australian limitation >.>

    Hopefully someone can help me choose a stringer that is both good for a beginner and has the option to be upgraded into the future if I decide to do more stringing for others in the area. This I guess is better if it can be fixed with electronic tensioner from wise/etc. I also chose to exclude...
  20. C

    Problem with my new gamma drop weight...

    Hi all, I got the gamma drop weight machine a week ago and have strung a handful of rackets for practice, yesterday as I was pulling tension on the last cross string there was a loud clang and the tension was lost, the strings got all tangled with by loosening the grip I got them out. Just...
  21. AndI

    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    This review is applicable to both, Gamma X-ELS and Gamma Progression II ELS. These are identical machines, with only difference that Progression has a red base without side drawers while X-ELS has a blue aluminum base with two small side drawers for tools. All essential for stringing parts and...
  22. AndI

    Gamma X-ELS (or Progression ELS): questions to current and past owners

    Background: Looking to buy a stringing machine for my son and I. We do not plan to do a lot of stringing jobs, just as many as our own needs and perhaps needs of our friends would warrant. Motivation is not as much to save money on stringing, but to be able to install any strings we want when we...
  23. J

    Is Pro' Pro Electronic TX700 worth it?

    Hi, I would like to buy a stringing machine. My budget is 600€ and I mainly want it for myself, but also to string people from the club in order to get my money back. I have seen the Pro' Pro Electronic TX700 for around 600€ so the price would fit perfectly for me. But, does it last long? Does...
  24. N

    Best stringing machine?

    I am at the point where I am not considering buying my own stringing machine. I've set my mind on an electronic one, but not sure where to go from there. I feel like at the $2000 range, anything above that threshold is just not worth it. Please do correct me if I am wrong. Almost feel like its...
  25. Federico Sansone

    Need Information about Eagnass stringer machines

    Hi all, I am from Argentina and I am trying to find the cheapest machine to buy because I am visiting Miami on late March. I knew there is information about Eagnass and the bad quality of their machines. But this information is posted since 2008 and late and I am trying to find newest...
  26. CodyZzZ

    Help with fly clamping the last cross...

    Bought a Gamma Progression II 200 recently, really had fun learning how to string for the first time after 18 years of tennis! Anyway, after some research I'm still unable to find a good solution to my problem. On my DR98 or PS85, the last two crosses are spaced quite far a part, so the flying...